Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Good, The Bad..and then there is always the ugly! Hee hee

The good - I didn't have to go through the pain of having my toe re-broken and set! YEA!
The bad - I didn't have to go through the pain of having my toe re-broken and set! The break is in the joint of my big toe, nothing can be done
The Ugly - MY TOE! I will probably not be able to bend my big toe ever again! ( I'm feeling the loss already) *whine* and I'll surely get arthritis in it very early *covering forhead with arm dramatically*, and I have to wear a boot for the next few weeks or until it doesnt hurt no more and has healed on its own..or I can break it again! *now doing the Home Alone impersination!*
ahhhh only me.
I did get my anitibiotic for Whooping Cough...luckily I am showing no signs...praying it will stay that way too!
Well I really dont have a farm update except that Norm began laying fertilizer yesterday..had a new calf born from a heifer yesterday, and Giant is getting bigger by the minute!! ( I swear it looks like it!) he is eating soooo much its unreal! I think he would eat all day! Shelly I'll get a nice picture of Giant for ya! (Shelly is his Cow-God momma and won the name contest and a little surprise from me!)
Poor Douglas is coughing AGAIN! Gee I sure hope its not back!
I am So ready for a good month its not even funny!
I have a special post I'll do tonight, that I was supposed to do last night (Sorry DEE and MIYA!) I just havent been able to get pictures to blog about these two remarkable etsy sellers! But I'm doing a post all about them and their goody kindness!!!! Bear with me girls!
Okay off for now, will do my special post later and give a farm report!
Peace out my Peeps!
LOL I'm so stupid I know!


  1. take care of yourself and that toe!

  2. So sorry about the toe! You seem to be remarkably stoical about it. Don't let that giant calf stand on it is all I can say!

  3. Thanks guys! I'm being very careful to keep my toes away from any farm critters feet...even the cats! LOL


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