Thursday, March 19, 2009

Add me to the list!

Of those with recent horse related injuries!
Tuesday evening I was going through my routine with King and his hooves trying to get him well and walking. I was cleaning feet, and he was very well behaved, he was no longer standing on his haunches and was walking with less of a limp. All went well until i got to his last hoof, his right rear and he tried to pull problem, but he also began to lean all his weight into me and I couldn't hold him up and keep his hoof in my hand. His leg slipped from me and stomped down on my big toe! OUCH! I took my muck boots off and found my foot and toe already swelling and turning purple...I hobbled back up to the house mumbling some unsightly words and got iced up. Number one lesson when working with a large animal...WEAR STEAL TOED BOOTS! Lesson learned.
So today I'm still limping around, it does feel better, as long as I stay off of it! But the minute I limp around it begins to swell and throb and hurt like non-other. Oh well...I should have known better huh? A big DUR moment for me!
This has been quite a week, one that I'm glad is ending tomorrow! LOL
Tuesday took Douglas back to the doctor, he was only getting worse with his coughing and then I learn there has been a few confirmed cases of Whooping Cough. So he got tested and couldn't return back to school until we knew for sure. We had an appointment today to get his test results and guess what???? THEY WERN'T IN YET! So Douglas has to stay home one more day (he's already driving me crazy about how he misses his girlfriend) to be sure that if he does have Whooping Cough he wont be contagious. Students can't return to school until they have had a full 5 days on an antibiotic. Today he is much better. Not coughing much and slept good over all last night.
This morning didn't start out good either (did I mention that we are gonna be happy when this week ends?) Norm called and a cow got her back downhill calving. This is the 4th time this year that our girls have had this problem!!! What are they thinking????? When he got to her, the calf was born and she had prolapsed. Vet couldn't get out here right then, they were two vets short today and couldn't make it til lunch time. When he arrived they had to put more than her uterus in, her intestines and all had come out. She got shot up with major meds and sewn together. The really sad thing about this cow...she is one of our favorites! She was born here on the farm (like all of them) but when she was a calf she would stick her tongue out and wag it up and down. When Norm and Dean (his dad) first saw her they thought she had something caught in her throat. But when they inspected her there was nothing wrong. She just like to wag her tongue! And she does to this day! She is so funny and I've tried to get her on tape..but of course animals dont perform when you want them too. Norm said after they sewed her up this cow did her little tongue wag....therefore making her the cow we call "waggles". This is terrible! Now we will have to sell her cause she can never calve again without prolapsing! *sniff sniff*
Her calf....OMG....This calf is a monster! I kid you not! I cant believe how big this calf is! Hs rump stands as high as my waste! About 3 or 4 inches above what a normal size calf is! His head is huge and its so funny to see this giant calf who is as big or bigger than those that are a month old, stubble around learning to walk! But he is a fighter! When Norm went to get him to bring him here to the barn to be Torro's cellmate, he took off running! Norm could barley carry him! Wow is all I can say. I'm gonna get his picture tonight and post it...totally crazy!
I hope tonight I can get caught up on every ones blogs! It really hurts to have my foot not propped up and to walk so I havent come over here to the computer since it happened. And after driving around town to get Doug to his doctor appointment and to pick up some colostrum for the new calf, my entire foot and calf hurts. So I'm gonna hop of here and hop back to my chair! I'll catch up on everyone soon!


  1. Awwwww, poor you! That musta hurt! But don't hold yourself to blame for not wearing steel toed boots around horses (do cowboys wear steel toed cowboy boots? No.) Wanna know why?

    Because they can sometimes cause a worse injury than just a horse hoof on a regular boot.

    I know a guy who was wearing steel toe boots to do some work on a barn (he builds them) and while doing his stuff a horse came over and stepped on his wasn't even all that hard. But the steel bent down in towards his foot and severed two of his toes!!

    If he had not been wearing the steel toed boots he'd have only had some swelling and bruising...and at the worst a broken toe. Now he only has 3 toes on one foot. He says he will never work around horses in steel toed boots again.

    Stay safe, girlfriend.

    Poor Waggles. Life is so unfair sometimes. :(


  2. ouch your poor tootsies, my dh has steel capped boots he wears on fire call outs, defiitely sensible footwear. Hope your boy doens't have whooping cough.

  3. So sorry about your foot...that hurts like a son of a gun! Do you think you broke something?
    Can't wait to see the giant calf. Sorry to hear about his mama. Didn't know that could be an "issue" with cattle, guess I learn something new everyday! :)
    Hope your kiddo gets a clean bill of health, too. Best to keep him home and let him get well, regardless. Being a teacher....I always think that is the best decision. Sick kids don't make good learners!

  4. As tall as your waist? Rae sweetie that is not very tall, just kidding!! Call if you need anything I'm here tomorrow after PT. We had a great dinner tonight they have good sushi but the food is better at the other one. Talk to you later.

  5. Oh No! You got stomped! Ouchy ouchy ouchy. I had three toes broken years back because of my horse clomping on me. Heck girl you've been through the wars and poor Waggles having monster calf. Bummer about her prolapsing.

    I hope Doug gets better too. Whooping cough is aweful poor kid. Sounds like you've been having a dose of Mad Bushitis to me. Hmm wonder if won of our possums here did an illegal trip over to Kentucky..

    Take really really good care of yourself girl!

    Love and lots of hugs

  6. Got on to your site at last Rae - so often I just cannot get the text to move - but it has worked today. It strikes me that the bigger the farm the more problems you get! All the things you mention (apart from the toe - sorry about that) happen occasionally to us - but you are so much bigger so that they happen all the time. That's farming! Better luck next week to you all.

  7. Hey guys! I answered these comments in my posting a few days after this post was done! I couldnt get on my own blog to post a comment! Weaver..I did some re-vamping on my blog..hopefully this works better for you!


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