Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maybe I'm a worry-wart....but...

10:58 pm update on Radish.
Radish hasnt eaten good since his last bottle at 6:00pm. That was when he stood for 10 minutes.
I've tried to feed him at 8:00, 8:30, 10:00pm, and he didn't want to eat. He's been sleeping mostly, but at 10:00 we stood him up and he stood on his own....seems to be breathing a little harder....maybe he is just worn out from all the activity, belly ache???????
Trying not to worry......but I am!
Any ideas?
Dont forget to read my earlier post..there is a video of his first steps!
Keep the prayers coming, like I've been stating..he is nowhere out of the woods!!!!


  1. Have you consulted with a vet? Perhaps he is just tired? I will say a prayer for you and radish. I think we are all pulling for the little guy! Can I put his picture and a link on my blog sidebar to his story?? Thought it might help to get more advice and input, blog readers often come through with so much helpful information in situations like these! Let me know:

  2. Radish is just so beautiful! I know just how you must feel. I always worry about my lamb new borns till I'm sure they are ok. I'm sure Radish will be too.


  3. Rae contact the vet immediately. Radish might need a drip urgently. Keep him warm like you've been doing but...I don't want to dash your hopes. He may not survive. Foals with problems often do well initially then suddenly go downhill without warning. I've been through this and it's so heartbreaking when you've done all you can. My concern has been that he hasn't been standing up. He should be by now. Usually it's the lungs that are the cause or possibly an infection.Call the vet. Don't hesitate do it now.

    Love and lots of hugs and I'll be thinking of you. I'll keep an eye on the blog and email.

    Hang in there

  4. Radish, what an original cool name, yes get hold of a vet asap, better safe than sorry...

  5. Hang in there Radish! Everyone's rootin' for ya! God bless!

  6. Oh Angel!! {{{{Hugs}}}}

    Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.


  7. It looks like you've done a fantastic job with Radish, he's lucky to have you....I have a foal born a year ago on March 8th that immediately got an infection in his lungs from milk being aspirated in there....I agree call the vet now! Lungs need to be listened to and antibiotics right away (even though I hated to)we had to give shots. It's a lot of blood, sweat and tears but my little guy just turned one (Romeo, you can go to my blog and read an older post but I have his yearling photo on there). He was born with a rare condition (Megaespohagus) only one other horse documented having it and survived. We had all kinds of people praying for him! Get the kids praying especially!!! Don't listen to the negative comments!! Focus on him but they can really go down fast so act fast. I'm lifting you up in my prayers! God is willing and able to do all that we ask.....but we have to ask HIM! Lu

  8. Oh and say thank you to your friend over at allhorsestuff for letting me know about you and your foal so I could help in any way! I've got a full day. I want to come back and read the entire story!

  9. I hope you check with the Vet. Sounds like he might have pneumonia. Preemies are so easy to get infections, etc. prayers and hugs for you dear friend

  10. It is so scary when they don't eat! I know how you feel.

  11. Do you have powdered electrolytes over there?
    We always used to give calves who went off their food a packet mixed with warm water and it used to work wonders - I can't remember what they were called but we got them from our vet. The farmer and I cling on to every report and do hope Radish makes it.

  12. I thought I would check in again to see if you had any news on Radish posted. I know what it's like to not want to lose a special foal especially if you lost another horse a while back! I've been there too! It just isn't an option! You do everything you can! Like I said, part of it is not listening to the negative....people mean well but it doesn't help your faith any when they're just trying to get you to accept it. I knew the risks! I'm not talking about denial either. You make the best out of the situation and it's better to just hope for the best....keep seeing yourself riding that baby! We spoke words of life over him not death! No, this does NOT mean you have a lack of faith if the answer is no either! Hope this helps to encourage you in someway. You are so lucky to have many people praying!

  13. I'm praying for you. Have you called the vet?Keep being positive. You are a great mommy.

  14. Hey guys...sorry I havent responded sooner, it's just been so exhausting these last 4 days. I'm emotionally and physically drained. I posted this afternoon about my little foal, he didn't make it and went so quickly there was no time to get a Vet here or to take him anywhere, there are no facilities around us within 3 hours drive, and there was no way we could have gotten him there in time, and money is an issue too, we probably couldnt have afforded something like that anyway. Vet had checked him over at birth and he was healthy but too early and we knew the risk he was facing with his momma having so much infection in her womb..the chances were slim, however after he passed the 48 hour mark we did feel that there was hope he would make it and past the critical stages. I posted more about it in my last post...thank you ALL for your words of encouragement and prayers and advice...I'll be looking forward to "meeting" you blue eyed tango and learning from another horsewoman. And to all those of you whom I've already gotten to know - God Bless you all!
    Love to each of you!


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