Friday, March 06, 2009

Looks Like Another Barn Party Tonight!

Can you say - Disappointment?
Georgia paced ALL night, her rear half would get ridged every now and then and she would be totally alert, then lick or bite at her sides.
I just KNEW it was going to happen last night and spent a long night with her....
Well the signs are all there I was just a little premature on the another barn party tonight!
She didn't mind me in the barn at all, in fact called to me off and on. I only went to rub on her a couple times, the rest of the time I stayed out of her way and quiet...waiting for this baby to show up! No such luck! Thankfully my wish for her to foal when Leah got home is going to come true. Unless she is going to be one of those horses who foals during the day...not uncommon though they mostly do at night....gonna see if a neighbor has a video camera I can use to record the whole thing! So I'm tired....tired...and more tired....but looking forward to the day! I've got the man coming out to float Kings teeth this morning...and I'm anxious to get that recorded in pictures and see how its done! This is my first time for that! I'm dying to know how old King really is!
His hoof is still so tender...he is hardly walking around, but that's not a bad thing. I hope the guy will take a look at it for me and give me his opinion too. He has spent his life working with horses, working at Churchill Downs for several years and now Equine Dentistry, along with farrier work, etc. He is licenced for all he does and just talking to him the few times I have really knows his stuff! And he is more than willing to give sound advice! Really nice guy. A normal bruise should work itself out in a few days.....but sometimes it requires more help to heal. King gets a hoof trimming tomorrow and that will help tons...and Kacy gave me some awesome ideas on how to pack his hoof. I know I told you this last night, but thanks again Kacy! It was great to talk to you, I'm just sorry the conversation was all about me last night and my horse woes and excitement! I can hear the relief and joy in your voice which wasn't there the last time we talked! YEA!
I'm still learning all this stuff, and I'm so thankful for great advice from people like Liz, Peggy and Kacy! You guys are awesome! I learn SO much from the blogs that I read, its unreal. Be assured that I visit you ALL, sometimes I just don't have time to comment or I have trouble commenting...but I visit everyone who comes to see me and all I'm following, which some blogs I haven't had time to add to my blog roll. But know I'm there and that each of you have interesting stories to tell and things I can learn from! I'm always into learning more!
Okay.....I must go and prepare for the Dentist to be here in the next 30 minutes!
Wow! Such an exciting, anxious week with my horses huh?? I LOVE IT!

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