Monday, March 09, 2009

14 Hours Old 10:30pm Last Update For The Night I'm Plum Tuckered!

This little guy finally stood for about 20 seconds on his own with only Norm and I steading him!
At 12 hours old he began nickering when he see's me!
His efforts wear him out! He is sucking much better drinking about 1/3 a cup of milk at a time every 2 hours or less.
I thought this blanket was more appropriat rather than the pink girly one I had on him!
Let me ask...are horses born with teeth?
He is progressing....not out of the woods, we wont say that for another 2 weeks. He is sucking much better but falls asleep like a little newborn does. We are keeping him warm, he is trying to stand more and sitting up better. But between him, Pepper, King, Jack, Georgia, Carrot, and fixing my boys their own supper...I need to go to bed for the next 2 hours until he wakes again! I'll update on this beauty tomorrow!
Night All!


  1. That is the perfect blanket for him! So cute! This one is going to be attached to your hip, I can tell! ;) Get some good rest!

  2. Awwww, bless his little heart! He sure is a trooper. Come on little guy, you can do it!

  3. Enjoying these updates. He is getting cuter everytime. That blanket is too cute. Makes him look like a little human baby. heehee Got a baby horse crib for this little guy? lol!

    Sure hope he gets stronger. Take care of yourself and get some rest.


  4. Oh that little horse Radish!
    RAE!!! I adore your heart for this little one! That blanket is just too cute!
    Hang in...we are praying for you'all!
    PS NO teeth yet

  5. I'm glad things are looking up. It sounds like you are exhausted!

  6. I don't know where the energy is coming from but you hang in there! He's a beautiful boy. You did want a another boy didn't you? 'Cause this one is definitely a Momma's Boy! He's going to be okay. He looks awesome.

  7. hmm I don't know if new horses have teeth - do they? he sure is cute!

  8. Hey there Rae,

    He is sooo cute. He thinks you're his mummy.LOL I hope everything is going better with him today and you're not too tired. No horses aren't born with teeth. They'll come through in a few weeks time. You and I are as bad as each other when it comes to babies. We'll take them into the house and stay up all night to make sure they come through. hang in there

    Lots and lots of love and hugs

  9. Thanks all for your encouragement! I thought that blanket did suit him better too! And Yes Lisa...he now has a crib! HA HA! And yes yes yes I'm glad he is a boy..I dont particuarly like mares attitudes! LOL in fact I like boy animals better in every kind....Yes Liz, I'm a terrible softie and I'll do what I have to and MAKE him make it! I'll do what I can! I dont take NO for an answer! Yes he is a little trooper and seems to have a lot of will and fire in him! I can think of many other names rather than Radish for him after seeing his tenasity (spelling?) but I will let Leah "think" he is hers...of cours your right, he'll be glued to my hip! And I'll love that too!


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