Tuesday, March 24, 2009

There is a winner and surprise for the one who named my giant calf!!

And what I didn't tell anyone was that I'm sending the winner a surprise from my soap shop!
Here were the entries!
Prince...Humungo...Goliath...Arnie (as in The Terminator)...Onyx...Midnight...Ink...Ebony...
Big John...Titantic...Black Diamond...Black Berry...Blackberry...Giant...Cowabunga...Forrest...
Mungo...Derek...Obsidian ( ?)...Oil Slick (Slick for short)...Bonny (Boy meaning having beauty
and well rounded)...Chocolate Chip (Chip for short)...Conan...
Some great suggestions!!!!!
But the winner who was chosen at random by a drawing is......(drum roll)......
GIANT submitted by SHELLY!!!! WOO HOO! Shelly send me your email address and be expecting a little surprise in the mail!!! My email is on my profile!
I'll blog later today...got lots to do..and the worse is seeing the doctor about my toe..my guess is it will have to be reset...I'm so dreading that I can't even put it into words, I have to do some work in my shops, home, I could go on and on. I gave the blog a face lift...it was taking some of you too long to download! How do ya like the new look?


  1. Hi cathy...I'm an idiot..I do this sometimes and I dont know what key i hit, but its a short cut to posting...I keep forgetting to look when I write my post and see what key it is so i dont hit it again...DUR ME!

  2. Like your new set up but still finding it hard
    to get on to your blog and keep in moving down.
    Sometimes Google can be so difficult. However - I have got here - so hope the toe is soon recovered. My friend has broken her toe and it is not being set - they sat it will heal on its own!!

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