Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silent Sunday

Yesterday's storm rolling in...tornado warnings the whole kit-n-kaboodle.
Not feeling well today...will blog tomorrow!
I'm also posting tomorrow in my private blog - Its all from the those of you who are following take a looksey tomorrow and those who would like to read a little more about who I am..let me know I'll send you the invite!


  1. do you get many tornadoes there where you are? btw my photos are up :-)

  2. Oh...dear, wondered why I never heard from you today...
    I was putting even more fires out with my man's delima of NOW being snowed into the airport so very far away w/o $

    See you tomorow!

  3. PS love the near looks around here too...that Chicken makes me wince and laugh every time!

  4. Thanks for stopping that looks like a pretty good storm rolling your way. Hope you're feeling better. I'll stop back by again!

  5. Hope you are feeling better today - that is by far the most ominous sky I have ever seen.
    Yes - I would love to read your other blog.

  6. Great photo Rae... hope you're doing ok these days.

  7. I do not miss those Kentucky tornadoes. When we lived in Winchester we made it thru several without alot of damage but they are scary. Some how the Lord was always watching out for us because my ex was never home for a single one and I was scared to death every time. Stay safe!

  8. Amy - Hi there I loved your photos!!!! In the spring we get tornado warnings often some years! We have even begun to get tornados in January and February the last few years...the one in the winter last year did quite a bit of damage just 4 houses down from us! Of course thats a mile down the road...but thats close!
    K- hope you got that problem worked out!!!
    kelly - I'm glad you came over to visit! That storm produced tornado was a good storm, actually fun to watch roll in...then when it gets really bad I'm the first in the basement.
    Weaver - sent the invitation....yes I'm feeling MUCH better! Thanks!! Hi Elanie..doing well enough! LOL Your art is really coming along!!! Such talent you have and I enjoy your blog each day!
    Yes Cathy...they are scary...however I cant help but to watch them..until they get too close!


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