Monday, March 16, 2009

Mondays Farm Update and a Prayer Request...please read!

I have a prayer request for you all that is very important to me. I found out today that my Uncle Dale passed away on Tuesday March 10Th. PLEASE keep my Aunt Pat in your prayers. Dale and Pat have been married as long as I am old. She says she feels lost and I imagine she is completely lost right now, being as it was unexpected. They have had the type of love that many only dream about. This will be a rough time for her and she is far from the rest of her family. We haven't kept in touch like we should have through the years, though I loved both of them and thought of them A LOT. I have my own regrets now...but that isn't near as important as her needs at this moment. Pray for her to have guidance, support, love, and to find peace. She needs God with her right now and every prayer that can be said. Pat - I love you, I wish I could be with you right now, you say the word and I'm there!
Yesterday our calf count is at 71. I'm sure there will be a few more baby's to be found today! I tried yesterday to get some good videos of them playing..their antics are just too cute for words! But they were all being lazy hanging out with the babysitters and we must have come to check on them during nap time. Here is Torro this morning after I fed him. He was trying to break out of jail, but since he runs full speed ahead through the barn, I had to keep him in his stall while I worked with the horses.
Pepper was let out of the coop today, she immediately began to bathe...she has no modesty whatsoever. Funny little bird...I wonder how she will deal with several more poultry friends coming to the farm soon?
My dear boy - King is just worrying me too death with his feet! Farrier came and all his feet looked really good, he opened up the abscess which began to drain again. Norm had gone today to some people about buying Georgia (the mare who gave me my little Radish for 3 days). He asked her about the abscess and she said that the course of an abscess goes like this: Act like they are 3 legged for a few days...get better and back on 4 legs..then revert to being 3 legged again before it clears up. Norm picked up some more antibiotics, she suggested 3 days on and 2 days off and repeat the meds that way.
See how he is standing with his weight focused on his rear legs? He just moved forward a bit to change footing when I took this, but you can still see. My poor boy is hurting and I just wish I could make it better! But we are doing all we can...I just hope this doesn't get him down for good! I am a worry wart, and this is my first abscess experience so that doesn't help not knowing what to do and look for. What are your experiences with abscesses?
Here is a little video of my boy King eating some hay....I undid his lead and he wont move until I tell him too apparently....LOL he stood there for me to go to the house, come back, get his pen bedded down with fresh straw and put feed in his bucket, even nickered at me like "come on mom untie me so I can eat!".....he was....I had to lead him over to the gate..silly, but good boy he is! (well except for when he leans on me lately when I pick his hooves....grrrrrr.) I imagine though it hurts to have me pick them up when he stands on sore feet, and I'm sure his muscles ache like crazy. What is a good lineament to get for those achy muscles that you have found that works? The local TSC is full of different brands...hard to know what to choose!
Here are some videos of my boys this morning.....King and Jackabo aka Jack.


  1. My first experience with an absessed hoof ended terrible, we did everything we were told, but our little mare (3 years) ended up with tetanus, we think the vet we were using at the time, gave her a bad tetanus booster (all the things he gave us to clean her up with were past the exp date.), we lost her after a week long battle. However, with my riding mare (19 years), we did all the same things, but used a different vet (a better vet), I think we doctored her for around a month. She is back to normal now. So, to me it sounds like you are doing all things right, I am far from an expert though. As soon as you think you have something figured out, a horse likes to thow a wrench in your gears.
    Silverville, IN

  2. Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Gosh, Torro has grown. I'll pray for your Aunt.
    I love my soap but my dad took off with the loffa one. He's a soap lover. He loves it. Hannah and Katie love the honey/oatmeal. They all smell amazing.

  3. Praying here for your aunt, it's hard losing a loved one you've been married to for years.
    Hope your troll has finally gotten themselves a life.

  4. Hi Cathy! Torro is getting so big so fast! He no longer looks like a little buffalo! LOL He is a ball of energy! When I get him out to "play" with he runs and kicks non stop! you should feel how hard he butts me in the rear too! hehe! Funny little guy with tons of personality.
    I'm hoping I'm doing the right things for King...he wouldnt let me pick his right front foot up at all...I think the left one with the abscess is just too sore, so I couldnt get a look at it, we'll either really, he began to lean on me so bad I had to finally stop! I cant hold his big butt up! I know he is only doing it cause his front feet are so sore. But I let him out into a small lot for some sun and to get out of the barn, and its a little muddy so he'll HAVE to let me clean them tonight! No choice.
    I'm glad you liked your soap! I forgotten that I sent you the loofah.....did I throw that in or did you order it? As they say "The old grey mare just aint what she used to be.." I cant remember anything anymore! LOL
    Thanks for the compliment on the soaps..I do truly hope that you enjoyed them! Your dad, Hannah, and Katie!!!!!!!!! ;-)
    Thanks for the prayers for my aunt...she really needs them a lot, she is really lost right now.

  5. Hi Amy! Me too! I dont know why they want to cause trouble and drama...pretty silly if you ask me! Thanks for the prayers like I told Cathy, she really needs them and I am really grateful to each of you who will pray for her!

  6. I like the new look of things aorund here..noticed your nice smiling face on a new Profile pic at my blog too!
    Your video of Jack really cracked me up!!

    Well,if ther is anyone that may know that most about absesses and founder and anything hooves it would be :
    Other wiose known as: MRS. MOM

    I am praying for your Aunt my dear..that has to be the most difficult after loving for so long.
    Love ya's!!

  7. So sorry about your Aunt Pat. Prayers being said. :(

    Funny videos! Poor King. I hope he gets better soon....



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