Sunday, March 01, 2009

Foal Patrol!

We are officially on Foal patrol! I'm guessing within the next 48 hours!
Georgia has been laying down ALL day, her bag is full and taut, and all the signs are right!
I'll keep ya updated! I'll post again tonight!
Keep your fingers crossed!
Here is what Liz told me to look for! Thanks a bunch Liz!
24 hours before she foals her udder should
start to wax up - she'll have milk dripping from it. About a week
before she'll pick a place and stay there a lot. She'll foal in that
place. Her rump muscles either side of her tail will start to slacken
same as a cow does. Her opening will start to swell and soften as well
about 48 hours before she's due to foal. Most mares foal in the very
early morning. There's an old saying. A watched mare never foals - she
will - just keep an eye but don't bother her too much. If she goes into
labour and is longer than a couple of hours ring the vet she'll need


  1. So exciting!! I'll be keeping 'watch', too!

    Here's to an easy uneventful labir and delivery with a healthy beautiful foal!


  2. ooops! I'm really not uneducated...I meant to type LABOR. hehe

  3. Hey there Rae! Oh that is sooo cool!!! She'll be fine. Sometimes mares will lie down a lot before they start labour. If Georgia has picked her spot I'd say things are moving. I'll go with Lisa on the here's to an easy uneventful birth for Georgia and her baby and for the watchful Homan Grandma to be!LOL

    Lots of love and hugs

  4. OO! I want a webcam trained on her! I've only seen one born on tv and that was All Creatures years ago. I bet you aren't going to sleep a wink until it's all over and done with. It's so exciting....

  5. Cathy I wish so much I had a live cam running to the house so I could check her! It would be alot better than running to the barn in this cold! I've brought her into the barn, the ground is so wet our in her lot. She has a big area to foal in and its clean, dry, and padded with straw! Grandma! Ha HA HA Liz! I'm not supposed to be a grandma of any type yet! LOL Dont worry Lisa, I type faster than my brain things and make typos all the time!


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