Monday, March 02, 2009

Cold! But just happy its not snowing too!

EVENING Friends and Family!
Not much to tell today.
Calf count at : 30 total so far
Torro (YES I know TORRO is actually spelled TORO in Spanish! In case your wondering.) is 1 week old! He eats like a pig, is a very active healthy little guy! The only way I could get him off my side was to get on the porch, and he would only stay still if I let him suck on my fingers. Then I had to run away and hide in order to get the one picture of him in the yard! Poor Torro he cant understand why I leave him and close the gate to the barn. I try to let him roam free in there during the day so he can walk around and get some exercise.
No foal yet!
Peppers egg count: 15 eggs
Cold today with a hi of 31f...BRRRR wind chill was in single digits this morning.
My friend Kacy has won our teams giveaway for February!
Our teams blog is CONGRATULATIONS Kacy! you definitely deserve and needed a boost!!!!!
I'm featured this month ( see earlier post for details!)
They haven't updated the blog yet...I'll let ya know when they do!
Weaver just to let you know, its the same for me on most blogs, I always read yours but the comment thingy...yeah it hates me too! ;-)
Norm sold soy beans is down a lot from the fall when we sold. He will be going again tomorrow to sell the last of the beans. Crossing our fingers that a miracle happens and they go up a few dollars!
Did I ever tell you what my brother began calling Norm during the ice storm?
See for some reason EVERYONE calls Norm to ask what to do in all kinds of situations. He can't figure out why. He is pretty handy, knows more than he ever admits too, and is always willing to help anyone out. Well during the Ice Storm nothing changed. Norm was called non-stop from friends and neighbors, even neighbors we never hear from. He was going non-stop with our own farm chores, and then much added work chopping wood to keep the stove going, constantly getting gas for the generator, on top of helping everyone out when they needed it. It was a VERY long 14 days for him.
Talk began about FEMA helping out......(yeah right with so many regulations it isnt worth using their so-called help) My brother Josh began calling Norm the head of WEMA - Wilmoth Emergency Management Association. Norm as president and Josh as vice president! It was a great laugh during a stressful time, and the name carries over still! I reckon he is stuck with being the head of WEMA! Poor man!
Douglas has had a nasty cough for a few days now. I'm trying to decide if I need to take him to the doctor or not. So far no fever, but his lungs and throat are so irritated that he is coughing up a bit of blood, no nothing bad at all, just tinged with some color. Its nothing to worry about, its just from irritated tissue....however, I got him some better medicine and some lozenges. I'll see how he does tonight and how he feels in the morning, if he is still coughing like he has been the last few days, we'll be taking a trip to the doctor. In fact I just took his temp...99.5, looks like no school tomorrow and to the doctor we go in the morning! Well guys, a hot cup of tea is waiting on me to fix for I had better run!
I'll be by later!


  1. Torro's eyelashes have to be the longest I've ever seen! What a cutie pie! It's bitter cold here too. The chooks are just as tired of it as I am.

  2. Torro is the cutest thing ever! ;)
    It's fairly warm and raining here....hope you don't get more snow! I really your banner with the collage of's great!

  3. awww he's lovely! Hope Doug gets better, spring must be on the way for you now :-)

  4. Now I want your Torro LOL! He is soooo cute cute cute. Give him a cuddle from me and the Terrorist won't you. Don't stress about Georgia sometimes mares have practice runs. Once she has wax build up on her teats then she will be ready to go. My broodmares used to lie around a lot towards the end of their pregnancies. They know when it's right. A mares udder usually does get quite large in the last few weeks. So chill relax and don't worry too much she'll be just fine. Sorry to hear about Doug being sick. You don't need that happening on top of everything else. Spring will be soon!!!! I cant' wait to enjoy your pictures of spring on the farm

    Take care
    Love and lots of hugs

  5. HI there Amy! I am so tired of this cold weather, tho I do have to be thankful that its not been as rainy as it was last year..the farm was just one big mud puddle! Calves do have long lashes! imagine mascara on those babies! LOL
    Hi there Pony Girl! I used Picasa 3 to create that banner...took me forever to realize that I can do that! It was fun...I'm gonna switch it up every now and then....Torro is a cutie isnt he!
    Yes Amy I think Spring is on its way, however you wont know that by going outside today! However its supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow and then the hi 60's the rest of the week! Go figure! Couldnt get Doug into the dr him in tomorrow though!
    Hey Liz! I'm glad you let me know what to look for as far as Georgia is concerned! She is so close, but I really hope she will wait for leah to get home!


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