Saturday, March 14, 2009

Riding Brahma Bulls, Training a colt, and I did 3 posts today! So read on!

Do you remember awhile back when I mentioned that Leah and I talked about riding cattle? Its actually not uncommon, especially in European countries.
I was watching Ag Lifestyles on RFD TV the other day about a cowboy named Blake Goode who has been taught by the legendary Leon Adams how to break, train, and ride Brahma Bulls. he chose that breed because of their pleasing appearance, their known nature to be a little "bullish". He also has teams of horses in his acts. He performs specialty acts at rodeos, horse shows and clinics, for the president, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi to name a few. He tells stories within his acts, jumping, and riding Roman Style (which is standing on the backs of these bulls).
This cowboy is phenomenal!
Here is his website and you can watch some videos on Utube Here. You really must check him out!
I have also been recording Chris Cox, Down Under Horsemanship, and a few others. Chris Cox did a two week show on starting you colt. I really got a lot of information, and I was pleased that I've started Jack with many of the techniques that he does!!! I just started out small, getting him used to throwing the lead rope on his back and all over his body, familiarizing him with the blanket, teaching him to release on his hindquarters, which is the beginning of lunging, leading, head shy, picking up hooves and picking them, and trying to work with him about invading my space, which I learned some about that today!
I truly love watching these TV shows! I keep on learning a lot each time I do!
Okay gonna go eat some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream...and maybe hit the hay early tonight.
Oh - Josh (my farrier) came out today to trim King, and he took a look at his hooves since he came up lame again! I've been really worried about my boy and this lameness. (I also have understood this past week what it means to be "horse poor"!!!)
He opened up the abscess again and it needed to drain. He didn't think I needed to take him to the Vet just yet, but if in a day or two then we should. He said that its very possible the abscess didn't have enough time to drain before the Vet packed it, or maybe should have been cleaned and packed sooner than we thought. It's always a learning experience.
He is walking somewhat better tonight, but I dont like how he leans on his hindquarters a lot. Both front feet were sore today, the other one without the abscess possibly bruised and sore from using it to support the front of his weight.
Will keep a close eye and take him to the Vet if this isnt cleared up in a couple days.
Okay now to the freezer for my treat!


  1. Hello. I am new to reading your blog, and I love it. You have many insightfull things to say, and I love reading them, and I also enjoy your many pictures, especially the horsey ones, I can't help that I'm impartial, I have 4 of my own.


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