Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As I am writing this Radish is turning 48 hours old! What an adventure! In two days I have learned SO much my brain hurts, not to mention my entire body! Radish is moving around A LOT and I have to keep putting him back on his blankets and plastic as to not drench my carpet. (thank the Lord that the new floors are coming soon!!) Moving around a limp 60 pound foal (guessing on his weight) who is all legs and wants to get up but cant has made my body ache so bad that I've been under a heating pad all day yesterday. I have to make him sit up to eat, and hold him there with my legs, therefor making my legs, and even my butt hurt! The picture below is his read leg, you can see how "normal" they are now, looking like they should and not deformed as when he was first born:
And I'm so happy that his front legs are also beginning to straighten and strengthen! In fact last night he got up on his own some, but immediately falling back down. This morning at 8:00 he actually stood and held himself up for a few seconds. He is trying like crazy to get up on his own now!
He is awake more, but still having to nap a lot. His ears are alert, and his eyes are clear and shiny and inquisitive. He nickers at me when I walk into the room and has even neighed loudly a few times! He is being fed 16 times a day...thats ever hour and half! He only takes in a cup and half of milk....the milk replacer says he should be eating 3 cups every 3 hours. But I have found out that with a preemie thats not the case. We cut the hole in his nipple a little bigger because he wasnt eating enough, and he started to do even better immediately! This morning he drank almost the entire 2 cups I made for him! He is quickly drinking more and more, and I am PRAYING that he will be down to every 3 hours soon! I'm totally worn out from no sleep and all the physical work that is involved! I'm such a wimp with no upper body strength...well I'm getting some muscle now!
This is Radish at 24 hours old, you can see the changes in him already comparing the picture above to this one here!
He only stayed awake for small periods yesterday...but since we made the hole in the nipple larger he is taking in more food and sleeping soundly and for longer periods. Yet in between those times he is awake for longer periods trying to get up a lot.
Yesterday I had to go to town and his adopted grandmas came to babysit! Mari and Gin have readily adopted him, how could you not love this adorable little guy!!!!? I'm so thankful they came over and let me take a small nap and cleaned my kitchen for me! I love you guys bunches! Thank You is not a big enough word!
I hear Radish in there trying to get up again and I had better get back to my baby! I promise I'll try to catch up on everyone soon! Computer time, well actually time for anything else, has been rare in the last 48 hours! Your prayers are being heard! This little fella is getting stronger every hour...and unfortunately his bowels are getting stronger too.....I wont even go there on how nasty that is! LOL Baths are happening quite frequently can see in the first picture I posted his dirty read before I got him cleaned up! Talk about gross! I have learned...a preemie orphaned foal is NO different that a preemie newborn baby! But I also have to tell you...I am LOVING every minute of it, no matter how badly my muscles ache by holding this horse sitting up to eat, or helping him stand constantly...and waking every hour and half to's going to be totally worth it, and I really look forward to watching this baby grow into a beautiful horse! It's all worth it a hundred times over! Again let me thank ALL of you who have helped me so far in this process...I've been flying blindly and I dont know how I would have made it without your advice! God bless you all! If I could I'd give each of you a big hug! Okay back to the baby now...hope to see you all soon and get over to visit your blogs and catch up! Love to you all!
P.S. - Doug is feeling much better....we have a calf count now of 60 - halfway there! Torro turned 2 weeks old Sunday, but I havent had the time to take his picture..and King is feeling and walking much better. Still sore, but coming a long. Oh! One more thing! Leah and I worked with Jack this weekend teaching him to flex and to move in a circle. He naturally pivots so smoothly! He learned in about 20 seconds to move his rear end with the snap of a finger! He is SO smart its unreal! Okay really have to go! Love you all!


  1. What good news, so glad to hear he is making good progress!! He does look a lot better in those pictures! I can just picture him nickering to you! :) Have you thought of any names yet?
    You are one tough cookie....and this little guy is very blessed to have you care so much about him!

  2. I am amazed at all you are doing! I can't even begin to think I'm overwhelmed compared to you. I also can't believe it has been 48 hours already.

  3. You deserve a "horse mom of the year" award! You are doing such a good job with little Radish. It looks like he's got 4 socks and a big blaze but he's such a light red it's kinda hard to tell. He's going to be a very special boy to you when he's grown up.

  4. I just called the farmer to look at the pictures. We have had calves in the past who have been unable to stand as their "ankles" seemed to bend under - but they have always come out alright in the end. He looks a darling and I must say he looks a fighter - it is quite an undertaking for you but hopefully the first couple of weeks should see a vast improvement. I do hope so. What does the vet say?

  5. awww he's what a lot of work. what colour will his coat turn as he gets older?

  6. Hi guys! Sorry I havent been able to comment back to you all, but I can see you understand! LOL Horse mom of the year? LOL I'll take that award! Hey Pony Girl...his name is "here's my horse - Radish!" my daughter named him!! Hi Christy! I'm overwhelmed, and thats putting it lightly, but its been so much fun too! I hope soon i can say he is a month old!
    he does have wonderful markings! His dam is a Tennessee walking mare, and his sire is a rocky mountain...he is a pale golden with white mane and tale, and 4 perfectly even white stockings! He couldnt have been made any prettier! Hey Weaver! I was really worried about his legs, but Vet said he appeared very healthy, in fact he was amaized that he was born alive with momma having all that infection in her. But he shows NO signs of illness at all! His legs should straighten and are with each day! I'm hoping he wont have to have supportive boots. Amy, I think i already answered about his colors....he is a lot of work, but like I said,,,I'm loving every minute of it!


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