Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hi Ya'll!

Couldn't think of a good title for my post! So hi ya'll it is! LOL
Its been a busy weekend. Cleaning house, checking cows and calves, pulling a calf on Saturday, worrying about Georgia foaling, grocery shopping, out to eat with friends, soap soap and more soap, feeding the furries, ummm I think thats all for me in a nutshell!
Georgia, as I've told you in my last post, is very very close to foaling! I'm just so excited but I'm worried i'll miss the action! I cant wait to see Radish when he is born....You know - HorseRadish! LOL That still cracks me up. Leah definitely has a sense of humor doesnt she!
I didn't know it but I've got a bigger saddle for King already over here at the house! DUH moment again! (I've had a lot of those lately) sometimes I wonder where in the world I left my brain.
I havent taken any pictures lately, been so cold I've hated to go outdoors. I sure wish warmer weather would arrive! I just absolutely hate the cold.
So I've done a lot of indoor chores one of which is making soap, my kitchen smells sooooo good right now!
I think that Pepper takes Sundays off from laying, so far the last several Sundays there have been no is the day of rest ya know! Silly bird!
Calf count:
28 babies in all as of 6:00pm today.
Three of which we have lost...which I've already posted about, and 1 cow was calving when we checked this evening, baby hasnt came yet, but she is an old pro and should have no problems at all so we arent too worried. We'll get another calf count tomorrow.
I'm really worn out but getting the munchies...bought a lot of healthy food at the grocery, veggies and fruit to snack on. My goal is 20 pounds in 90 days....I begin exercising on the treadmill tomorrow, and walking outside when its warm. Thinking I'll dig up my weight watchers stuff too. I've gained too much weight! I'm not happy about that at all.
our neighbor came by today to give me the KY goat registry. She is weird. She never comes outside, has a daughter that has been home schooled but only seen out of the house on two occasions, she is painting for a portfolio, but the mom told us today how she tells the girl how to lay out things and decide what to paint and how. The mom doesnt paint....hmmmm can you say controlling? An artist should never have to be told how and what to paint. She felt she had to tell me all about goats however, she isnt really informed, her way is totally different than my friends here, whom have healthy and happy goats and MUCH more info on raising them. She said she tried to breed but never mentioned if she had a live birth..I dont think she did by the way she talked. I was NOT impressed one bit, in fact she was really WEIRD, did I say that already, well she is weird enough to say it again. She is one of those people who know everything, and controls the conversation and her way is the only way. I cant tell you enough just how weird she is. LOL Okay onto something else.
Well actually, I have nothing else, I'm so tired and hungry I'm gonna eat some carrots and head for bed. I've read blogs this morning, but Blogger didn't co-operate and let me leave any comments, I hope to get by tomorrow and speak my peace! LOL
Arent you lucky! ha ha!
See ya guys soon!


  1. You are soooo brave, I even run by fast at that house ( as fast as a fat old women can go!!) Rae is right they are never out of the house, NEVER. OK so set a date with Libby and lets go. Sunday I get to go see Kat of John and Kate I hope anyway so it needs to be Saturday for me. I'll drive.

  2. LOL Mari I hear that everyone things that way! LOL In fact Norm said people are NOT allowed in their house! He said with the amount of dogs that you never see's got to be nasty inside! I agree! They dont even let them out to pee! eeeewwwww Can you believe they called us during the ice storm and wanted to stay with us!!!!! In fact another oddity the day we were supposed to go to their house she called and said that they had a dog emergency the night before and that visitors would be too traumatic for their dog! OMG and I thought I was bad about my animals! So where ya seeing John and Kate??? Are the 8 gonna be there too??? Hvae fun, I'll get with Libby!


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