Monday, March 09, 2009

8 Hours Old!

Radish is now 8 hours old!
We have had a rough morning! Radish has not stood yet, and has been very weak and sleeping. He has had no suck reflex. And unable to stay awake and alert.
I was able to get in 3/4 of the bottle of colostrum into his belly though, and that was hard work! Long and tedious trying to get a colt to suck enough to get it in his gut! But we did it. We think he is premature, due to the infection that his momma got. I dont know how early, maybe only a week or so, which is in his favor, he should catch up soon.
We brought him into the house...YES you read that right! Premature foals can get chilled and die! So we have brought him into the living room until he is up and moving around on his own. Thankfully we are replacing the carpet with hardwood soon! LOL
I never in a million years dreamed that I'd have a horse in my house drinking from a Mr. pibb bottle! LOL (yes its horse milk not cola!)
He finally began to suck once we got him in here, and drank a cup of warm milk. He fell asleep drinking and we had to stop feeding. Liz there is no way to get him up right now and standing to eat, so we are holding him up for now. What I have read says that as long as they are drinking the warm milk, kept warm, and sitting up to eat he should be fine. I'm taking as good care as I can to follow what everyone has suggested! I'm gonna make this colt live!
He is resting right now, like a sweet little -baby-, -horse-, -on my living room floor-, -in my house-! I have now seen it all! LOL Things are looking up for little radish...this morning it was looking thing is for sure....this horse can end up totally crazy, but I guarantee you after all I have done with him already, I've imprinted on him MAJORLY and he'll be putty in my hands! His momma wanted absolutely nothing to do with him at all, and never recognized he was hers. She has perked up and ate and drank gallons of water! We just put her back out into her lot before we brought Radish inside! She was trotting and trowing her head feeling so good to get that baby out and get out of the barn. She is looking good, however the danger isnt past with her either.
I'll be back when I can in between feedings ever 2 - 3 hours, and feeding the boys.....prayers for this little guy are working!
Lisa- ANT FARM!!! How funny! I thought I'd die laughing! Yes dear I think your right! Liz , Norm said about your comment was that he probably doesnt have any batteries to make it work!


  1. Those babies can make you crazy! I hope he improves quickly. It is so easy to get attached to them.

  2. Radish is beautiful! Wow! I guess it's not any big surprise with the the mom. He's just got a smaller, better mommy to watch out for him. Lord, you are going to look like the Pied Piper with the animals following behind you now. Stay well and rested. You have more depending on you!

  3. Hi Christy!!! I'm already worn out and have a long night ahead! Feeding every 2 - 3 hours! I'm already attached to him, he better make it!
    Thanks Cathy, I got a nice mental image of me with many farm animals following! LOL I guess its better to be mom to many than mom to none! LOL Between him, King, Torro.....I'm already trying not to think about it all and how I'll fit them all in, or more like how will I fit my poor family in!!!!??? LOL it'll get done somehow....I could use some prayers too I'm sure! LOL

  4. Radish is so cute! And my, what a strange looking baby stroller you have there. I hope the little guy improves quickly and takes his first steps soon.

  5. Congrats on the new baby! Nice color. I thought that he looked a little deformed this morning when you posted the first pictures of him but I am sure that you are right he is just premature.

    I am not going to give you any advice because at a time like this sometimes too much advice is worse than no advice at all.

    Follow your instincts!

  6. Wow, what an ordeal! I am glad that the little guy is hanging in there and you are doing all that you can for him, he is blessed to have you! How premature do you think he is? Keep us posted on his progress. I hope his mom is okay, too!

  7. Rae you're doing everything right. It's hard I know to have to get him to feed standing up. Holding him up to feed is a good idea. Yes I've done that too brought calves into my kitchen and a foal into my house as well. Welcome to the Mad Bush Farm Club of big softies.LOL. Keep Georgia's milk supply up even with the anitbiotics in her that will help Radish no end. He is soo cute and he's lucky to have you as a fill in Mum. I'll keep an eye on your updates. If Radish doesn't improve get the vet out.

    Love and hugs and tell Norm I'll post him some batteries.LOL!


  8. I do so hope that all goes well with Radish - he looks such a sweet little thing. You are going to have your work cut out to rear him, so do hope all goes well. Keep us posted.

  9. Thanks guys for your comments! And good wishes! The Lord is hearing them and passing them along to my little guy!


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