Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photography Challenges, I've been long winded today so read on!

I participate in a photography challenge each week. Visit my Photography Journal to view my photos. I'm working on adding every ones links who participate on my side bar, but I haven't gotten there yet!
You can view and join the challenge each week by visiting THE SUNDAY STILLS CHALLENGE. Anyone can participate, most of us are all beginners, and its just fun and a great learning experience! If anything stop by and see what wonderful photos we come up with each week posted on Sundays!


  1. OK ms Rae I think I would like to do the challenge too. Sounds like fun. Are you planning on going up to the BEST meet in Louisville? I'll drive if you want to go.

  2. The Sunday Stills challenge sounds fun....I think when I get my new camera, I might try it! :)

  3. Well that photo is superb for a start - and you say you are a beginnner? Do hope you are back to "normal" now (if that word is ever the right one to use in farming!

  4. Yes Mari! I am going in April! We can car-pool! I hope you will join the challenge! ITS SO MUCH FUN!
    Pony Girl you try too!!! You'll have a blast!
    Hi there Weaver...Normal??? Your right nothing in farming is normal eh? LOL I'm getting back on track....take a hit and keep on going yaknow?


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