Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sudsy Saturday....

Have ya'll ever had one of "those days" that seem to last ALL week?
Well if so- you know where I'm coming from!
BLAH! Is the only word I can think of to describe my mood right now.
Well at least my toe is feeling better - as long as I wear the boot..if not...OUCHY! LOL I try not to say too much about it so ya'll dont think I'm too whiny...but I really am. If the shoe fits....
I have gotten some things done the last few days...only a drop in the bucket...but at least its something. Funny thing is, everyone I have spoken too the last 3 days has said they too feel YUCK/BLAH and non-motivated! So I guess I'm not alone!
I have been doing price comparison "online window shopping" for my soap supplies. I'm out of EVERYTHING! I did manage to get my Homemade Laundry Powder perfected and made! WOO HOO! I'm very pleased! So far I've only made it scented with "LOVE SPELL" Victoria Secret Type...which happens to be my FAVORITE of all my EO and FO's! I have much more to make, but yet again...I'm out of supplies for that too! Figures. I made 12 lip balm pots.....Peppermint! Yummy!
Finally got out and about today..visiting my sweet friend Tina whom I hadn't seen in a few months, and out with Norm to check the cattle. As you can see above they all seemed happy and content today! Lots of little baby's running and romping around..popping up like pop corn! (Hey there is a cartoon for ya Liz! After we checked cattle I got some shots of my MIL Magnolia Tree.
She's got two beautiful ones in her front lawn..I just love when they bloom! I took plenty more shots, but I'm gonna post the others on my photography blog next week.
They remind me of the Asian Art with the Cherry Blossoms! So pretty!
Douglas is visiting with his father until Wed. morning, so its pretty quiet around here today. After making the laundry powder and lip balms, I worked on my labels and I'm very very pleased with how they turned out! (Thanks Libby for the tips!)
I'm about out of ink too....see I'm out of supplies!
My Boy's are doing well....King barely has a limp at all..Jack is ornery as always, and both are content that grass is growing! I havent done much with them, okay,NOTHING with them since I broke my toe. I'm terrified that they will step on it! Its my right leg, the side they walk on...I'll have to brave it out in a day or two regardless and check hooves.
I'm not stressing out like I was before over how much I need to order for my soaps and such. Thanks AGAIN Libby - you have been a life-line for me and a wonderful teacher! I LOVE YOU GIRL!


  1. Yea...I am in the BLAW MOOOD has been soo cold and misty-drenchy-rainy all day. I found out that my husband did a HUGO- NO -NO yesterday and he waited till last night to call me from Milwaukee Ill. He is there with the Army band doing a gig till tomorrow.
    he overdrafted our checking account by SOOOO MUCH!! Just to save face with the boys he put a airline ticket and car rental on it becuase he couldn't find the Army card they use for those things.
    HE MESSSSEDDD UP and I am depressed with how to get out ot it??

  2. I'm in a blah mood here because it seems that summer never seems to end and I am SO ready for cooler weather. btw cherry trees are the best thing about spring :-)

  3. Ooooohhhhh, thanks for sharing the Magnolia trees in bloom....I REALLY MISS THEM! That's the KY I know and love! Glad to hear your toe is better! Some day's the blah's are just gonna be there...we've had lots of rain overnight! So ready for spring. Did you have a chance to get to the websites I gave you on trainers? Sounds like you've been busy ordering supplies! LOL! Someday I'll check out your soaps! Have a relaxing day!

  4. Gorgeous Blooms! It just snowed here over night- anxiously waiting for our own blooms. :-)


  5. Amy is an Autumn girl I'm a Summer gal!LOL A cartoon about calves popping like popcorn? Oh don't tempt me...Love the magnolias I used to have them back at my old place. Glad King is doing better. Hope you are too with that busted toe. How's Georgia by the way I hope she is recovering as well. Calves..groan. July is usually when the Dairy calves here in NZ start coming I want anymore...NO!

  6. Good to hear from you. You sound good...very busy. I'm tired just reading. lol!
    That Magnolia tree is amazing. We had them in SC and the didn't bloom until late April. You must be getting some really warm weather there.

    The baby cows are so numerous and cute!

    I hope your blahs go away soon.


  7. Kac - I know that must have been a pain, but I also know you'll get it straightened out! Just try not to hurt him when he gets home! haha
    Amy I'm total opposite..I dread winter give me hot and humid any day! I NEED the sunshine!
    Luanne - I hate the blahs, but seems like several people I have talked too have felt the same..when those fronts come in it seems to affect people! Glad you got to see that Magnolia! They are one of my favorite.
    jennifer..I'm praying we are done with snow, but Ky weather is very unpredictable!
    King and I both are doing much long as I'm careful with my toe! Yes keep doing your cartoons! I enjoy them so much!
    We actually sold Georgia..she isnt rideable and in fact the people who bought her said she was absolutly crazy and they have delt in horses their whole lives its their lively hood!
    Thanks Lisa..I too hope that you are feeling good and healing!!!!!


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