Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I dont even know where to begin

*warning my pictures are not in any order! lol sorry about that! my post is actually at the bottom of my pictures its late and I'm too tired to organize it all!*
Here are some pictures taken since I last bloggedThis is Buck being worked in the Round Pen Norm built for us
Leah working Jack
This is a picture of a living roof taken while on our trip with Mari last Sunday to Bernheim Forest..if I could build a house any way I wanted my roof would look like this, other pictures from the day are on here too but like I said my pics are not in order
here is Chicory (formerly known as Babe - story is posted below)picture taken tonight
This is Lauren riding Buck, his first ride in over a year
this was also taken at Bernheim Forest, this little deer has been there since before my kids were born, he was shot in the eye by a hunter and has lived there his entire life, I have pictures of my kids with him over the years, it will be weird to go and him not be there one day
this is one of the coolest statues there at Bernheim, its titled "emerging"
This is my friend Mari who we went to Bernheim Forest with, yes, she is like me and always has her camera with her as well
Chicory (formerly known as Babe) is actually Peppers horse, she roosts with her, nests in her hay, and Chicory wont eat her hay if there is an egg there either
one of the many flowers at Bernheim Forest
Taken Last Saturday when Leah and I went riding through the farm
Bernheim Forest again
And again
Our farm
Same day, oh hey...I've lost 14 pounds since we've last talked!
And I'm still a nerd, couldnt loose that unfortunately!

My view Saturday from my horse
Doug got him a squirrel last Saturday when he went hunting with my dad
my ride on My Boy King tonight -

We have had 4 fogs so far this month....4 snows this year then....hmmm we'll see.
This is Jasper, Mari's new kitten who showed up one day
Douglas climbing a hill of shale at Bernheim last Sunday
Leah working with Chicory flexing
Leah and Lauren taking Chicory and Buck out for a ride, Buck's very first ride thru the farm..he did well and only spooked once
Me tonight - notice my little trail friend will see him in every ride set of pics...he is always with us
Yeah so I wore my shorts to ride..So?
Doug working on his balance in the round pen on Chicory
Lauren working with Buck
Okay now onto my post
It's been so long since I've posted I have no idea where to start.
Not too much has gone on as far as farm work...well I mean the planting and plowing kind of work. Norm has been busy bush hogging and mowing and getting equipment ready for harvest.
Douglas turned 11 on July 20th, he had his friends over from school along with family and friends of ours for a cookout.
Leah had her best friend come for 10 days and they worked with Buck riding him for the first time in a year. Not to mention riding each and every day. Norm got us a round pen fixed up! WOW what a difference that has made!
I've been riding a lot, HEAVEN!
Jack - What a total 2 year old he has become. He can get out of anything and we have to come just short of pad locking his stall to keep him in, should have named him Houdini. He is also a thief. His newest game is to run off with things out of the barn, luckily he drops them before he gets to far.
King - Wow in just over a year My Boy has come so far. He came back to me a very withdrawn, inward closed off horse, to a horse that now seeks me out, calls for me, and wants my attention AND affection. Yesterday I couldn't get him to leave the barn when I turned them out. This was the first time that has ever happened. He hung around while I cleaned stalls, I was literally bumping into him the whole time. He let me hug all over his neck laying his head on my shoulder. He and I have really bonded strongly. I'm very proud of the progress I have made with My Boy.
Babe - Well the first major change is her name. Leah and I have ALWAYS hated her name...she is far from an OX..she is a small dainty legged mare....and Babe is so generic..and Amy was kind enough to point out to me that it reminded her of that pig Babe...LOL thanks I have decided to name her after my favorite flower which happens to be a field flower that covers our fields here in a beautiful periwinkle...Chicory! So you wont hear me refer to her as Babe any longer!
So Chicory's progress is really coming a long. See when I sold King to this guy I also sold Chicory to, he was already closed off to humans, so when I got him back, no different. But when I got Chicory back ( formerly known as Babe) she was different. I didn't want to see it at first, and no matter how granny she may get some day she will always be beautiful in my eyes...but I could see the diff. in her even if I didnt want to admit it. The happiness in her eyes was gone. Her coat was dull, burnt, her eyes, were dull and far away life less, and she was thin.
no pep in her step. We had to practically chase her to catch her, she didnt trust us at all. But in the few months she has been back "home" with me. She is waiting at the barn each morning, she never turns her head from me, she lets me give her kisses, her coat is slick, shiny and black, her mane and tail are coming in thick, and her poor pitiful forlock is growing finally, and her eyes, those beautiful eyes I remembered are back. She has that pep again and on our last ride I had to hold her back and made her mind she wasnt a dead head!!!!!!!
I have more to much has gone those of you who read my personal blog I'm gonna do a post tomorrow...if you dont read it and want to let me's about why I haven't been able to blog lately.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures! I've missed you all a lot and I dont know how I'll ever catch up, but I'll try!
~*~ Rae~*~