Sunday, March 15, 2009

My response "from Cowboy Jerry" concerning permission to use Cow Psycology - Anonymous, please read!

I really want to thank Mr. Davis for replying so quickly to my email. We really respect his methods and observations with cattle. Truly a REAL cowboy! I cant wait to see what else he so eloquently writes in the future! I sincerely thank you for your reply!
Here is his response in its entirety at the bottom of this post.
***( I don't think I need to say anything else to Mrs. Anonymous, except that imitating someone, commenting, and taking cheap shots at me for malicious intent is about as low as you can get. You obviously think I'm an idiot....I do know who you are, and if your so interested in my life, keep on reading, I don't have anything to hide and I don't care, but your nasty childish comments wont be tolerated. Your true colors will eventually shine through to the rest of the world and respect will be lost by behavior such as imitating Mr. Davis on my blog, and your adolescent behavior. As is has been unfairly and falsly said to me I now would like to pass this comment to you "The decision of truth is yours" ***)
Mr. Davis - you are first class in my book! Keep on sharing your wisdom with the world! And sincerest thanks for your permission! Click HERE to view Cow Psycology and other writings!
From: Jerry Davis
Date: 3/15/2009 9:54:44 AM
To: Wilmoth Farms
Subject: Re: Cow psychology permission to use


You have my permission to use the Cow Psychology writing on your site. It is copyrighted and is to be used only with written permission and used for non-profit purposes and with proper credit given. ( DONE) I wrote it to help ranchers and farmers understand cattle and their ways. I have heard from many ranchers, especially new to the business about how these writings have helped them in working with cattle. We use these methods and understandings to work with cattle on my ranch and it makes a lot of difference in the attitude of the cattle. smile. Cattle are a lot smarter and more sensitive than people sometimes give them credit for.

Jerry Davis
Davis Elm Creek Ranch
1202 CR 380
Rising Star, TX 76471


  1. Don't you just hate Anonymous posters!! I have now disabled anonymous posting, it has brought a halt to a whole load of doo doo on my blog.

    Sorry that this one insists on harassing you!! I think what they do just says so much about who they really are.

    Keep blogging....


  2. Love it Rae,
    What an nice fellow...
    Off to church I go...Bye for now!

  3. yes he is nice but um did I miss something? I have no idea what this is all about...

  4. Hi Amy - it all began when I posted a post called Cow'll have to go back before Radish was born...then my post on March 13 was pretty ugly..this was my response....girl you HAVE been away huh?? LOL I've posted tons - glad you came over to visit today!
    Same to you Shelly and Kac.....Hugs back!

  5. Giving you Jerry's email was a good move. Ha ha looks like our Troll really shot themselves in the foot this time. It was obvious to me it wasn't Jerry Davis. As in HELLO the real author of that work would say straight away excuse me but...? And No Rae you aren't stupid far far from it. I'm privileged to know you and have you as a wonderful friend - heck I call ya family girl! Well let's hope our Troll will now get the very clear message about claiming to be people they aren't. And what I can say is LOL!!! And thank you to Mr Davis for syaing okay awesome!

    Love and hugs

  6. I'm glad you contacted Mr. Davis about this. It seems that this ended well for you. I also have anonymous comments disabled on my blog. It keeps the ignorant cowards at bay.

  7. Hi there,
    Thanks for stopping by! I say anyone can benefit from doing a clinic....especially if it's a small one and there's a lot of one on one. There were six of us (supposed to 8 but two couldn't make it). We used to live in Louisville....I cannot believe there's no clinics offered in horse country!? You just have to be careful who you get. Someone who understands horses foremost but also is a good communicator with people. There's A LOT of people who scam others but don't pan out. Hey sounds like you had one stop by your blog....I missed out on all that action...I'll have to go back and read. I did disable anonymous on my blog. I plan to check out your other blogs too, I grew up with dairy cattle and took 4-H. Yes we milked the cows twice daily.....before school and after. Gave me dad said anyway!LOL!

  8. Sorry Rachel, I normally come by here two to three times a week. I'm not sure which post to go back to though to get some background on all this. Oh well....not to worry.

  9. We are in northern Indiana about 4 1/2 - 5 hours from Louisville. I grew up in central Indiana 1 hr. north of Indianapolis. My husband grew up here in Warsaw, IN. I married a cigar smoking, ice fishing polar bear and I freeze here! You wouldn't think 1 hr. 15 min. from central Indiana would make a difference but it does! Cold air off of Lake Michigan. We LOVED Louisville but it was just a temporary 4 year gig.... my husband's job took us there. I miss the springs and everything in beautiful. We never had horses there....lived near Hustbourne Rd and Shelbyville Rd and also Prospect (when we first arrived). I know there's clinics near Indianapolis you could probably haul to that wouldn't be too far for you? I saw Clinton Anderson in Ohio a couple of years ago at Congress, and he didn't disappoint! His reining was awesome!

  10. Hey Rachel,

    I probably should have jsut commented here in the first place, but I wrote you some suggestions in lieu of a round pen over at Pony Girl's comment section.



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