Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silent Sunday

Be sure to stop my the SUNDAY STILL'S PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE to view some great photo's taken this week. You can view MINE HERE!


  1. Hi sweet Rae, so sorry did not call today.
    Will do tomorrow..not busy ,Yea!

  2. cool photos, you must have a good camera, I like the one of the greenish log :-)

  3. Mari's owner is right as he sits on my lap while I type.

  4. Enjoyed those happy pictures. Has your toe recovered? My friend broke her toe on Saturday and is hobbling around. Liked your enormous calf - hos is he doing - and how has his mum stood up to the ordeal?

  5. Kacy! So glad you called! Will return yours this week..probably tonight to whine about my toe after I see the doctor!
    Amy - My camera is a hundred years old, but and bulky, but takes wonderful pictures, if only I had a zoom lense! I like that picture too..i try to take interesting pics I thought that one turned out well.
    Mari - most of us are slaves to our pets...we ARE THEIR pets! LOL Had fun on our walk! Will prob call you too to whine about my toe!
    Weaver the huge calf is doing gret...a BIG eater! Momma didn't make it....too much damage to her innards...poor cow.


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