Thursday, April 30, 2009

New baby has arrived on the farm

I really wasn't wanting another calf to feed this year. But along came this guy. He was born yesterday and was about 24 - 36 hours old when we brought him home. He was missing today and Norm had to go find him. He was new when he saw him yesterday late afternoon and was walking with mom toward the woods. The problem is - he was a twin. The amazing thing is his size! He is about 100 pounds (average is 50 - 60 pounds) twins are generally smaller!, a bull calf, and is the size of a 2 1/2 - 3 week old! The cutest thing and I mean cute and you can see it in the picture above is his under bite! It will show better in the other pictures here. I have a good feeling about this calf..his temperament. He took to me right away, apparently he didn't know momma very well. And hadn't sucked much, cause he wasnt really sure what he was doing.
How cute is that face!!!!
He drank almost a full bottle, very hungry, a little hollow in his gut but boy did this guy have so much energy when we went to get him! He fought us the entire way! I was thinking he would be a handful, and he may still be. But he tamed right up once he was in the barn. The whites of his eyes quickly went away and after 1/2 a bottle he was looking to me for it each time to finish it off. He will be an easy one to care for. He is a little gurgly and he is getting a shot of LA200 for pnemonia. I dont believe he is very sick, he has too much energy!
He has little bulldog jawls!
I havent decided just yet what to name him, I thought at first about Reject or Rebel, since he fought so hard with us at first. Then I thought maybe a boxers name. Hmmm will have to think on this. I have felt bad all day, not been sleeping since 41 hours ago and havent been eating well all week. And today I am really weak and even dizzy and shaky. I was really sick when Norm called to tell me the calf wasnt with his momma and his twin, and the Momma in me just couldnt sit here in the house when a baby was missing, alone where the coyotes could get him, cold in the rain, hungry, vulnerable, and without a momma! I just couldnt stand it and changed my mind in our conversation as he was out tramping in the woods and told him I'd meet him at the gate to help. I think its my calling in life. I am hoping to get to bed here in a minute. But I had to share this cutie patootie's picture first. I also posted in an earlier post today about the very first horse I've ever met and introduced me to the love of horses. I even posted a picture of me when I was just 3 years old! Talk about a blast from the past!
Good night sweet calf with the bulldog face! Momma loves you already!

How it all began..

Yeah, that's me at 3 years old.
I vividly remember as a child getting excited to visit my grandma and grandpa in the country. I was amazed at the creature he kept in his tiny barn that grazed in the sun in its little pasture. I wish I could remember his or her name. It was love at first site! I remember watching this beauty through the fence and was mesmerized by those dark eyes that would gaze into mine, the smell of hay and feed, the soothing sounds that this magnificent creature spoke to me. I was told I wasn't allowed in the barn or around the horse, I was too little to be out there alone around such a dangerous animal. Humph. I have always been one to bend the rules, especially when it was something I desired so greatly and even more so when an animal was concerned. I'd sneak out and quietly go to this wonderful horse. Was this horse dangerous? Maybe to a 3 year old...but I never felt scared, or threatened in any way. I was always approached with her own curiosity of this little thing peering through the stall slats or the white fence that enclosed her home. From day one I had a friendship, a bond with this beautiful friend of mine.
I can remember this ride on her was the first time I was ever on a horse, and the last time I was allowed to ride. I was so sad that my mom and grandma who had such a fear of horses wouldn't allow me to feel her greatness under me and that beauty of being upon her back.
I sure was angry every time I asked to ride with my grandpa and they wouldn't allow it- who by the way rode this horse town, to work, to the store. He too had a love for horses, guess that's where I got it from. It is in my blood. Luckily it was the only thing I got from him!
Grandpa eventually sold his horse as he got older, the horse was never a dangerous animal she was actually well broke and ridden constantly. I remember the sadness I felt at my visit when I discovered she was gone! I cried angry, sad tears at my loss. It really felt like a friend was taken from me.
My grandpa and I never had much of a relationship, we only shared those few times with his horse. He wasn't a man of honor, good standing in town, and actually was what some would call a bad man - hard and cold, even dangerous. And in truth he really was. But I can remember the only time I saw his eyes soften and his demeanor change was when he was with his horse. That day that I rode he was as gentle as a new born kitten, and the only time I can recall that he was ever kind to anyone. I guess we shared something in common. And he never was mean to me when I was fact I was the only member of the family that he would talk to.
He has passed away back in 1991. No fan fair. Almost no tears. But as I sat at his funeral the only thing I could really think about the whole time were those few short moments we had shared and this wonderful horse, the very first in my life, and the love of the horse that he taught and passed down to me.
Over the years as a youngster, I rode. But as I grew, other interests took precedence and my father never would let me get a horse and I was discouraged believing I'd never have one any time soon, or at least until I could have a place of my own.
Years went by and I put my dreams of having a horse of my own deep into the back of my mind. But it wasn't gone, just buried.
It wasn't until 5 years ago that I was able to have a horse in my life again. And that passion was just as strong the first time I saw grandpas horse. I saw Mae belle, my first horse as an adult, and saved her from the slaughter at a horse sale. Little did I know that she may have stood well, even let me groom her all I wanted. But to lead her? To ride her? Lets just say she was the boss no matter what we tried. She HATED men, and they could do nothing with her. She did let women ride her, me only, and was pretty much well behaved - well kinda. She really wasn't a beginner horse, she often ran to be in the lead when on trail rides and couldn't be held back at all, and kicked at the other horses when I was on her back. If she didn't know the way already she would try to bolt back to the barn and was hard to handle, I'd say quite spirited. Somewhere over her 15 years she had been abused and I gave up trying to gain her trust. She had an old injury, wasn't quite lame, it had healed..but she like to act like her leg hurt her when she was ridden. I really thought I got duped (which I really did) when I bought her - $100 should have told me something huh? And for awhile I believed her limping when I rode..but that all changed when we went on our first trail ride..heck that mare wasn't lame at all!
I did sell her after a few months for a more safer horse. I was fearful I would eventually get injured by her antics and hang-ups. I knew she wasn't the horse for me and more than I could handle as a novice rider. That's when I met the horse love of my life Babe, that I've told you all about before..the best move of my life as far as horse ownership is concerned!
But I'll always hold the memories of this dapple gray in my heart and credit that beauty for the love and respect I have today for that wonderful creature called the horse.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Kentucky Turky Street Team...I HAVE DSL!

I can finally read and see all the beautiful blogs with cool backgrounds! And leave comments! YEA ME! Friday night Neil got a whopper of a turkey when he and Dennis (Mari's hubby) went hunting. He was proud!Quick Draw a.k.a. Neil a.k.a 3 shot a.k.a Doug's best and favorite friend, and his big Tom Turkey! GREAT job Neil!I think this is THE best and my favorite picture of Neil!!!!!!!! Neil you are a cutie pie! You know we Love you!This is Neil's Dad Donnie he got a tom Saturday Evening!The tail spreadI HAD to include Buster and Nick, Maris dogs...just too cute!Buster (above) has the funniest and cutest personality! He is human more than most humans! I love that little boy!
This last one is Nick...what a cute picture...we finally got him to quit running for a few minutes to pose for a portrait!
Had a good Friday!...More posts (3 or 4) below this one so keep on reading if your not too bored already!

Today My first song birds, info on Bald Eagle, and my goofy dog!

First things first! I'm really excited cause we got a sighting of a Bald Eagle this morning. We dont have too many of those here in KY and in fact they were reintroduced a couple few years ago. We had one come last year..only stayed for a couple months, and didn't appear to have a mate. They doo mate for life. This morning Doug ran in all excited saying he saw one..I couldnt see what he could when I went out. However yesterday I told Norm I heard what I thought was an Eagle, so different than the usual hawks. After 10 minutes Doug ran back in..this time I saw him clearly! An adult Eagle!!! WOO HOO! He flew off toward the neighbors farm. I thought I had seen one of them again and when Mari and I took our walk this morning, we finally found out it was an Osprey. Thankful for Mari's camera and her zoom! He didn't show up on mine at all but a little spot in the sky. She has one of the Osprey sitting high in a tree with a fish in his talons! So cool! We watched him dive in toward the lake, scoop up a fish and fly back into the trees. I just had a ball...I LOVE the raptors!
I put up my Hummingbird feeders yesterday all over and this morning early I already had my first ones! I was thrilled.Many other song birds were checking out the feeders, but they were too scared to come and eat. here are a few:Male Goldfinch...had a female too, but didn't get her pic.
next, our state bird. The Cardinal. This is a male, he had a mate with her but she was up too high in the tree to get her pic. My goofy dog can and does entertain himself quite often.On our walk today A little Paint turtle was crossing the road...yep..I HAD to save him, typical me..I do these things a lot, just happy this time I wasnt in the car and stopping in the middle of the road..I'm a sucker for all animals.
We saw some spring wildflowers growing...I forget what Mari said its name wasThis is a great picture Mari got of goofy boy!A good day in the warm sunshine!
Tomorrow update on the local Turkey Hunting Pro's! Donnie, Neil, and Dennis! The Kentucky Turkey Street Team! Ha thats what I'm gonna call ya'll! Below are 3 more posts, how the horse introduction went, garden and garden seed info, and then hmmmm maybe it was only two more below this...geez I just cant remember! Typical me!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Horse Introduction.....hmmm good and bad.

I LOVE this picture of my boys! How cute is that? Jack seeking King for comfort the entire time and King protecting him. So sweet!
So the introduction went well. Well it didn't start out that way! I put the other 3 in the lot behind the barn where everyone could see and get to know each other. HMMM bad idea. Its surrounded with guard rails and at one point as Buck was acting pretty ugly King got his neck scraped against it! Scared me too death but only loss hair. Whew. We decided on letting Molly in first so that King who is the boss gelding and Molly the boss mare would establish a relationship. I'm hoping in doing so little Jack will be kept safe. I am worried that being so much smaller, yet not being cut and may possibly have the urge to prove himself, would get hurt. Buck really acted a fool through the fence, so we put him and Bella back out into the other pasture for now. Molly was so thrilled to be here that she didn't even pay them any attention. Only 2 times did they show dominance! I was so pleased they fit right in with ease, and after about 30 minutes..all where grazing and relaxed! How great is that?This is the first time Molly showed a little of herself. The most fun thing to watch was how Jack stuck to Kings side like glue! As if he was his mom! This could be a bad thing though when Buck is let in..King and Buck will tussle some I'm sure even though King, Buck and Bella have all been together all last summer. I'm worried Jack will unknowingly get in the middle on accident since he is sticking to King for comfort.I also LOVE this next picture of the wind blowing those manes! So intently looking at Buck and Bella across the yard! Look at Jacks confidence while next to his big friend and body guard!

They watched Molly for a few minutes and they all just galloped around the whole pasture for a big, exhausted, decided to eat. Ah the horses life! I didn't get any film of them because my dog Levi couldn't handle it and had to join in the game..I spent my time calling him back, so no video and no pictures of that. Figures
Below are 2 of the videos I took.

The second is the second incident of bossiness!

All went well...I'm dreading introducing Buck..wondering if I should let he and Bella in together or by them selves and which one first? I'm thinking Buck.

Next post information.

Garden Seed List

2009 Garden Seed List
  • cabbage

  • carrots
  • cucumbers
  • tomatos
  • green onions
  • romaine lettuce
  • baby spinich
  • Squash
  • watermelon
  • radishes
  • prizehead lettuce
  • buttercrunch lettuce
  • Kandy Korn (sweet corn)
  • Peaches and Cream Sweet corn
  • green beans

  • bell peppers

  • banana peppers

  • Basil

  • Rosemary

  • thyme
  • lavender
  • Cilantro

  • sage

I wont even list the flower seed I bought! I bet before its over we'll do more, we usually have lots to freeze and plenty to pass out! We have a big garden each year. This year we are putting the more tender plants and the ones that need more water here at the house. The above picture is the garden...I thought it was puney when I was watching him from the side...however..standing and looking at it long ways is another story. I was pleased! Here are some pics of last years garden being worked up
This is this years, just a side view, told ya, I thought it was teeny tiny at first, it helps to check all angles before you jump to a conclusion.

Cattle Disease Information

Liz left me a comment with a link on CATTLE DISEASES. Interesting read.

Our Bald Eagle Has Returned!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! We had an Eagle pass through and stayed for close to a month last year. First one seen here around us! Yesterday while sitting in the yard in the sun I thought I heard one, but couldnt see anything. Then this morning Douglas came running in the house after a morning of hunting Starlings and told me he saw one.....well I was hopeful but sceptical...I gotta see to belive. I couldnt see anything where he pointed to a group of trees that he flew into. Then about 10 minutes later he rushed in and say its flying around...ran to the back door..and sure enough!!!! There was our beauty soaring above the lake!
I hope this year I can get a good picture! Mari got one last year you can find it on her blog about this time last year.
HERE is some information you can read about on Eagles!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

DSL coming tomorrow...attn:Spinningyarnfromthefarm! Bloat info

And its a really good thing! Blogger has given me so much trouble, maybe cause they have been working on the cable for DSL?? Thats my guess. I FINALLY got this one picture to upload. Geez I have so many to share....but I'd overload you if I was even able to get them on here.
So YEA me! Tomorrow sometime between 12 and 5 the dude will be here to get us into the century!
I have to start with Today I reckon. The weather was just perfectly awesome. Sun sun sun and more sun. And to top it off it was perfectly warm! I got all my bird feeders out, I cant wait for the song birds and hummingbirds to begin to visit! I am trying to plot out my flower garden..not much luck with that one. I just cant decide what to do. We have the humongus pile of limbs from the ice storm burned finally so Norm will disk up the ground and till for the garden. We already got our seeds and a few started plants Friday. I'll have to tell ya what I got in a seperate post just about our gardens. I wont bore you with that today.
I sat outside staring at my feeders waiting for song bird...nadda. Hummingbird? Nadda. The neighbors have already had them, the first ones showing up 3 days ago! I cant wait till they find me. Besides, it was so beautiful I just couldnt pull myself away.
Saturday Mari and I took a nice trip to Louisville to meet some others from our Etsy team. had a great time, and I really enjoyed walking down the streets to get there, so much charater! They were running the big marathon before Derby so our road was blocked. So we had to park further away and it was a great little walk. We had a really good time. We went to a fabulous resturant..Lynns Paradise Cafe. Its been written up several times in Southern Living and in all the mags during the KY derby season. Its also been on one of those chef shows..dont ask me which one. Its the one where the guy tries to make a resturants dish better than they do. It was a great day. I was disappointed to see hardly any dogwoods or red buds in bloom along the highway like they always have been without fail, until this year. They are a soft wood and I guess the ice storm of the centry really hurt them alot. What a bummer!
Saturday evening when we were checking calves we found one dead. From what we dont know, she was fine on Friday when they were checked. A disappointment there. And another one sick with scours, skinny and weak. We tubed her with vitamines (one was B12 which will stimulate her to eat) and electrolytes. Mom didnt even come to us she was off in the field. The calf niver even bawled..she was that weak! So we loaded her in the back of the truck I held her while Norm drove and we brought her here to this barn by the house. We also gave her an antibiotic shot. This morning she was somewhat better, and took the bottle from us eagerly. With almost little to no fight. Usually we have to tube them their milk a few times and really work on getting them to take the bottle, espeically if its a calf that is a few months old. But not her, very easy going calf. I was hoping I was gonna be able to keep her she's got the temperment I really want to raise and keep as a pet, and hopefully teach her to nurse orphaned calves. But today we took her back over and put her in a lot with her mother only. Both took up with each other and the calf drank. So as long as she eats good she'll stay with mom, which is the best scenario.
Friday i put Molly in with King and Jack. I had all the horses seperated by a gate so they would get used to each other before I let them in all together. However Buck acted stupid...and the lot is made with guard rail and We didnt want anyone to get hurt. So we just put the other boss horse in...Molly. They were the easiest horses I've ever seen to get introduced to each other. I dont really know which one is the boss of the two yet. Only 1 time did they turn their butts to each other and kick! That was it. I'll do another post tomorrow about that. I am hoping that with the two bosses together they will put Buck in lin when I add him and Bella to the bigger pasture with them.
Spiningyarnsfrom the farm was talking today aout her calf having bloat. Its very unusual! So be careful. calves dont get it because they can get up in any kind of postion so they dont get their backs down hill like a grown cow. Its seen in cows when they over feed in grain or feed. But I guess its possible for a calf to get bloat of he eats too much. I wonder if he is on feed already or still taking a bottle? How many times a day and how much is he drinking/eating? Their are only two ways to correct the is by insertine a tube down his throat to his belly to release the gas...the other is to aspirate the gas by a needly making a small hole in his side into his gut. Like I said they can bloat and be dead in minutes so its important to call a vet right away if you think thats what's wrong with him. Getting him to burp by patting or squeezing his belly will not release enough gas to correct the problem. I hope this helps!
Tomorrow Mari and I start walking. I'm determined to shed the weight! Wish me luck!
Well I'm heading to bed...long weekend and I'm tired.
Catch up tomorrow with everyone!

Monday, April 20, 2009

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Farm Update tonight!

Calf Fries Anyone? (working spring rest for the wicked this weekend!)

First and Foremost...You havent heard from me in a few days...why you ask? My Internet connection is I've visited you all, and a few that I've never read...but I cannot comment..I'm sorry as before please dont think I'm ignoring you. I havent had time to answer comments on my own blog..probably wont let me anyway *sigh*
The horses are really enjoying their new crib! Buck here found something interesting to smell and listen too. Dont you love that long doo he's sporting! If I could keep the others from eating his mane I'd be really happy. Any suggestions?
The weekend was absolutely beautiful. Warm and Sunny. Levi had to have his wet nose in usual.
We put Carrot out into the sunshine. That little bunny was so happy! I swear I saw her smile and mouth the words "thank you" to me!
On to farm business...
Saturday we worked calves. If you remember from earlier posts, that means the calves that have been born so far, got ear tags, vaccinated, wormed, and bulls castrated. We only did 1 herd so far...73 cows - 51 calves in that bunch. An 8 hour busy, dirty day. And I had fun! LOL
First we call all the cows and calves into a holding lot. They have been brought that way by Norm feeding silage to them, that way they are happy to go right into the lot...of course Saturday one cow refused to go her baby and her were left out. He was only a couple days old anyway. We'll get him later.
Once they are in the lot, they have Hay to eat and salt poured for them. The girls are very happy about the latter of the two.Neil wanted to move my car for me, it was in the way. Its a stick didn't move. Poor Neil...Neil Norm said he'd give you lessons if you want...just call and ask!!! I must add though that Douglas finally after about 20 tries got my car to start, and then even drove it in first gear a few feet...not bad for a 10 year old! Leah too finally after several tries got the truck started and she too drove a few miles. Neil just didn't have enough time to work his way through it.Then the sorting many calves as possible are rounded up and pushed into an area penned off in the same lot as the other cows. Cows that wouldnt leave their calves go in too..this is done until all the calves -momma or not-are separated...Cows sorted out of calves. They were pretty easy going. So sorting went smoothly.This next picture is funny! NO Neil isnt hitting her on the butt. He just has the prod behind her, she got blocked and spun around and took off...I think its funny!
We had 3 of last years calves that came late in the stock barn for feeding until they grew bigger. We had to move them out to sort and work the other calves, so they got loaded into the trailer. Do you remember my bottle fed calf from last year - Andy? This is him now!Douglas and I took a little break while Leah, Norm and Neil sorted the calves into different holding areas to work. Did I mention that Leah is fearless? She did such an excellent job Saturday, worked hard and I think she had fun at it! I was really proud to watch her...she picked up almost immediately how to watch a cows body language and she is a natural!Douglas cant seem to take a picture without a silly face.
Can you guess what this next picture is? It's not a hard one, I promise!'s Doug shooting his Air Rifle
Everything on the farm is green! FINALLY!
Below are our steeds that we use to cut and sort.....
Yeah I'd like to use a horse too, but these will have to do.
This momma was calling for her baby - quite loudly.
Here she is again giving me the ol' hairy eyeball look! She really wants her little one back! They were all so dang loud we could barely talk!
Here is a calf getting vaccinated:
Now - this next momma didn't leave the window into the barn the whole time....she was too funny, and obviously a very good mom!
Here are some others waiting for the job to be done and get the baby's back where they belong.
Then after everyone one is tagged and vaccinated and bulls castrated, we let the little tykes out by 3's or 4's...made sure they found momma and matched up and sucked...they were then (momma and baby_ sorted into the adjacent lot. Until everyone had been sorted.
They all rush over to see if the next little one is there's or not.

I probably posted too many pictures and didn't give enough information about the whole process. I've had one of those days where every thing I've touched turns to coal...not gold. More on that to visit and hopefully leave some comments.
nite all...