Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catchin up.....

Evening everyone!
I was under the weather all day yesterday...clogged head and a fever...yuck..but I sure feel better today! YEA!
I've been working all day in my Artfire shop adding new products. I cant wait until tomorrow! I get to order my supplies that I am all out of! BIG YEA!
In fact I've literally worked all day listing items, it takes me forever since I have dial up, BUT good news! The DSL people were working today to install my DSL!
As my picture says tonight is the last night for you to enter in my giveaway! So if you havent entered do so NOW!
Shelly I promise to get those pictures of Giant for ya! I didn't get out except to feed yesterday and I didn't get him outside at all! But if the weather is nice tomorrow I will for sure!
In fact I've realized I've not taken a single animal picture this week! Yes its only Tuesday..but still usually by now my camera is full! ;-o
Kacy and Luanne I know you are wondering when in the world I'm gonna get back to your email - hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning! I havent forgotten ya!
Kacy - also thanks for the call today - its always a joy to talk to you!!!
Well I've written on my personal Blog tonight....so if your subscribed to it, the update wont show on your computer since its private...but you can just click on "its all from the heart" My personal blog on the right of this post, or HERE! I somehow deleted a few emails that asked for permission...email me again and I'll add you..and I apologize for the mistake!
I'm also updating my Soap Blog tonight and I'll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow!
I hope all is well with you and yours! I'll catch up with everyone and I hope to have a more interesting blog post tomorrow...lifes been a little dull since I hurt my toe (which by the way is feeling tons better!)


  1. You are my hero...that is my words for the evening.
    I hope you get to feeling better and better. God be near always(and He is) Love,

  2. Looking forward to more farm pics, going to check out your personal blog now :-)

  3. What a cool blog! Horses and soap, two of my favorites :-). Wow, you have a farm full of beautiful animals.

  4. Hey there girl. Heck you have been busy. Love the new look of your blog! Your Avatar image is gorgeous as well. She's lookin' good there. Hope everything is okay with you and the calves. Also I'll grab a picture of Oliver off your blog if that is okay and get that picture done for you. Getting colder here. We're going to change Sasha's cover over to a winter one now and put one on the old man as well. It's getting chilly here.

    Love you heaps and loads of hugs

  5. Rachel, Norm helped me get on here and I wrote it down so maybe I can get on here when I want to. I also want you or Mari to help me get on a site so I can get my crochet out so everyone can see them.

  6. Hello,
    I was wondering what happened to you! Glad you're doing better! I've been sick as well with a silly migraine....not completely flat on my back this time but that dull sinus ache! How's your weather today? Windy here but partly sunny. Have a great day! Hope to hear from you soon!

  7. Hello all! Gee I didn't realize I'd be missed so much! *blushing*~ Feels good to be missed!
    Hero kacy???? Gee never been called THAT before...far from it...dont let me lead you a stray! LOL
    Amy - sent you the invite..I'm looking forward to taking more pictures!!
    5 Oclock - Thanks! I'm checking your blog out....I bet you are a horse owner..or should I say a slave to our horses???? LOL
    Liz - I love you! You dont know how much that will mean to me!!!!!! Its begining to get warm here....YEA!
    Gin - You are on a site to get your crochet out there to the world, I dont know of any others you can do that with...if its gonna sell it'll sell on Etsy.
    hey there Luanne! I know how you feel with thos migrains...I get them too..I think it was just sinus stuff tho...Today weather is AWESOME..cold front moved in...but its gonna be sunny all day and high of 63! I'm serious about meeting up sometime!!!!! I'll also check out those links you gave me...just been so busy and I've had to put off my search for the moment....not for long...just a moment! LOL


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