Saturday, March 07, 2009

Horse Shoeing....

This morning Josh T came to trim 2 of the horses, Molly and Bella.
Molly is a pill to trim, she leans into him and pulls hard. He has to use a twitch on her to keep her under control. This is the only thing that she acts ugly with. Its almost funny to see such a huge horse throw and fit, and see poor Josh try to hold her up!!!!! Bella was a doll...and beautiful as usual! She goes to Josh in a month or two to get her out of her barn sour and from being a little hot when ridden. (which means she is a little high spirited, but not bad, enough to keep you working hard to keep her from running, not running off, just running!)


  1. WOW she is big! I'd never seen a twitch before! Love your blog, I have cows too, but unfortunately no horses...I've always wanted some, maybe one day!

  2. Bella is gorgeous. How is Molly to ride? Too bad she has her issues with trims, though. Silly horses.


  3. Thanks Michelenky! She is a big horse! Next time you stop over leave me your blog address!
    Hi there Lisa! Bella is a doll! Molly hasnt been ridden for years, used to ride good, but probably not now after having a vacation for so long, and with her founder she is better off to just live happy and look pretty!


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