Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today in Pictures..and Georgia UPDATE! Any Minute Now!!!!!

Evening ya'll!
First let me thank Peggy and Liz BUNCHES for all the information on foaling! Such invaluable info! Also to Don for all the help with Georgia and for being so patient with me when I call to ask so many questions! I've truly learned A LOT from you all!
Doug does have Tonsillitis, he is on antibiotic, but the doctor told us until he has multiple recurrences its not time to remove them! Yea no surgery, but terrible for any child to have to
go through that many bouts of it! By the way I learned today that he is 4' 11" tall....he'll be taller than me before school is out for sure!
Douglas learned how and made the most awesome rabbit trap today! Thanks Norm for helping to show him how to use all the tools and create such a great project for school! Its perfect and a show in for an AAAA+
Georgia should foal within 24 hours! Somewhere between 2 and 4 pm today she presented with a discharge that's thick and stringy, tinged with blood...its called "springing". For two weeks now her bag has been full and tight, she HAS had a waxy build up on her teats, and the muscles next to her tail have caved in. She is rolling and licking a lot and her belly has dropped REAL low today. She is somewhat restless.
I will be checking on her every hour tonight, at this point the foal can come at any minute.
I am so excited!!
Diet week - lost 4 pounds already!!!!
Calf count- will update tomorrow I didn't go check cows/calves today with Norm and I forgot what he told me!


  1. Yep Rae she's all set to have her baby all right. Signs are right I'd say the next twelve hours or less. Best of luck and keep us up to date
    Love & Hugs

  2. YYYEEEEAAA! I cant charged...prepared for little to no just have to brave the darm allll the way to thebarn by myself tonight! LOL I'm SUCH a freakin chicken! Too many coyotes about! ha ha I'll DEFINATELY post when it happens!

  3. HI you!!!
    I think that I did not recognise your it 270- prefix? I have gotten some rancid calls from former BO I distrust any number I don't know.She is blocked from all my technologies and don't put it past her to use someone else's # to get to me . She is very flaming over something...I deleated the msg I got from her at 7am. So disrespectful.

    Okay...nuff said of bygones!

    You have a foal being born! I must go looking for how you got Georgia in past posts...
    ..and why she is so very distrusting. Though, her pending labor is making her forget that, it seems. You will be ahuge comfort to her soon! You msut be able to touch and handle the foal...!

    King doing any better? boy, wonder how long a frog bruise takes to heal? What do you suppose he did?

    We shall talk soon my dear...excited for you..and yourpost today was hilarious with the cow speak!

  4. I'll send you some chicken food cluck cluck.LOL!!! Hang in there nature will take its course and you'll ahve a little leggy wobbly foal to cuddle.LOL!

    Take care and take plenty of coffee!!!


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