Tuesday, March 03, 2009

**Updated**Diet.....is really DIE with a T at the end...Garfield

First let me say that I'm worried sick over King!!! I went out to feed this evening and my boy is limping something terrible!!!! I'm distraught! He was fine yesterday and all night and this morning.....something has happened since then! I've got Dougs doctor apt. tomorrow, Norm has to feed and sell beans, and I want to get him to the VET right away but I'm gonna have to wait until the afternoon! I'll be on pins and needles! I just hope its nothing but a little knock...however it sure looks bad right now!
Calf Count
27 total! And one cow to calve before dark probably!
I think that the little, chubby, lasagna eating cartoon character - Garfield is SO right!
I'm into day 2. Yes I'm re-starting from a week or so ago! But so far so good. I've stocked up on veggies and fruits to snack on, healthy dinner foods like fish, chicken, and more veggies, brown and white ride, potato's, sweet potato's. Yes I know the white rice and potato's are carbs..and the sweet potato's I make are covered in butter and brown sugar....everything in moderation...with exercise....no havent started that yet.
The treadmill is crying for attention from me, but I seem to find something to keep from using it.
Douglas is home today from school. His throat is so swollen its not funny..adenoids and tonsils are much bigger than they should be! But I've gotten some 8 hour relief medicine and its really helping with his terrible cough. He is feeling better today, you know how it is...night time is always the hardest. I couldnt get him in to the doctor today, but he has an appointment tomorrow morning. I thought about taking him to an Accute Care, but I believe they would have just sent me to our doctor...I'm afraid its Tonsillitis.Or worse..Strep.
I've been going through clothes and so depressed with each pair of jeans I can not get into. Its defiantly given me more motivation. 20 pounds minimum come Summer is my goal, hope its more!
Little Torro is doing so good! He has been the easiest calf we have raised by hand so far. Of course he isnt my Oliver...I am still missing my boy terrible.Torro is running like crazy, kicking up his heels, but every time I want to take a picture he is glued to my side. Georgia is still not letting her guard down with me. But I'm anxious to get her foal here safely and healthy. We are going to sell Georgia once the foal is weaned..she just isnt a safe horse to ride and only likes Norm. She is still doing alot of standing and laying around, not interested in eating her hay all at one time like she usually is. Still loving her feed though. She really is a pain in my buttocks! I'm hoping the foal will have his daddy's temperament so we can keep him- if he is anything like her...he goes too. I know it seems cruel and sad, but we have already had a terrible accident with a crazy-wild foal. We wont keep ANY animal on the farm thats not easy to work with and gentle.
I let my guard down with Pepper and let her out of the coop yesterday. Mr. Hawk has not been seen since the day he got into the barn and ate a pigeon. Hoping that he will stay out!
Norm says we may have another calf to raise. Apparently a cow had twins - again, we are getting a lot of those last year and maybe this year too! Well one is a big old dumb slow calf. He may not really be dumb, but sleepy and big. Sleepy calves slow to get up and be active always have a harder time. But that isnt necessarily why we would bring him over to bottle feed. Hi mommas bag is not near enough the size it should be to feed both calves.
We'll see tonight when we make the 2nd round of checking the cows and calves to be sure there are no problems going on.I guess I'll update tonight, add a calf count as well. There have been more born this morning, missing cows and calves, so we need to take another look. Its common for a cow to be missing, she may be in the woods calving, or momma may be keeping the calf hidden like they do for a few days. But we still need to try to keep a good count if possible.
Its dinner time...talpia and catfish....good thing I like fish, its one of the best diet foods and great source of protein.
I've caught up on everyone this afternoon...will check up on ya this evening!Good Day!Oh that reminds me! Paul Harvey died the other day! How sad I loved his radio show and grew up listening to him!Rachel


  1. I need to diet so badly. my problem is I just don't eat all day cause I am busy then I eat and go to bed right after.

  2. Hi Peg! I have the same problem as you do! I dont eat all day either and then eat late. We are now eaating at 4 if at all possible! Then I can snack on carrots or fruit later if I get hungry....Lets do a DIE-T Battle! LOL I challenge you all! HA HA!

  3. Blah I hate dieting but have been off & on for like the past 2 years. Instead of worrying about carbs I'm just trying to make sure I stay under 40g of fat a day and eat a high protein breakfast then little meals the rest of the day. Oh yeah and drink tea throughout the day =)

    Best of luck to you on your diet and I hope Douglas starts feeling better!

    -AJ, 3zArt

  4. Dont feel bad AJ...I'm hating it too! LOL How does that work with the 40 g of fat and high protein breakfast? maybe I'll do that!
    Thanks i hope doug is miraculously cured tomorrow! LOL

  5. I love popping in here and reading about everything that is happening. It sounds like everything is very, very busy at the moment. I hope Doug feels better soon!! As a mommy I've only experienced the kids being sick and a few bouts of tonsilitis but I've never experienced Strep and I'm sure I don't want to either.

    Torro is gorgeous!! I love the look about him. Miss Oliver too. ((hugs)) I'm reminded of my pup Bailey (our first boerboel puppy) - I miss him dearly.

    Josh, just wants to visit your farm. I better get saving :))

    Hmmm, as for the Diet word. I had a very tough day yesterday with the hunger monster. I like fish too but Haddock is my favourite. Keep the portion of carbs small and you can still enjoy it. I still eat some rice, some potatoes and that but do my best to avoid breads. I guess as long as we can pick ourselves up and carry on our journey after a hiccup then that is a good thing.

    Hugs and stay true.


  6. yeah I don't seem to have much luck with dieting either. My trouble is that I put it on so easily, I look at a bar of chocolate and on goes 10 lbs. I'm sure I just need to exercise more *bah*. If you tried using your treadmill first thing in the morning before everyone's up it would be out of the way for the day.

  7. I'm on the diet train too. I've told Al no more Little Debbies unless it's an emergency and only Coke Zero. But I am walking so I guess I'm not totally slacking. Gosh, you guys are nonstop right now. Take care of yourself and try to stay well. Strep is going around in our school district. I can't wait for Spring to come and get some fresh air in some of these schools.

  8. Me I run up and down steep hill every day mutter..chasing cows that get out and doing my Mum's garden etc etc.LOL! Torro is sooo cute. don't stress about King. It could be just a kick or a pulled muscle. I'll stay positive on that one for you. Georgia sounds like she isn't too far off. Mare's get like that kinda like us when we're close to having our babies (I'm all done having mine!LOL) Hope Doug gets better very soon

    Love and hugs

    PS I'll be sending you an email later today on this blog called Farm Blogs from Around the World. I recommended your blog to Ian to post up and well I've ended up co-editing his blog with him.LOL! Talk real soon


  9. Thanks for lookin' me up again...so hard to keep up with everyone isn't it!!!

    Your King really does look like my Toby!!! How cool! Hope he's going to be ok...let us know...

  10. Mich! Thanks a bunch! I've lost 4 pounds this week...now I just need to get my butt on the treadmill! Amy if I could get up I would! LOL I am NOT a morning person at all! LOL but I'm trying! Dont feel badly in the last few years I too look at the forbidden and gain weight without eating!
    Hey Liz....I should be out like you working but well...there seems so much to do here in the house! BLAH! I got a comment from Ian, however I just havent had time to respond and I wasnt sure if he was ligit or not..please email me more about it!!!! Gtyyup!!! I love that name! yep it is hard! I want to check out everyones blog who comes to see me,but it gets hard when you read so many posts....but I notice that a lot dont visit often or comment, so what do you do? I just try to see everyones who I have become friends with, and who come see me reguarly first and foremost, and I get to those others as I can..I enjoy them all, but it is hard to keep up! I dont mean any of that in a negative way towards anyones blog! I too cannot comment on all, and my dial up causes me fits.... I need to update on king....dentist is coming in the morning to float and I have some supplies I need to get to help his feet.


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