Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally Friday and a look around the farm this week!

Hello! I'm back...I sure have been behind in blogging lately. Much has been going on around here this past week and I've come out of my fog after not feeling well and having some bad medication reaction! Yea! I think thats over! I feel very good thought I'd show ya whats been happening around here! We have had rain off and on all week, nice little downpours and showers. But when its not raining the sky has been so beautiful! This is the view from my little spot under the shade tree.
One day we even got a glimpse of God's promise!
Sure wish the rainbow would have come out better, but with my camera and no special lenses, this is what I got...Douglas has had a good week! Last week of school - yea!- and has been up to his Elmer Fudd ways....He got this Momma Groundhog with one shot, and we were all pretty amazed, the groundhog was in a bunch of pallets in tall grass with just her head showing, and Dead-Eye Doug just walked right up to her and killed her with one shot! He will make an excellent hunter and marksman one day! Which is good, he wants to take shooting when he gets into middle school, they have a great shooting and archery program for the kids.
This above picture is Douglas "hunting" pigeons after he shot the groundhog...and a nice close up of his "kill".
A very fat and pregnant groundhog! I wish I had my camera yesterday. I drove over to the shop (which is where Doug was "hunting" to pick up a bag of ice from one of the other freezers, and took Levi along for the ride. He loves to go anywhere..even if it is just down the street. He is becoming such a great dog, doesnt leave my side for a moment...anyway...I brought him over to where Douglas killed the groundhog into the tall grass seeing if he would be able to flush out a rabbit. He immediately got his nose onto something and was tracking toward the tall grass, he paused not sure if he could go in or not. I told him to "get it" and he took off making a beeline toward where the groundhog was that Doug killed and right up to where one was just poking his head from a hole under the pallets, and he went nuts digging! He tracked the groundhogs movements all over...I was really happy to see the hunting instinct that he has and all the work Doug has done with him is beginning to pay off! Doug did have to go dispose of his "kill"....
He wasnt satisfied with just the groundhog...had to rid the shop off all the pigeons nesting too.
I felt sorry for the pigeon. Norm and Neil did work on the planter getting it ready for this week so Norm could continue planting corn. This is Neil giving a helping hand. He's pretty handy and really learns quickly. Neil is pretty mechanical and as I've said before he is such a huge help to us. Norm and I think of Neil like one of our own....I dont know if he really knows how much of a help he is and just how much Norm relys on his work.
So with all that said lets take a look around the farm where the shop is, since I had my camera with me when Douglas shot the is a few looks at what I saw...

(oh one more of Dougs victims...a bumble bee..split in half...told you he was a dead eye...killing bee's and wasps in flight...impressive!
hmmmm...evidence of visitors.

Wild vegetation

I've missed feeling up to being on the computer the last couple weeks, hopefully my slump is over and I'll be back. I missed visiting with each of you! Hope you have been well!
God Bless you all!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Whats Up Chicken Butt...

I've probably missed all kinds of cool things here in Bloggerville the last week! I've just not had much to say and I've been sick this know its been one of those weeks. Besides for the rare moments that I have nothing much to say its been pretty busy around here. Norm has about 45 acres of corn planted so far, and has mowed most of the wheat and alfalfa. I havent seen him much at all the last three days. Its kinda like that this time of year. We worked our last bunch of 70 some-odd calves this weekend with the help of a visiting farm hand...Leah brought her friend to stay the weekend. They had a great time and I had just as much fun having them both around. Each time I meet one of Leah's friends I'm so proud of the choices she makes with the people she hangs around with!
Most of the girls were loudmouths while they were being worked, they protested loudly which is funny cause the little bulls are basically quiet but those girls sure like to hollar their heads off!
You'd think we were hurting them, and all they got was their ears pierced with a fly tag and number tag!
This is Sir Loin (or Blackjack as Norm calls him his tag number is 21) Zeus wouldnt stand still long enough for a good pic of him.
Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner. Our Tulip Tree has bloomed along with the pesky dandilions.
The girls rode all day Sunday and the horses did beautifully! Even hot headed Bella! She definately rides better with another horse. They are all so beautiful now that they have shed winter hair. Everyone is slick and shiny! The girls even rode Molly, our Percheron! She hasnt been ridden in over 10 years and really doesnt know anything except how to look pretty, eat, hog al the attnetion, and used to drive. She was a perfect angel!!!! I was truly amazed at how she acted. Not a spook, aggrivation, or ill step at all. She did have to stop however and sniff the boots of her rider! She'd go from side to side, and sniff and you could see the wheels turning in her beautiful head thinking "WHY is this person on my back?? They have never done that! They are supposed to be on the ground feeding or petting me!!!!" It was so great to see that she is such an exceptional horse! She is foundered a little bit, but she can be ridden some and I think we need to teach her what to do so we can ride her!

Buck was at a loss without Bella and ran the legnth of the fencing the entire 4 hours they were out on the farm riding!
Well..hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon! Gonna head out with Mari and go flower shopping.....

Monday, May 11, 2009

What great Mothers Day for Me!

Happy Mothers Day!!! I hope you had a good of a day as I did! Wow...such fun! My day started out with the most awesome cards from my kids..handmade and store bought! 1 had a funny little song when you open it and the other they recorded a message for me...My favorite Mothers Day cards I've ever received!
Even my furry four-legged baby gave me some Mothers Day lovin'!

We went to my moms for lunch and then sat outside for a bit while the boys played around and we got some photos of us all...yes Doug really does love his mom, but you sure cant tell it here can you? What a goof!
This is my brother Josh and his son John! Most pictures I have of them they are both wearing coats! LOL So its nice to get one without the winter wear!
This is the most beautiful daughter in the world! My sunshine! Yes she is way taller than I am!
The boys had fun throwing the ball around, but too bad cause Doug overextended his shoulder and we ended up in the ER until 1am. I was worried it was a dislocated shoulder the way he was crying over it, but it was only a bad sprain and is much better today. He has to baby it, and have limited use and even in a sling if it gets to hurting him really bad again. Luckily it was nothing bad..and I even debated if I should bring him in, but the way he was crying made me think it could be bad. Heck he hardly cried when part of his finger got severed by a foal we had which resulted in a partial amputation! So thats why I was worried.
And of course - boys must look cool for pictures! Here is John:
And Douglas
The best son in the world!
Our motley crew!
last...and most definitely NOT least! Is the best present I have EVER received! Norm and the kids gave me a necklace with the children's birthstones! I was so happy with my gift and will never take it off! I was very disappointed when Leah and I got the saddles out to oil and clean and found Norms dad's saddle dry rotted and mine in even worse condition! I've had it for about 5 years now and its been in great condition, but we put them in the barn here at the house, and we leave that barn door open..and yep, you guessed it, in just a few months time my poor broken in - comfy on the rear- well loved - and now broken down saddle - is dry rotted too and needs a major overhaul before we can use it.....I'm so upset! I dont have the money for a make over and definitely not any for a new I'm really upset that we are down to one saddle, (well Norms dads REALLLLLY nice saddle is over at his moms, and in good condition as far as I know....she said to use it..but I dont know, I havent discussed this with Norm and I havent really looked the saddle over good to see what kind of shape its in, its been in the house but not oiled in its "health" is questionable too.) Luckily we have Leah's saddle we bought her last year, its one of those lightweight saddles, with very little leather..if it's even leather at all - but its comfy and easy to sling around over a horses back. What to do???

So what did you fine mothers out there do for your special day?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day from all of us at Wilmoth Farms!

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Cowboy's and Indian's

Let me introduce you to the newest members of our family!
~*~Cowboy~*~And his brother
These are two kitties that I got from our Vets office today!
Both were so hungry and all they could do was eat and drink and then of course - camera battery ran out...figures.
Like my makeshift cat dish...a coffee filter?! LOL
They are both 6 weeks old and I had talked to the ladies in the Vets office Friday and one promised to bring me in two little ones, so today after physical therapy Mari and I went to lunch and then get these two boys to bring home!

All they would do is eat and drink, while Levi looked on through the front door glass and Bo sat about a foot away assessing the situation. He is trying to figure out if they are friend or foe at this point. He loves everything and everybody so I imagine here before too long he will be trying to play with them.
He either thinks I brought them home for him a new toy or a replacement! He should know better, no one could replace him! They both will live in the barn and have tons of fun chasing and hopefully ridding the barn of the mice that have showed up since my little Sam disappeared last fall.
~*~Welcome little Cowboy and Indian to the farm!~*~