Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Farm Report and Comments for Friends

~*~FIRST DAY OF SPRING~*~Finally! Spring is here, new grass is peaking through the brown and grey, sun is shining bright and all the farm animals are out sunning and feeling good!
I didn't get any pictures of the humongous calf until this morning. In the picture below you can see how big his head is..Norm wears a size 10.
This next picture shows the difference in height between him and 4 week old Torro! Granite Torro was a twin so he was born smaller than a full term calf, but he is 4 weeks old now and bigger than a newborn-full term calf now. Humongo stands about 4 inches taller than him.Here he is next to me. And this is the picture that I think best shows his size!
Just some more pics I took this morning:So taking a poll! I'm gonna let you all name him! So leave me a comment and Monday I'll have the kids pull a name out of the hat by random!
Let me answer some questions over the last few days that some of you left.
Weaver - your right, the larger the herd the more problems...however! The problem we have had with cows calving and getting their backs down hill this year (4 total) is not common! Mostly this happens with a young heifer who doesn't know how to pick a good spot to calve. We have had 3 older, experienced cows do that this year though! Only one youngster! Why the number of complications this year from that we don't know....hopefully this wont be a trend! With our number its common to loose a few calves a year from stillbirth, maybe a prolapse, or born a dummy calf (which the large calf we are now feeding is). Cow loss is most mainly due to old age. Its usually the heifers that have the most trouble with calving. This year though the old girls seem to be the trouble. Normally, there isn't the amount of trouble during calving season as we have had this year! I am going to blame it all on Liz over at Goings on at the mad bush farm! I believe she is right, we have Mad Bushitis! LOL We have had a mad farm so far this year! More going on than I sometimes care to report! LOL But hey maybe someone can learn from all the experiences that we have had this year. I on the other hand hope that the complications our girls have had are over!
These are the heifer calves that will be calving next spring...lets wish them all good luck! They are a nice gentle bunch of calves and hopefully have some smarts about them too!Yes I do believe that my toe is indeed broken. My first broken bone! I should wear it like a badge, but it still hurts so bad! I do fine when I'm off my feet, except for sleeping, I have been getting it tangled in the blankets and that really hurts! But today I'm walking better, I can apply pressure to the left side of my foot more, but not on the ball of my foot or my toe. Oh well....I said earlier that one thing I've learned from that experience is to wear steel toed boots....but Lisa corrected me!
Here is her comment:
Awwwww, poor you! That musta hurt! But don't hold yourself to blame for not wearing steel toed boots around horses (do cowboys wear steel toed cowboy boots? No.) Wanna know why?Because they can sometimes cause a worse injury than just a horse hoof on a regular boot.I know a guy who was wearing steel toe boots to do some work on a barn (he builds them) and while doing his stuff a horse came over and stepped on his wasn't even all that hard. But the steel bent down in towards his foot and severed two of his toes!!If he had not been wearing the steel toed boots he'd have only had some swelling and bruising...and at the worst a broken toe. Now he only has 3 toes on one foot. He says he will never work around horses in steel toed boots again.
Point well taken Lisa! I will now correct my lesson learned to wearing a GOOD boot! I'd rather have 10 broken toes than not having all 10 toes!!!! Thanks for pointing that out to me!!!I let King out of the barn today after being cooped up for a week. I had to keep him off of soft and rocky ground so that hoof will heal. He is limping a lot...BUT I saw today that the abscess has come through the top of his hoof at his cornet band....I didn't know it would come out that high, but its draining good this morning! So I think after 4 weeks of trying to mend him that we are finally over the worse of this. I applied some Black Diamond Liniment (click HERE to purchase and read about Black Diamond)
Black Diamond Liniment is a wonder/cure all! It has been used for years on animals and then people. It brings the soreness out of a bruise, heals cuts and wounds in record time, and even gets rid of zits! LOL Active Ingredients are Turpentine, Fractions, linseed oil, Camphor, Oil of Eucalyptus. We use it all the time for us and why I didn't think of using it for King sooner I dont know...he has had 3 doses of Black Diamond applied to his abscess and it already in that short amount of time caused it to come to the surface and drain. I applied more today to the new place on his hoof where it is draining. Norms family has been using this stuff for years...his Pap used to say that when applying it on a horse, use a feather. Thats how little you need for this stuff to do its job. Its amazing stuff! And I didn't know this until today but its made here in Kentucky! I've been putting it on my toe and my foot where its bruised and it brings the soreness out within 10 minutes and it lasts for a long time! I really recommend that you get some of this and have it around your home and barn!!
King was enjoying getting out in the sunshine and nibbling on the grass! It should do his spirit good and that alone will make him feel better!
I tried to leave some comments for everyone but my Internet stinks and wouldnt let me! That aggravates me so much! So here it goes!
Pony Girl -I loved your pink and green theme today, but more than that I loved looking at those precious baby pictures of your Boy! I know it had to have been love at first sight!
Gin -I'll try to get over this weekend and take a look at that vest you've made! With this broken toe I've got I dont know how much I'll get out!
Weaver - What a neat and clever idea!!!!! I cant wait to see how this turns out! Click this link HERE to read more about Weavers project! I think this is really intriguing and I think I might try this out! Looks like we have matching tractors!
Amy - I bet your horse-loving daughter loved seeing that horse roaming the street! Glad it was caught though before the poor horse got hurt! Your photos this morning are beautiful! I need to begin my daily walks! Since warmer weather is here I have no excuse to stay in the house and not exercise!
Spinner - How great you were able to get back in the saddle again! I'm happy that you wernt too sore either! Little Angus sounds like a happy little calf! We have to keep our bottle fed's in a stall unless we are with them..the road is too close, and with so many cows calving he'll just end up in the bunch and hard to track down! I try to let him out in his own little lot to run and play, usually they have a playmate with another calf or the dog...Dontcha love to watch them play!!!??
Good luck with Calico and Paris...cant wait to see Calico's baby! And hopefully Paris's too!
Elaine - Has time really passed long enough for those puppies to find new homes??? Awwww you'll surely miss those furry little faces, but I can bet that you'll also be glad to send them off to a new home and enjoy the peace! LOL
Jennifer - That coop is looking awesome! I get to start on mine as soon as my toe feels better.
I LOVE the raptors, especially hawks! We have them everywhere around here, but they have never bothered my song birds at my feeders (crossing fingers that they continue to stay away!)
your hawk looks to me to be a Coopers Hawk, more than a Sharp Shinned...the later usually has a more grey color to their feathers and the breast is usually whiter than the coopers.....I've been lucky to actually hold a Coopers Hawk before and your picture definitely looks like the one that I was so lucky to be so close too. But like ya said, hard to tell at this angle.
Lisa - WOW! I've never seen anything like that rattler! LOL Thats really cool! And yes typical boy to have to be king of the hill! OUCH! whats with making yourself miserable girl! LOL That sunburn looks miserable! Your just a gluten for punishment! (kidding you!) Baby Doll looks a lot like my Jack....and its so cute to see how the whole farm come to the gate to look for you when you call! Surely they are missing you!
Peggy - I love your new header picture! So when does Kuma's family get back? I bet he misses them a bunch..but he'll probably miss you tons when he has to leave all his new friends!
Kacy - I just loved your post " My world with a horse"! LOVELY! And that grooming stone...its awesome isnt it! I use them too on my horses and I've not found anything that works better at getting those hairs they are shedding and mud/hair clumps out either! The Wonder Stone! And its so much cheaper than the rest of that stuff out there! Call me when you get a chance, or should I say when you get off your horse long enough to make a call! LOL ( again that little green eyed monster is coming out int me! he hehe!)
Karen - Your not the first to tell me that your husband has stole your goat milk products! LOL Yes I can do Sandalwood ! I'll drop you an email and let you know when I can mail it out! Thanks again for the order! Happy Birthday to Cow Boy! What an adorable name for your pooch! Again that little green monster is emerging each time I look at that beautiful landscape you and Colt get to see on each ride! I'm gonna HAVE to get my butt out west and visit! Norm tells me that if he wins the lottery (fat chance) that we'll get a big ranch out west! Oh to dream!
Cathy - Glad to see the bunch is rounding the corner on good health! LOL You sound like me with the teasing..I tell Doug that the gypsies left him on my doorstep! Of course when he is sick I too feel like telling him I'd like to sell him to the gypsies! HA HA. We had Doug's doctor apt. yesterday to get his test results to see if he had Whooping Cough or not and they werent back in another day home from school...we are driving each other crazy!
Country Girl - I only wish I could keep up with you! You are one wonder woman!
Christy - That is one of the cutest header pictures I've seen yet! How much fun Logan must have with those new babies! That looks like a Dogwood.....wonder what everyone else said?Cant wait to see the new sheep!
And last but certainly not least Liz - Thanks for giving us Mad Bushitis! LOL I didn't realize Micha was so big! LOl I forgot he was a bull I reckon! I bet the girls are sad to see him's hard, we just sold 2 of my favorite bulls, both Marchigiana's and they were sweet, quiet, and nice looking bulls - Oh well, they kept throwing white calves and they just dont sell very well around here!
Okay off to put my sore foot up, I've been on it all morning and its now swollen and blue...and not to mention hurts! Ouchy is right Liz! LOL
Talk soon...may be off for the weekend, my daughter will be home and we usually have a full weekend when she is home!
Have a good First Day of Spring!


  1. He's gorgeous!! First name that popped into my mind is 'Giant'. Many years ago we had a television show here called 'Gladiators' and one of the Gladiators was a real big guy - not weighty but huge in muscles. When I saw the new guy - 'Giant' popped into my head.

    Beutiful photos. I'm glad King is on the mend.

    Sorry about your toe. Ouch!!!


  2. One year all our heifers had difficulty calving - we put it down to the Limousin bull we had used, who was a bif fella. Anyway - better luck with the next batch.
    What about calling the calf Mungo?

  3. Great to read your updates and replies. I'm glad that King's foot is draining and doing better.
    So have you really used the Black Diamond on acne? My boys at 12 are already geting a few popping up (no pun intended. ick). I'll have to look for this around here first. If I can't find it local then I'll check out that link.

    That is one huge calf. And so cute!

    My name ideas are:

    Obsidian (Sid for short)
    Black Diamond
    Oil Slick (Slick for short)
    Chocolate Chip (Chip for short)


  4. So my famous disease has indeed carried. Yes you have contracted Madbushitis. I told those migratory birds to send it over.LOL. On the bull that was Big Micah little Micah's Dad the short stuff you see in the photos is till here causing little trouble at the moment. As for your monster calf..he's a big boy. Love Norms boot on his head. Well a name you might already have as in Humongo? Lisa's suggestions are cool too or call him Arnie after Arnold the Governor of California. he was good as the Terminator. Loved the first two movies the last one well sucked. Conan perhaps? And a broken bone there girl ouchy ouchy...liniment is really good. Oh well I'.m going to go off now and create some more Madbushitis virus.

    Love and hugs

  5. I like black Diamond and Black Berry. I'm glad king is doing better but ouch on your foot. I'd say take it easy but there's no real way to do that when you have a farm. I love that pic of Pepper. She looks so sassy.

  6. The calfs always look so beautiful but I know how much hard work they are - our lambs are due any day, we have about 230 pregnant ewes.

    Loved looking at your pictures. I like the name Bonny (boy), a double meaning (from where I come from) of having beauty and being rounded - in other words, big!

    CJ xx

  7. Okay, I had to look at that disease name twice because the first time I did NOT read it as saying, Madbushitis. I just won't even say what I thought that said lol! Either way it's hilarious!

    I won't attempt to help with the naming, I am no good at naming animals.

    Sorry to hear about your toe.
    Take care,

  8. HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That was so funny reading your comments IN-Your Post!
    Well..I actually have been working..yea i do that occasionally so!
    I played hooky(humm never spelled that b-4)well took the day off yesterday to go to a Horse Expo we have here in Oregon..venders + food stuffs+ horse clinics+ foodstuffs again+ seminars+ food stuffs+ training..yes more foodstuffs! I spent and ate and there is a song in my head....I think you should call your calf this name now!!! "BIG JOHN"! It was in a horse seminar as background music.
    He is a hugo-o-calf!

    Glad you found a wonder cure all...I may not try it with the turpentine..I am far too Oraganic..yea, not quite granola but turpentine! I Just could NOT girlfreind!!
    I may sponteaneously burst into flames!

    I WILL call you tomorrow,after church!

  9. Hi there, looks like you've been busy! Oh my sorry about that toe of've had your fair share of stuff lately! It's gotta ache! How about Titanic for the calf name or Cowabunga.....only it needs to be Cowabunda!LOL! Hope you had a great weekend and try to stay off that you can! Luanne

  10. ok some names for the new cute little guy:


    hmm I'll try to think of some more

  11. Great Suggestions!!!! The winner has been chosen stop by my blog today and see who it is! I didn't tell anyone but there is a surprise being mailed to the winner!!!!!!

  12. Lisa - YES it does work on Acne!!!!!!!!!! You just dab a little bit on the spot and it heals in just a couple days, overnight it reduces redness and swelling, and brings the pimple to a head! Awesome stuff! I think you can only get it online, at least around here anyway (which is crazy the stuff is made here in Ky! go figure!)
    Kacy - turpentine is actually has manyhealing properties! I've often heard of using it on a horses frog to clear up thrush..there isnt enough to harm you in anyway..the eucalyptus oil is the majority in the linement. must give it a try! i've been putting it on my toe, or when we get a cut or scrape and it draws the pain out and reduces swelling and bruising!


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