Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some great goodies I recieved and Wed. Farm Report

April Showers bring May Flowers.....
Today has been a really boring day here on the farm. Its been either raining or drizzling...blah. But we'll need the rain for planting...crossing fingers its going to be a good year.
No big news on the furry farm critters.
I've been going over my inventory of the supplies I need for my soap making. Making a list and checking it twice. I'm going to make the following for a craft show on May 5th and for my shops:
  1. soap (of course) in designer frangrances
  2. gardners salves
  3. lip balms
  4. perfume sticks (designer fragrances)
  5. body butters
  6. lotion bars
  7. lotion sticks
  8. solid pet shampoo bars
  9. bath salts
  10. salt scrubs
  11. bath bombs

What product would you be more inclined to buy?

Douglas has began coughing hard again - wondering if he has caught that dang Whooping Cough again...the cough will linger for a long time, but it had gotten better...he didn't feel good all day. In fact his asthma has been bothering him alot today and he is wheezy. May have to do another doctor visit! bummer.

Thats about all the farm info to blog about. I've been reading Farm World about the said "Fart Tax" (cow tax for those of you who arent familiar with it...they basically want to tax farmers per head of cattle a tax because their farts pollute the air...I'll write about that more tomorrow. Then i was reading about raising goats over cattle..interesting..again tomorrow.
But I do want to blog about some really great people!
Do any of you Plurk? It's like twitter, but better...its a chat really must check it out! GO HERE to join..maybe we can "talk" sometime!
I had sent some soaps to a Co-op in Covington Ky...and did so-so. I had to price them high since the co-op took 40% out of the price, I got 60%
Miya who is on my Etsy team got out of the Co-op and she sent me my unsold soaps. I told her to take a few bars for herself as a thanks for giving me the opportunity to sell my soaps in her co-op. She sent me back some wonderful surprise goodies! I was so excited and happy when I opened my package and found them!
She sent me an awesome purse she made!
An adorable box made of records that have been molded into a gift box, with a little grey fuzzy soft scarf tucked inside!
What a talented crafter! You really should check out her Etsy shop!!!!!!! Shes a wonderful sweet woman and very good at what she does!
Next to tell you about another one of my favorite Etsy sellers is Dee with 3DeesPlace.
She is a very talented Crocheting crafter!
I had ordered from her a custom ordered scarf, hat and gloves!
I got them and was so happy with her work and the way that she was so happy to do a custom order and really worked with what I wanted and was wonderful to do business with!
Another great shop on Etsy you should visit sometime! I'll be shopping again with her soon..she has a little coin purse that matches my purse that Miya sent me!!!!
Okay...I need something sweet to eat...looks like its fruit loops, dont have anything else sweet in the house!
nite all!


  1. I love craft shows! I bet you will get alot of business. I've been praying for your toe and Douglas. I have heard alot of people saying their coughs have been around over a month. I've noticed alot of newborns on the farms around here. The calves are so beautiful. I love, love my soap. I'm going to order more on payday. I'm off to bed.

  2. That purse is soooocool!
    I am happy for you with the goodies you got and surprise received.

    How is the toe? I have had that blasted cough does last a long time...antioxidents, rest.
    That "FART" tax sounds nutty to me! I will like to read what is what with that nonsense!

  3. How wonderful to have received hand crafted gifts! Hope you're up and moving now! Actually.....I don't think you were down for long ....a broken toe cannot not keep a good woman down!

  4. Thanks Cathy! I'm glad you liked your soap! I'm always flattered when someone tells me they like what I've made! :-) Babys are popping up like pop corn around here still! They are so much fun to watch!!
    Thanks for the prayers ya'll! Douglas had a bad two days, but this afternoon seems to be doing a little better...I've ehard it lingers for a long time too.....yuck!
    My toe was really sore yesterday, maybe cause of the rain, or maybe I got it caught in the blankets...I dont want to wear that dang old boot, but my toe is so much better than when I walk around without it! I'll write more about the fart tax in the next few days...yes its crazy!
    Hey there Blue Eyed tango! I was so excited about all my goodies! I'm up and going...just a little slower than before! LOL I'm ready for this toe issue to be over and I can be out in the mud and the poo with the farm critters!


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