Monday, March 09, 2009

ITS A BOY! Born 03/09/09 at 8:30am!!

Look who arrived into the world at 8:30am this morning!
We had trouble with the delivery...called the Vet and he arrived about 16 minutes after the water broke. I was scared too death that we would have been too late. She looked as though she was prolapsing, but her placenta came out the same time as her baby. She was oozing a thick "mauve" colored stuff, stunk extremely bad and the consistency of pudding while she was in labor, and was filled with it even after she delivered the colt..YES HE IS A BOY! The "ooze" we'll call it is nothing the Vet has ever seen! He said there is nothing in any text book and it doesnt look like any afterbirth or infection even that he's ever seen.
Momma so far is not interested in the colt....she sniffed him once and then retreated to the back side of her pen. Only glancing at him a couple of times. Doc said to pick up some colostrum. Her milk has come in and she is producing the colostrum. If he doesnt suck by noon, then we'll be getting him up to see if he will nurse and if she will let him.
The mare got "washed out" from all the "ooze" and infection. She also got a tetanus and antibiotic shot.
If he doesn't nurse by noon....then we'll be feeding him.
He is a Palomino (at the moment- will probably be a roan) with white tale and mane, and 4 white stockings and a big blaze! OMG he is beautiful! Doc said he was surprised he was alive! I'm so thrilled he is and to watch him born, even though we had to pull him, was so awesome!
These are his first pictures taken as soon as he was laid down. I've already imprinted on him. I cant tell you all how exciting it was to watch him come into this world! I was worried sick over the mare.....and we dont know really if she will make it, that infection can get the worry continues with her. The colt is vigorous and awake and a big guy with some long legs! Man they are all head and legs arent they! What a doll!
I could go on and on...but I have afterbirth, ooze, and pee and poo all over me and I stink like nothing you've ever smelled from that concoction! And I need to go check on the baby! Doug had to stay home from school, he is worse today, and poor Leah went home last night, and she just knew she would miss it! I hate that for her, but he is here and so far healthy!
I'll post can bet on that!!!
Oh and "Jerry" - I'll respond to you amusing little comment later....friends go take a look at the comment "he" left for us all...very amusing, and "Jerry" doesnt realize I know where his IP is from, and that to say "he" has to get back to running a "real farm"..well now thats amusing....oh have I got a lot to say!
Talk soon!


  1. Oh! I am soooooo excited! Glad the little fella is so healthy. I hope the mom pulls through and lets him nurse. He is so handsome that I want a horse. We don't have room for one so I will just enjoy yours. Congrats!!!!

  2. OMG he is cute!! Congrats!!
    Hope mom comes around to him and I pray they both do well.


  3. Thanks guys! Enjoy him all you want Peggy, I'll be posting TONS of pictures as he grows up. Of course problems could arrive with bottle feeding him, in fact Leah lost a colt before, so though my hopes are high, I'll be keeping that in mind! So has no interest in him 2 hours after delivery. He is trying to get his feet still, but sitting up, alert and really appears healthy so far!
    Thanks Shelly! Isnt he gorgeous! I'm in love already!

  4. Rae keep a close eye on the baby. If you cant get georgia to feed him then take her colostrum off and give him a bottle. He needs to get up and feeding sooner rather than later..been there a few times. Lovely baby too. I hope Georgia will recover okay.

    Love and hugs

  5. HOPE /PRAY you got him to eat the GOOD stuff!!!
    I love his blaze!
    Call me if you can get to...K?!

  6. awww he's lovely, hope his mum is on the mend. I'll show my daughter these photos later - she loves horses. Come check out our new kittens :-)

  7. Wow! How exciting! I bet you are worried mess. I'd be, too. Poor little colt. Why do you think his Mama isn't caring for him, licking him and encouraging him to get up? This isn't her first baby is it?
    Do you think she senses something may be wrong with the baby? Or is something still wrong with the Mama, healthwise? Gosh. You got me worried now!
    I was first thinking the colt was a chestnut, but the pictures don't always portray real colors. What color was his sire?
    I am laughing about the 'all legs and head' comment of yours, too. So true, and his head reminded me of a cute baby moose! (Don't hate me! lol!) He'll grow into his head and legs before very long anyway. He sure is cute.

    I hope you get him some of the colostrum and milk so he gets his strength and can fight of infections. You must be so excited!!!

    Yes! Take lots of photos! We can't get anough of the little guy. It almost makes me want to breed my mare. Almost! hehe


  8. Hey guys!! Thanks for the prayers! Things are looking up! He finally began to suck and took a full cup of milk...he is resting now and will be up soon....he is a light palomino with white tail and mane....hopefully his colors wont the first pics he was still wet. His daddy is a rocky mountain horse and the white tail and mane are attributes...Buck doesnt have them tho, but he threw them in his colt! Hopefully the colt will have his temperment too! Ooops he is up gotta run in case he decides to stand and wreck my house!


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