Sunday, March 01, 2009

lookie here for comments on blogs that blogger wont let me leave..dang google!

Lisa - Those pictures are TOTALLY awesome! How cute is that!!!?? I needed a heart warming today!
Elaine - i think you did great on the hockey player! I hope the pups are doing good, so much fun when animals are babies! Hope your warm there in SC...we are freezing here! Note to self - Visit NC and SC this time next year and enjoy WARMTH!
Peggy, I enjoy your goat pictures sooo much! They are too funny! I've learned a lot from you and I'm sure there is a lot more to learn! So glad i met ya!
Christy - BRRRRRRRRR is all I can say! Where is warm weather??????? Its getting down to 14 degrees tonight....65 degrees expected on Friday....KY weather is so weird!
Kim- I hope your meeting with Libby was fun! She is such a doll and joy to be around!
Lib-girl you crack me up! What is your hair colored with! Really, its adorable and fits you so well! I hope this weekend can work out with you, please let me know! Leah would love some Indian!


  1. Sometimes it is impossible for me to leave a comment on your blog - this is very difficult to type as it keeps stopping and starting. I do so love reading it all but want you to know I read it even if I can't leave a comment. How frustrating computers can be. Best wishes.

  2. Dont feel bad! Weaver I cannot leave comments much either, even on my own blog! I read yours too, every post. I always enjoy your poetic verse and all I can learn about the sheep, and your country! Its always a thrill!


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