Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catchin up.....

Evening everyone!
I was under the weather all day yesterday...clogged head and a fever...yuck..but I sure feel better today! YEA!
I've been working all day in my Artfire shop adding new products. I cant wait until tomorrow! I get to order my supplies that I am all out of! BIG YEA!
In fact I've literally worked all day listing items, it takes me forever since I have dial up, BUT good news! The DSL people were working today to install my DSL!
As my picture says tonight is the last night for you to enter in my giveaway! So if you havent entered do so NOW!
Shelly I promise to get those pictures of Giant for ya! I didn't get out except to feed yesterday and I didn't get him outside at all! But if the weather is nice tomorrow I will for sure!
In fact I've realized I've not taken a single animal picture this week! Yes its only Tuesday..but still usually by now my camera is full! ;-o
Kacy and Luanne I know you are wondering when in the world I'm gonna get back to your email - hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning! I havent forgotten ya!
Kacy - also thanks for the call today - its always a joy to talk to you!!!
Well I've written on my personal Blog tonight....so if your subscribed to it, the update wont show on your computer since its private...but you can just click on "its all from the heart" My personal blog on the right of this post, or HERE! I somehow deleted a few emails that asked for permission...email me again and I'll add you..and I apologize for the mistake!
I'm also updating my Soap Blog tonight and I'll announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow!
I hope all is well with you and yours! I'll catch up with everyone and I hope to have a more interesting blog post tomorrow...lifes been a little dull since I hurt my toe (which by the way is feeling tons better!)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silent Sunday

Yesterday's storm rolling in...tornado warnings the whole kit-n-kaboodle.
Not feeling well today...will blog tomorrow!
I'm also posting tomorrow in my private blog - Its all from the heart...so those of you who are following take a looksey tomorrow and those who would like to read a little more about who I am..let me know I'll send you the invite!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sudsy Saturday....

Have ya'll ever had one of "those days" that seem to last ALL week?
Well if so- you know where I'm coming from!
BLAH! Is the only word I can think of to describe my mood right now.
Well at least my toe is feeling better - as long as I wear the boot..if not...OUCHY! LOL I try not to say too much about it so ya'll dont think I'm too whiny...but I really am. If the shoe fits....
I have gotten some things done the last few days...only a drop in the bucket...but at least its something. Funny thing is, everyone I have spoken too the last 3 days has said they too feel YUCK/BLAH and non-motivated! So I guess I'm not alone!
I have been doing price comparison "online window shopping" for my soap supplies. I'm out of EVERYTHING! I did manage to get my Homemade Laundry Powder perfected and made! WOO HOO! I'm very pleased! So far I've only made it scented with "LOVE SPELL" Victoria Secret Type...which happens to be my FAVORITE of all my EO and FO's! I have much more to make, but yet again...I'm out of supplies for that too! Figures. I made 12 lip balm pots.....Peppermint! Yummy!
Finally got out and about today..visiting my sweet friend Tina whom I hadn't seen in a few months, and out with Norm to check the cattle. As you can see above they all seemed happy and content today! Lots of little baby's running and romping around..popping up like pop corn! (Hey there is a cartoon for ya Liz! After we checked cattle I got some shots of my MIL Magnolia Tree.
She's got two beautiful ones in her front lawn..I just love when they bloom! I took plenty more shots, but I'm gonna post the others on my photography blog next week.
They remind me of the Asian Art with the Cherry Blossoms! So pretty!
Douglas is visiting with his father until Wed. morning, so its pretty quiet around here today. After making the laundry powder and lip balms, I worked on my labels and I'm very very pleased with how they turned out! (Thanks Libby for the tips!)
I'm about out of ink too....see I'm out of supplies!
My Boy's are doing well....King barely has a limp at all..Jack is ornery as always, and both are content that grass is growing! I havent done much with them, okay,NOTHING with them since I broke my toe. I'm terrified that they will step on it! Its my right leg, the side they walk on...I'll have to brave it out in a day or two regardless and check hooves.
I'm not stressing out like I was before over how much I need to order for my soaps and such. Thanks AGAIN Libby - you have been a life-line for me and a wonderful teacher! I LOVE YOU GIRL!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour - my Friday post is after this one!

March 28, 2009, 8:30 pm local time (TOMORROW!)
World Wildlife Fund is asking
individuals, businesses, governments and organizations
around the world to
turn off their lights for one hour – Earth Hour –
to make a global statement
of concern about climate change
and to demonstrate commitment to finding solutions.
How many of you plan on participating???

Friday Farm Report - Earth Hour - Etsy Sale, etc.

Rain is forcasted again for today...I'm not complaining, farmers always need rain...but it does nothing for my motivation or mood! Yesterday was one of those days - got absolutely NOTHING accomplished at all. I'm going to try to make today a much better day. This rain has put a "damper" on my photo challenge this week too. Kinda hard to get a really nice landscape photo. (which is our challenge this week)
Weaver had a wonderful post yesterday listing the things she was grateful for. It really spoke to me, because when I first started my blog long ago I used to do an "Attitude of Gratitude" once a week to list things that I was grateful for that happened during the week. She has inspired me to revisit my thankful heart. I'm not going to do that today..but on Sundays when the week is completely over. I look forward to doing that again! I need to keep myself in check and take the time to thank God for the wonderful blessings in my life. So thanks Weaver for watering that seed I planted LONG long ago! I think its great to remind ourselves of what we are thankful for and it lets people into your world a little more!
My sweet friend Libby makes handmade soaps, clothing and laundry powder and sells on Artfire and Etsy like I do. She is having a MAJOR sale in her Artfire shop on all of her products. EVERYTHING is 40% off! So take a look at what she's got to offer! She makes all Vegan products, her soap is to die for! I've ordered from her since hers is so different than mine. Goat Milk soap is more of a light creamy lather...hers is super bubbly! LOL great benefits from both kinds! My good friend Mari also buys her laundry soap from her and claims its totally AWESOME! I've been wanting to get some myself (I'm still perfecting mine...argh! My soap is softer so it doesnt come out right...more work in that area, guess I'll have to harden my soaps for the laundry powder) So check her out! And let your friends know too! Click HERE to visit her store! Click HERE to check out her blog - she just posted pictures of the most adorable little girl I've ever seen (her sweetie Maylee)- next to my own of course! LOL
My toe - well it has really hurt the last couple of days...probably the rain. I'm disgusted that the doctor said nothing can be done..he barely only looked at it and is one of those who rushes in and rushes out in 20 seconds. I'm wanting to get a second opinion. I think if my joint can be lined up it would heal better. As it is..the top joint is pushed way to the right side of my toe...I cant (and probably will never be able to bend it) but who knows if I dont get a second opinion. My whole foot hurts, not just the toe...the stupid doctor didnt even want an X-ray even though i asked him about it. I'm not going back there ever again. The same office misdiagnosed Douglas 2x with his Whooping Cough and the doc he saw didnt even want to test him for it!!! As highly contagious as that is, the school HAS to know if he is positive! Its a requirement when exposed to it! The Health Department who handles infectious diseases was pretty put out and said they were going to due a phone call to the doctor and his office for not following protocol.
So I'm actually trying not to whine too much...though this past week thats about ALL I've wanted to do. I've gotten NOTHING accomplished, I have NO motivation or desire to do ANYTHING! I HATE DAYS LIKE THIS!
I'd really like to take a fun motivating vacation..like visiting out west....New Zealand...New Mexico....visit my horse-loving friends and ride all day! Camping...ANYTHING! I got the itch. I want someone around SO badly who I could ride with every day it makes me sick. I do have a wonderful friend Susan who said I can come ride when I want....after I get a helmet (which I'm looking for now) I'm gonna take her up on her offer and try to ride as much as I can each week, if she'll have me.
Fridays Farm Report
King is doing very well...I'm only barley seeing a limp! YEA! Now if only the heifers would finish calving in the pasture here behind the house I can put the boys back into that field and out of the more wet one they are in now. I want to keep those abscesses away. Kacy and I were talking and why it never occurred to me I dont know, but King's hooves are all white...which means they are softer than the dark hooves. And since his lot is wet right now...its probably the cause of his abscess!! DUH! Why didn't I think of that sooner! I havent worked with my boys, groomed, nothing, for a few days...so today I'm hoping I'll get some things done here in the house (since I did NOTHING all day yesterday) and can get out and do some grooming and work with Jack. Everyone else is the same...Bella and Buck are the lovebirds of the bunch so much so, when they were here at the house with King we had to send Bella over to the other pasture with Molly and Georgia because she wouldnt let us get our hands on him!!!! She was a pill and very soured. Well darn it..they have connected again!.grrrrr. Thats okay! They are going to be in for a surprise when they get taken back to 1st grade and get some of the kinks out of them. Bella's worse problem is how barn sour she is. Of course its really not her fault. When we got her last year we also purchased the gelding that she has ALWAYS been with, never rode without. He of course wasnt happy with the change and threw Norm into a pond as soon as he got on him. He went back needless to say..which was a shame he was a beautiful gelding and had such a nice gait. So really Bella doesnt know any better....but she'll learn!!! LOL She is so bad, she bolts back to the barn as soon as she is out of sight...cant have that happen someone will get hurt.
Molly - just good old even tempered Molly! The only trouble she gives us is when she's being shod. I'm still really hoping I can get a round pen built...I need one so badly, its not a want - it is a need so that i can exercise these guys and get ground work done with them, teaching them manners and respect. They are horses, they need to work.
Giant is doing well, growing fast, and a fast eater..thinking maybe he may need more to eat in a day than little Torro. I'm going to start giving him an extra bottle in the middle of the day and see how he does. Both him and Torro are going to be started on calf feed today (Norm in case I forget we are out I think of the good calf feed!) and hay too. Giant will learn to eat with Torro showing him. You wanna hear something funny! In order to teach Oliver and Annie (my first two bottle fed calves - RIP my Oliver :-( ) Leah and I had to mimic a cow eating hay. Lord it must have been the funniest thing to see...but they viewed us as momma, and calves learn by mimicry. It only took us a few times (cause those calves were just awesome little bovines!) getting down on all fours with a pile of hay in front of us and pretending to eat.....didn't take them long at all and they were eating hay and calf feed like the big boys (and girls). It was the only way they would get it figured out, we tried all we could think of before we played "cow". Hey - you do what you got when your all they got! As I told you after Oliver died..We learned A LOT from him.
Kacy - you wanted to know about the "Fart Tax" as Liz, Amy and I refer to it as? Go HERE to my blog posting to read more. I read in Farm World that now those who have been crying "TAX" is back pedaling. They are reporting that this isn't what has been proposed. Farmers all over the US have been in an uproar and speaking out against any kind of taxing like this. the Fart Tax would put MANY MANY farmers out of business. Using us as an example..if the tax went through it would cost us (with a herd of 150) $10,000 dollars a year just to have cattle! There is no way to recoup that loss.
Calf Count
As of yesterday we have 82 little bundles of joy running and romping around! Since I broke my toe I havent been out and about on the farm...I do miss seeing them! Baby animals of any kind just give me the warm fuzzies!
Norm laid the first bit of fertilizer down in the field across the street from the house. He still has many acres to fertilize and the time will come soon to plant in end of April, first of May - trying to be finished the 1st of June.
The garden this year will be done in two places. The veggies that need steady water, like bell peppers, tomatoes, watermelons, etc. are going to be planted here at the house along side the flower garden I intend to do this year. We have a humongous piles of branches that the Ice storm brought down to burn first. I need to get everything outlined soon though so I know what and where I want to plant.
The plan this year is to get anywhere from 10 - 20 chickens. The outbuilding we have here by the house is what we are turning into a coop. The floor is a mess, its full of junk, and needs an overhaul. The worse part of it will be cleaning it all out. For that Norm is getting our "adopted son" Neil and the real McCoy - Douglas to clean it out. Wont take them but a couple hours to get it ready for us to lay the new flooring and walls. We are covering the old floor thats full of holes from the raccoons with plywood, and the walls with plywood and some white roofing metal. It wont take much to get it in order, its just the matter of starting on it! I really hope that next week, since my toe is feeling a bit better we can begin. I'm planning on getting Chickens just ready to lay, and a few chicks as well.
Well....I dont know really how thats coming along. Norm said he is trying to figure out where we are going to keep them. I now have the Goat Registry, and a new goat sale has begun about 45 minutes away the 4th Thursday of every month. I'm intent though on purchasing them from a farmer/breeder though to ensure a good quality milker. HOWEVER where we live..there just are not any!!! I'm so disgusted about that, so we may have to resort to the goat sale.
I do know what to look for as far as health and conformation, etc, so maybe we will get lucky if we have to use the sale.
That's all for now! I'll visit you later after I get some house cleaning done! Have a great day all!
"Poverty cannot deprive us of many consolations. It cannot rob us of the affection we have for each other, or degrade us in our own opinion, of in that of any person, whose opinion we ought to value."-Ann Radcliffe

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Some great goodies I recieved and Wed. Farm Report

April Showers bring May Flowers.....
Today has been a really boring day here on the farm. Its been either raining or drizzling...blah. But we'll need the rain for planting...crossing fingers its going to be a good year.
No big news on the furry farm critters.
I've been going over my inventory of the supplies I need for my soap making. Making a list and checking it twice. I'm going to make the following for a craft show on May 5th and for my shops:
  1. soap (of course) in designer frangrances
  2. gardners salves
  3. lip balms
  4. perfume sticks (designer fragrances)
  5. body butters
  6. lotion bars
  7. lotion sticks
  8. solid pet shampoo bars
  9. bath salts
  10. salt scrubs
  11. bath bombs

What product would you be more inclined to buy?

Douglas has began coughing hard again - wondering if he has caught that dang Whooping Cough again...the cough will linger for a long time, but it had gotten better...he didn't feel good all day. In fact his asthma has been bothering him alot today and he is wheezy. May have to do another doctor visit! bummer.

Thats about all the farm info to blog about. I've been reading Farm World about the said "Fart Tax" (cow tax for those of you who arent familiar with it...they basically want to tax farmers per head of cattle a tax because their farts pollute the air...I'll write about that more tomorrow. Then i was reading about raising goats over cattle..interesting..again tomorrow.
But I do want to blog about some really great people!
Do any of you Plurk? It's like twitter, but better...its a chat forum..you really must check it out! GO HERE to join..maybe we can "talk" sometime!
I had sent some soaps to a Co-op in Covington Ky...and did so-so. I had to price them high since the co-op took 40% out of the price, I got 60%
Miya who is on my Etsy team got out of the Co-op and she sent me my unsold soaps. I told her to take a few bars for herself as a thanks for giving me the opportunity to sell my soaps in her co-op. She sent me back some wonderful surprise goodies! I was so excited and happy when I opened my package and found them!
She sent me an awesome purse she made!
An adorable box made of records that have been molded into a gift box, with a little grey fuzzy soft scarf tucked inside!
What a talented crafter! You really should check out her Etsy shop!!!!!!! Shes a wonderful sweet woman and very good at what she does!
Next to tell you about another one of my favorite Etsy sellers is Dee with 3DeesPlace.
She is a very talented Crocheting crafter!
I had ordered from her a custom ordered scarf, hat and gloves!
I got them and was so happy with her work and the way that she was so happy to do a custom order and really worked with what I wanted and was wonderful to do business with!
Another great shop on Etsy you should visit sometime! I'll be shopping again with her soon..she has a little coin purse that matches my purse that Miya sent me!!!!
Okay...I need something sweet to eat...looks like its fruit loops, dont have anything else sweet in the house!
nite all!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Good, The Bad..and then there is always the ugly! Hee hee

The good - I didn't have to go through the pain of having my toe re-broken and set! YEA!
The bad - I didn't have to go through the pain of having my toe re-broken and set! The break is in the joint of my big toe, nothing can be done
The Ugly - MY TOE! I will probably not be able to bend my big toe ever again! ( I'm feeling the loss already) *whine* and I'll surely get arthritis in it very early *covering forhead with arm dramatically*, and I have to wear a boot for the next few weeks or until it doesnt hurt no more and has healed on its own..or I can break it again! *now doing the Home Alone impersination!*
ahhhh only me.
I did get my anitibiotic for Whooping Cough...luckily I am showing no signs...praying it will stay that way too!
Well I really dont have a farm update except that Norm began laying fertilizer yesterday..had a new calf born from a heifer yesterday, and Giant is getting bigger by the minute!! ( I swear it looks like it!) he is eating soooo much its unreal! I think he would eat all day! Shelly I'll get a nice picture of Giant for ya! (Shelly is his Cow-God momma and won the name contest and a little surprise from me!)
Poor Douglas is coughing AGAIN! Gee I sure hope its not back!
I am So ready for a good month its not even funny!
I have a special post I'll do tonight, that I was supposed to do last night (Sorry DEE and MIYA!) I just havent been able to get pictures to blog about these two remarkable etsy sellers! But I'm doing a post all about them and their goody kindness!!!! Bear with me girls!
Okay off for now, will do my special post later and give a farm report!
Peace out my Peeps!
LOL I'm so stupid I know!

There is a winner and surprise for the one who named my giant calf!!

And what I didn't tell anyone was that I'm sending the winner a surprise from my soap shop!
Here were the entries!
Prince...Humungo...Goliath...Arnie (as in The Terminator)...Onyx...Midnight...Ink...Ebony...
Big John...Titantic...Black Diamond...Black Berry...Blackberry...Giant...Cowabunga...Forrest...
Mungo...Derek...Obsidian ( ?)...Oil Slick (Slick for short)...Bonny (Boy meaning having beauty
and well rounded)...Chocolate Chip (Chip for short)...Conan...
Some great suggestions!!!!!
But the winner who was chosen at random by a drawing is......(drum roll)......
GIANT submitted by SHELLY!!!! WOO HOO! Shelly send me your email address and be expecting a little surprise in the mail!!! My email is on my profile!
I'll blog later today...got lots to do..and the worse is seeing the doctor about my toe..my guess is it will have to be reset...I'm so dreading that I can't even put it into words, I have to do some work in my shops, home, I could go on and on. I gave the blog a face lift...it was taking some of you too long to download! How do ya like the new look?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Giveaway! - Last day is today to win an Etsy promotion kit!

Bisou Bisou Beads

Click on the picture above to enter into the giveaway to win a kit -how-to build and sucessful Etsy shop!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Silent Sunday

Be sure to stop my the SUNDAY STILL'S PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE to view some great photo's taken this week. You can view MINE HERE!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Farm Report and Comments for Friends

~*~FIRST DAY OF SPRING~*~Finally! Spring is here, new grass is peaking through the brown and grey, sun is shining bright and all the farm animals are out sunning and feeling good!
I didn't get any pictures of the humongous calf until this morning. In the picture below you can see how big his head is..Norm wears a size 10.
This next picture shows the difference in height between him and 4 week old Torro! Granite Torro was a twin so he was born smaller than a full term calf, but he is 4 weeks old now and bigger than a newborn-full term calf now. Humongo stands about 4 inches taller than him.Here he is next to me. And this is the picture that I think best shows his size!
Just some more pics I took this morning:So taking a poll! I'm gonna let you all name him! So leave me a comment and Monday I'll have the kids pull a name out of the hat by random!
Let me answer some questions over the last few days that some of you left.
Weaver - your right, the larger the herd the more problems...however! The problem we have had with cows calving and getting their backs down hill this year (4 total) is not common! Mostly this happens with a young heifer who doesn't know how to pick a good spot to calve. We have had 3 older, experienced cows do that this year though! Only one youngster! Why the number of complications this year from that we don't know....hopefully this wont be a trend! With our number its common to loose a few calves a year from stillbirth, maybe a prolapse, or born a dummy calf (which the large calf we are now feeding is). Cow loss is most mainly due to old age. Its usually the heifers that have the most trouble with calving. This year though the old girls seem to be the trouble. Normally, there isn't the amount of trouble during calving season as we have had this year! I am going to blame it all on Liz over at Goings on at the mad bush farm! I believe she is right, we have Mad Bushitis! LOL We have had a mad farm so far this year! More going on than I sometimes care to report! LOL But hey maybe someone can learn from all the experiences that we have had this year. I on the other hand hope that the complications our girls have had are over!
These are the heifer calves that will be calving next spring...lets wish them all good luck! They are a nice gentle bunch of calves and hopefully have some smarts about them too!Yes I do believe that my toe is indeed broken. My first broken bone! I should wear it like a badge, but it still hurts so bad! I do fine when I'm off my feet, except for sleeping, I have been getting it tangled in the blankets and that really hurts! But today I'm walking better, I can apply pressure to the left side of my foot more, but not on the ball of my foot or my toe. Oh well....I said earlier that one thing I've learned from that experience is to wear steel toed boots....but Lisa corrected me!
Here is her comment:
Awwwww, poor you! That musta hurt! But don't hold yourself to blame for not wearing steel toed boots around horses (do cowboys wear steel toed cowboy boots? No.) Wanna know why?Because they can sometimes cause a worse injury than just a horse hoof on a regular boot.I know a guy who was wearing steel toe boots to do some work on a barn (he builds them) and while doing his stuff a horse came over and stepped on his foot...it wasn't even all that hard. But the steel bent down in towards his foot and severed two of his toes!!If he had not been wearing the steel toed boots he'd have only had some swelling and bruising...and at the worst a broken toe. Now he only has 3 toes on one foot. He says he will never work around horses in steel toed boots again.
Point well taken Lisa! I will now correct my lesson learned to wearing a GOOD boot! I'd rather have 10 broken toes than not having all 10 toes!!!! Thanks for pointing that out to me!!!I let King out of the barn today after being cooped up for a week. I had to keep him off of soft and rocky ground so that hoof will heal. He is limping a lot...BUT I saw today that the abscess has come through the top of his hoof at his cornet band....I didn't know it would come out that high, but its draining good this morning! So I think after 4 weeks of trying to mend him that we are finally over the worse of this. I applied some Black Diamond Liniment (click HERE to purchase and read about Black Diamond)
Black Diamond Liniment is a wonder/cure all! It has been used for years on animals and then people. It brings the soreness out of a bruise, heals cuts and wounds in record time, and even gets rid of zits! LOL Active Ingredients are Turpentine, Fractions, linseed oil, Camphor, Oil of Eucalyptus. We use it all the time for us and why I didn't think of using it for King sooner I dont know...he has had 3 doses of Black Diamond applied to his abscess and it already in that short amount of time caused it to come to the surface and drain. I applied more today to the new place on his hoof where it is draining. Norms family has been using this stuff for years...his Pap used to say that when applying it on a horse, use a feather. Thats how little you need for this stuff to do its job. Its amazing stuff! And I didn't know this until today but its made here in Kentucky! I've been putting it on my toe and my foot where its bruised and it brings the soreness out within 10 minutes and it lasts for a long time! I really recommend that you get some of this and have it around your home and barn!!
King was enjoying getting out in the sunshine and nibbling on the grass! It should do his spirit good and that alone will make him feel better!
I tried to leave some comments for everyone but my Internet stinks and wouldnt let me! That aggravates me so much! So here it goes!
Pony Girl -I loved your pink and green theme today, but more than that I loved looking at those precious baby pictures of your Boy! I know it had to have been love at first sight!
Gin -I'll try to get over this weekend and take a look at that vest you've made! With this broken toe I've got I dont know how much I'll get out!
Weaver - What a neat and clever idea!!!!! I cant wait to see how this turns out! Click this link HERE to read more about Weavers project! I think this is really intriguing and I think I might try this out! Looks like we have matching tractors!
Amy - I bet your horse-loving daughter loved seeing that horse roaming the street! Glad it was caught though before the poor horse got hurt! Your photos this morning are beautiful! I need to begin my daily walks! Since warmer weather is here I have no excuse to stay in the house and not exercise!
Spinner - How great you were able to get back in the saddle again! I'm happy that you wernt too sore either! Little Angus sounds like a happy little calf! We have to keep our bottle fed's in a stall unless we are with them..the road is too close, and with so many cows calving he'll just end up in the bunch and hard to track down! I try to let him out in his own little lot to run and play, usually they have a playmate with another calf or the dog...Dontcha love to watch them play!!!??
Good luck with Calico and Paris...cant wait to see Calico's baby! And hopefully Paris's too!
Elaine - Has time really passed long enough for those puppies to find new homes??? Awwww you'll surely miss those furry little faces, but I can bet that you'll also be glad to send them off to a new home and enjoy the peace! LOL
Jennifer - That coop is looking awesome! I get to start on mine as soon as my toe feels better.
I LOVE the raptors, especially hawks! We have them everywhere around here, but they have never bothered my song birds at my feeders (crossing fingers that they continue to stay away!)
your hawk looks to me to be a Coopers Hawk, more than a Sharp Shinned...the later usually has a more grey color to their feathers and the breast is usually whiter than the coopers.....I've been lucky to actually hold a Coopers Hawk before and your picture definitely looks like the one that I was so lucky to be so close too. But like ya said, hard to tell at this angle.
Lisa - WOW! I've never seen anything like that rattler! LOL Thats really cool! And yes typical boy to have to be king of the hill! OUCH! whats with making yourself miserable girl! LOL That sunburn looks miserable! Your just a gluten for punishment! (kidding you!) Baby Doll looks a lot like my Jack....and its so cute to see how the whole farm come to the gate to look for you when you call! Surely they are missing you!
Peggy - I love your new header picture! So when does Kuma's family get back? I bet he misses them a bunch..but he'll probably miss you tons when he has to leave all his new friends!
Kacy - I just loved your post " My world with a horse"! LOVELY! And that grooming stone...its awesome isnt it! I use them too on my horses and I've not found anything that works better at getting those hairs they are shedding and mud/hair clumps out either! The Wonder Stone! And its so much cheaper than the rest of that stuff out there! Call me when you get a chance, or should I say when you get off your horse long enough to make a call! LOL ( again that little green eyed monster is coming out int me! he hehe!)
Karen - Your not the first to tell me that your husband has stole your goat milk products! LOL Yes I can do Sandalwood ! I'll drop you an email and let you know when I can mail it out! Thanks again for the order! Happy Birthday to Cow Boy! What an adorable name for your pooch! Again that little green monster is emerging each time I look at that beautiful landscape you and Colt get to see on each ride! I'm gonna HAVE to get my butt out west and visit! Norm tells me that if he wins the lottery (fat chance) that we'll get a big ranch out west! Oh to dream!
Cathy - Glad to see the bunch is rounding the corner on good health! LOL You sound like me with the teasing..I tell Doug that the gypsies left him on my doorstep! Of course when he is sick I too feel like telling him I'd like to sell him to the gypsies! HA HA. We had Doug's doctor apt. yesterday to get his test results to see if he had Whooping Cough or not and they werent back in yet...so another day home from school...we are driving each other crazy!
Country Girl - I only wish I could keep up with you! You are one wonder woman!
Christy - That is one of the cutest header pictures I've seen yet! How much fun Logan must have with those new babies! That looks like a Dogwood.....wonder what everyone else said?Cant wait to see the new sheep!
And last but certainly not least Liz - Thanks for giving us Mad Bushitis! LOL I didn't realize Micha was so big! LOl I forgot he was a bull I reckon! I bet the girls are sad to see him go.....it's hard, we just sold 2 of my favorite bulls, both Marchigiana's and they were sweet, quiet, and nice looking bulls - Oh well, they kept throwing white calves and they just dont sell very well around here!
Okay off to put my sore foot up, I've been on it all morning and its now swollen and blue...and not to mention hurts! Ouchy is right Liz! LOL
Talk soon...may be off for the weekend, my daughter will be home and we usually have a full weekend when she is home!
Have a good First Day of Spring!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Add me to the list!

Of those with recent horse related injuries!
Tuesday evening I was going through my routine with King and his hooves trying to get him well and walking. I was cleaning feet, and he was very well behaved, he was no longer standing on his haunches and was walking with less of a limp. All went well until i got to his last hoof, his right rear and he tried to pull away...no problem, but he also began to lean all his weight into me and I couldn't hold him up and keep his hoof in my hand. His leg slipped from me and stomped down on my big toe! OUCH! I took my muck boots off and found my foot and toe already swelling and turning purple...I hobbled back up to the house mumbling some unsightly words and got iced up. Number one lesson when working with a large animal...WEAR STEAL TOED BOOTS! Lesson learned.
So today I'm still limping around, it does feel better, as long as I stay off of it! But the minute I limp around it begins to swell and throb and hurt like non-other. Oh well...I should have known better huh? A big DUR moment for me!
This has been quite a week, one that I'm glad is ending tomorrow! LOL
Tuesday took Douglas back to the doctor, he was only getting worse with his coughing and then I learn there has been a few confirmed cases of Whooping Cough. So he got tested and couldn't return back to school until we knew for sure. We had an appointment today to get his test results and guess what???? THEY WERN'T IN YET! So Douglas has to stay home one more day (he's already driving me crazy about how he misses his girlfriend) to be sure that if he does have Whooping Cough he wont be contagious. Students can't return to school until they have had a full 5 days on an antibiotic. Today he is much better. Not coughing much and slept good over all last night.
This morning didn't start out good either (did I mention that we are gonna be happy when this week ends?) Norm called and a cow got her back downhill calving. This is the 4th time this year that our girls have had this problem!!! What are they thinking????? When he got to her, the calf was born and she had prolapsed. Vet couldn't get out here right then, they were two vets short today and couldn't make it til lunch time. When he arrived they had to put more than her uterus in, her intestines and all had come out. She got shot up with major meds and sewn together. The really sad thing about this cow...she is one of our favorites! She was born here on the farm (like all of them) but when she was a calf she would stick her tongue out and wag it up and down. When Norm and Dean (his dad) first saw her they thought she had something caught in her throat. But when they inspected her there was nothing wrong. She just like to wag her tongue! And she does to this day! She is so funny and I've tried to get her on tape..but of course animals dont perform when you want them too. Norm said after they sewed her up this cow did her little tongue wag....therefore making her the cow we call "waggles". This is terrible! Now we will have to sell her cause she can never calve again without prolapsing! *sniff sniff*
Her calf....OMG....This calf is a monster! I kid you not! I cant believe how big this calf is! Hs rump stands as high as my waste! About 3 or 4 inches above what a normal size calf is! His head is huge and its so funny to see this giant calf who is as big or bigger than those that are a month old, stubble around learning to walk! But he is a fighter! When Norm went to get him to bring him here to the barn to be Torro's cellmate, he took off running! Norm could barley carry him! Wow is all I can say. I'm gonna get his picture tonight and post it...totally crazy!
I hope tonight I can get caught up on every ones blogs! It really hurts to have my foot not propped up and to walk so I havent come over here to the computer since it happened. And after driving around town to get Doug to his doctor appointment and to pick up some colostrum for the new calf, my entire foot and calf hurts. So I'm gonna hop of here and hop back to my chair! I'll catch up on everyone soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to tell when a cow is going to calve

~*~*~*please read my earlier post I have a special prayer request!!!*~*~*~*~
Okay, several people have come to my site searching in their google search for "how to tell if a cow is going to calve". So here is what I know, learned from Norm....Norm may need to fill in the blanks but I think I've got this one! I hope I haven't forgotten anything and have been complete with my information.
Signs that a cow is getting ready to calve:
  • It is hard to tell sometimes unless you know what your looking for! One of the first signs is that her bag (udder) has become full, tight, and swollen. However in a young heifer...that may not be present until after her calf is born, and we have had older cows do the same. There is always an exception to every rule.
  • She will "Spring" which means her vulva has become very loose.
  • Then you will notice a cow apart from the rest of her herd. She will probably choose some wooded area to have her baby since she knows that her new calf will be more protected there, if it is available. She will probably set out to find a spot to calve several hours before she actually gives birth. However every cow is different, the older the cow, the easier it is to calve (generally) and she seems to know when its close and time to go off from the herd.
  • Calving is generally very quick and seldom needs assistance ( will go into that in a minute)
  • Right before calving you will notice her standing, almost humped over, with her tail held out straight or upwards with a slight bend.
  • She will be very restless, laying down and getting up off and on as if she is becoming uncomfortable.
  • you will first see her water bag..a kind of white/yellow bag full of fluid, sometimes you wont find this until it breaks and she will have her hind end and legs covered in this fluid. (some cows will still walk around and graze at this point...usually the more experience ones do that sometimes.
  • Her bag might not break until the calf has started to come. She will very soon lay down and begin contractions and pushing.
  • You will first see hooves appear, they should be pointed downward. If not then the baby is breech and will need assistance.
  • The calf should come quickly usually within 10 minutes.
  • Almost immediately the cow will get up from her laying down position. And begin to clean her baby, Usually her water bag breaks in the process of giving birth, if not she should go to the head first, sometimes they will get confused and begin at the tail. A calf can suffocate if the membrane is not removed from his head. But I suggest you DO NOT approach the cow once that baby is born....you may end up in the mud as mud. Some cows are very docile and seem to know if they or the calf need help. We have carried many tot he barn in our arms with momma following behind calmly right at your elbow. Our cows however have all grown up here and know us as well as we know them. We do get cows where we have to get them quickly and have momma follow (usually at a dead run) behind a pick up or 4-wheeler....if you have to do this, make sure she can see her calf or she will get confused and go back to where she had him.
  • This goes under complications.
  • Mom will keep her calf hidden and away from the herd for several days, sometimes for a week, until he is bigger and can walk well.
  • A calf should suck within 6 - 8 hours to absorb the colostrum that will give him the antibiotics he needs to make it. you can tell if a calf has sucked, her teats will be slick and shiny and the hair around the teat at the top on her belly will be kinda curled around. (cant think of another way to describe that)
  • Complications. you should call your vet if you are new to cattle...most farmers can handle a lot of these complications themselves
  • The calf coming breech....hooves up. Cows can have them breech but often have trouble, if you have caught the cow in the beginning of labor, walk her to the barn and into a chute to pull the calf if needed.
  • Prolapse..which is where the cows uterus comes with the calf. You should then push her Uterus back into the cow, after washing with warm water with iodine. The Uterus will often not stay in the cow, and then she must be sewn to keep the Uterus closed. She will have this problem with each calf...do not breed her after that she is best sold.
  • One hoof. the calf has probably got his head over her cervix and she will not be able to have him, she is best put into the barn in a chute and the baby will need to be pushed back in the cow and positioned correctly. You will need to reach in and feel for the head, hold your hand over the hooves so as not to tear her bag, and try to get his head positioned to be able to pull the calf...again call your vet.
  • Too large calf. This usually mostly happens in a heifer (a first time calver) The calf runs a really high risk of being still born due to the fact that the cow has probably taken too long to have the baby. She risks become paralyzed, and even death. Sometimes you can pull the calf...which brings her at a high risk for a prolapse.
  • More often than not a calf too large is born dead from suffocation, or developmental problems, and could be caused by a bull that produces big calves. - Call your vet if you can, you probably wont catch this until its almost too late....you will have to pull this calf on the spot.
  • No hooves showing, just a nose...this means the legs are folded back and the cow cannot have the calf this way..you will have to secure her and position the calf by entering in with your hand flat against the calf's head and gently push him back and then reach for the legs and try to bring them forward, careful to hold your hand over the hooves...most often a vet need to be there to perform a C-section, you risk not only loosing the calf, but the cow also.
  • twins! Yes they do have twins, though most farmers we have talked to don't get them very often. Usually its the bull that throws the twins. last year we got 6 sets of twins, which is highly unusual! Problems arise when only one is born and the other is stuck or breech, mom doesn't have time to clean the mucosa off the calf's head and he ends up suffocating. Watch your cow often...usually a calf is up on his feet within 2 hours nursing. A lot of times she only recognizes the first calf born, and the other is rejected and left there. Sometimes its immediate if she is going to reject the calf, sometimes its days later. both calves must be observed sucking. If you don't see both with her, you must bring the orphan in and bottle feed him (giving him colostrum if within 6 hours) or powdered milk or goats milk. You will find instructions on the bag of milk.
  • Any calf you have to get your hands on and mom is having trouble, you should place some iodine on the calves umbilical chord to prevent infection and tetanus.
  • The only other complication is a twisted uterine...a lot of times cow and calf are lost..a Vet should be involved if available.
  • Oh! A calf born still born, we had a case this year where the calf had died within the cow (probably due to a deformation of the brain, twisted uterus, infection within womb,too large, not developed correctly) We had to pull the calf immediately because the cow had her back down hill (a cow cannot get up if her back is down hill,,, with in 20 - 30 minutes she will bloat and die from the gas build up. you must pull the calf quickly and pull her off that incline and sitting up) After we pulled a very large calf from her (born dead) she immediately prolapsed...luckily we had the Vet present (he is always quick to get here usually within 10 minutes - He's great!)
  • Pulling a calf isn't really a hard thing to do..the best scenario is to have the cow into the barn with her head in a chute. You can try pulling by hand if you feel the calf has just began to come...but its hard! There are a couple ways to pull, usually with chains that are placed above the calves hooves ( you might need to go in to place the chains around them just feel from the hoof back and tighten the chains and pull..there is a poll that the chains can be attached to and it cranks slowly with gradual continual pressure( or quickly if needed (but not recommended quickly) Once the calf is born, put iodine on his naval...you are to immediately clear his airways, possibly placing your fingers in his nose to clear, his mouth and we go on and clear his ears. We then take the calf into a stall, with the rest of the membrane on him, and let the cow go to him, make sure she sees where you place him, let her out of the chute and she will usually go right to him, if not you'll need to herd her in the stall. Watch quietly from afar to make sure she claims her baby by cleaning him (if you had to pull she may be really tired and wait a few until she cleans him) she usually does this right away. Then check back to make sure he is up and sucking within 6 hours.
  • When you go to watch a cow calve...she really should be left a lone to do it on your own, go away and come back, best to not let her see you, she will then want to get up and find a new place to calve. When you are watching a cow after pulling the calf...leave her alone, don't let her see you.
  • A cow is often very protective of her calf, especially when first born...she can be very dangerous. we have had them try to attack us when they are in the stall and all we did was walk into the barn to throw her some hay over. So its best to be prepared and have the hay and some water in the pen as soon as you can and just leave her alone. Usually after a few days you can let them out if you are sure she has taken to him and he has sucked and standing strong. She then should have calmed down..but be on guard!
  • The calf is sometimes too small to follow her out of the stall...she generally goes on out and leaves him if you've placed any food or hay..or not! You'll have to quickly get that calf out of the barn and into the lot where she is...at this time she can still be very dangerous.
  • Once she is reunited with her herd, she calms down and will let you by in a vehicle like a 4-wheeler, tractor or truck. I would not advise walking into a field of cows with baby's present....but again it depends on your cows temperament.

One word of advice, and the BEST advice we can give you on building your herd...if you plan on building a herd, but them from a farmer that is selling part or all of his herd..he will be able to give you history on the cattle, if any disease has been present such as Johannes, or blue tongue, and the temperament of the cattle, he will be able to tell you which calves may have an attitude problem.

DO NOT buy a bunch of cows, or single cows, from a cattle sale. Remember this, they are being sold for a reason!!!!!!!!!!! They are either sick, rank attitude and dangerous,unable to calve, have prolapsed, never breed...etc etc etc.

As I said all of our cows are born and die of old age here on the farm...we know them, we DO NOT keep any cow with a bad attitude or difficult to deal with, we sell them right away. Cows are actually smart creatures, sensitive of change, and if they know you and you learn how to approach them, they will quietly do whats asked. We never holler at our cows or hit them with anything. quiet is the best way They are gentle animals, be respectful and gentle with them. Always keep one eye on them...they have a fight or flight reaction if they begin to get nervous or fearful, they are way bigger than you and can hurt you.

We suggest you know your cattle, learn body language and how they think...you will do yourself and the cows good if you learn to think like a cow. Sit and observe at a distance....you'll learn a lot.

We also suggest that during calving season (try to have your herd in with the bull at the same time its easier to know when they are going to calve) you check your cattle in the morning and before dark - we have found 4 or 5 pm a good time, you'll then have enough daylight if you need to assist you cow.

Want to know more about dispositions, and how a cow thinks, let me know I'll try to answer your questions...leave me a comment!!!...with Norms help I'm sure..and if there is something I've missed I'll update this with the words of wisdom from Norm who has grown up working cattle, and has 38 years of experience and learned from his dad and grandfather, who learned from their dads and grandfather, etc......its good to have someone help you out or there for a quick phone call to ask a question...no question is a dumb question! And don't panic...remain calm!! Animals KNOW when you are scared or are panicking! They will react to that with the same emotions!

Mondays Farm Update and a Prayer Request...please read!

I have a prayer request for you all that is very important to me. I found out today that my Uncle Dale passed away on Tuesday March 10Th. PLEASE keep my Aunt Pat in your prayers. Dale and Pat have been married as long as I am old. She says she feels lost and I imagine she is completely lost right now, being as it was unexpected. They have had the type of love that many only dream about. This will be a rough time for her and she is far from the rest of her family. We haven't kept in touch like we should have through the years, though I loved both of them and thought of them A LOT. I have my own regrets now...but that isn't near as important as her needs at this moment. Pray for her to have guidance, support, love, and to find peace. She needs God with her right now and every prayer that can be said. Pat - I love you, I wish I could be with you right now, you say the word and I'm there!
Yesterday our calf count is at 71. I'm sure there will be a few more baby's to be found today! I tried yesterday to get some good videos of them playing..their antics are just too cute for words! But they were all being lazy hanging out with the babysitters and we must have come to check on them during nap time. Here is Torro this morning after I fed him. He was trying to break out of jail, but since he runs full speed ahead through the barn, I had to keep him in his stall while I worked with the horses.
Pepper was let out of the coop today, she immediately began to bathe...she has no modesty whatsoever. Funny little bird...I wonder how she will deal with several more poultry friends coming to the farm soon?
My dear boy - King is just worrying me too death with his feet! Farrier came and all his feet looked really good, he opened up the abscess which began to drain again. Norm had gone today to some people about buying Georgia (the mare who gave me my little Radish for 3 days). He asked her about the abscess and she said that the course of an abscess goes like this: Act like they are 3 legged for a few days...get better and back on 4 legs..then revert to being 3 legged again before it clears up. Norm picked up some more antibiotics, she suggested 3 days on and 2 days off and repeat the meds that way.
See how he is standing with his weight focused on his rear legs? He just moved forward a bit to change footing when I took this, but you can still see. My poor boy is hurting and I just wish I could make it better! But we are doing all we can...I just hope this doesn't get him down for good! I am a worry wart, and this is my first abscess experience so that doesn't help not knowing what to do and look for. What are your experiences with abscesses?
Here is a little video of my boy King eating some hay....I undid his lead and he wont move until I tell him too apparently....LOL he stood there for me to go to the house, come back, get his pen bedded down with fresh straw and put feed in his bucket, even nickered at me like "come on mom untie me so I can eat!".....he was....I had to lead him over to the gate..silly, but good boy he is! (well except for when he leans on me lately when I pick his hooves....grrrrrr.) I imagine though it hurts to have me pick them up when he stands on sore feet, and I'm sure his muscles ache like crazy. What is a good lineament to get for those achy muscles that you have found that works? The local TSC is full of different brands...hard to know what to choose!
Here are some videos of my boys this morning.....King and Jackabo aka Jack.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My response "from Cowboy Jerry" concerning permission to use Cow Psycology - Anonymous, please read!

I really want to thank Mr. Davis for replying so quickly to my email. We really respect his methods and observations with cattle. Truly a REAL cowboy! I cant wait to see what else he so eloquently writes in the future! I sincerely thank you for your reply!
Here is his response in its entirety at the bottom of this post.
***( I don't think I need to say anything else to Mrs. Anonymous, except that imitating someone, commenting, and taking cheap shots at me for malicious intent is about as low as you can get. You obviously think I'm an idiot....I do know who you are, and if your so interested in my life, keep on reading, I don't have anything to hide and I don't care, but your nasty childish comments wont be tolerated. Your true colors will eventually shine through to the rest of the world and respect will be lost by behavior such as imitating Mr. Davis on my blog, and your adolescent behavior. As is has been unfairly and falsly said to me I now would like to pass this comment to you "The decision of truth is yours" ***)
Mr. Davis - you are first class in my book! Keep on sharing your wisdom with the world! And sincerest thanks for your permission! Click HERE to view Cow Psycology and other writings!
From: Jerry Davis
Date: 3/15/2009 9:54:44 AM
To: Wilmoth Farms
Subject: Re: Cow psychology permission to use


You have my permission to use the Cow Psychology writing on your site. It is copyrighted and is to be used only with written permission and used for non-profit purposes and with proper credit given. ( DONE) I wrote it to help ranchers and farmers understand cattle and their ways. I have heard from many ranchers, especially new to the business about how these writings have helped them in working with cattle. We use these methods and understandings to work with cattle on my ranch and it makes a lot of difference in the attitude of the cattle. smile. Cattle are a lot smarter and more sensitive than people sometimes give them credit for.

Jerry Davis
Davis Elm Creek Ranch
1202 CR 380
Rising Star, TX 76471

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Photography Challenges, I've been long winded today so read on!

I participate in a photography challenge each week. Visit my Photography Journal to view my photos. I'm working on adding every ones links who participate on my side bar, but I haven't gotten there yet!
You can view and join the challenge each week by visiting THE SUNDAY STILLS CHALLENGE. Anyone can participate, most of us are all beginners, and its just fun and a great learning experience! If anything stop by and see what wonderful photos we come up with each week posted on Sundays!

Riding Brahma Bulls, Training a colt, and I did 3 posts today! So read on!

Do you remember awhile back when I mentioned that Leah and I talked about riding cattle? Its actually not uncommon, especially in European countries.
I was watching Ag Lifestyles on RFD TV the other day about a cowboy named Blake Goode who has been taught by the legendary Leon Adams how to break, train, and ride Brahma Bulls. he chose that breed because of their pleasing appearance, their known nature to be a little "bullish". He also has teams of horses in his acts. He performs specialty acts at rodeos, horse shows and clinics, for the president, Bruce Springsteen, and Bon Jovi to name a few. He tells stories within his acts, jumping, and riding Roman Style (which is standing on the backs of these bulls).
This cowboy is phenomenal!
Here is his website and you can watch some videos on Utube Here. You really must check him out!
I have also been recording Chris Cox, Down Under Horsemanship, and a few others. Chris Cox did a two week show on starting you colt. I really got a lot of information, and I was pleased that I've started Jack with many of the techniques that he does!!! I just started out small, getting him used to throwing the lead rope on his back and all over his body, familiarizing him with the blanket, teaching him to release on his hindquarters, which is the beginning of lunging, leading, head shy, picking up hooves and picking them, and trying to work with him about invading my space, which I learned some about that today!
I truly love watching these TV shows! I keep on learning a lot each time I do!
Okay gonna go eat some Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream...and maybe hit the hay early tonight.
Oh - Josh (my farrier) came out today to trim King, and he took a look at his hooves since he came up lame again! I've been really worried about my boy and this lameness. (I also have understood this past week what it means to be "horse poor"!!!)
He opened up the abscess again and it needed to drain. He didn't think I needed to take him to the Vet just yet, but if in a day or two then we should. He said that its very possible the abscess didn't have enough time to drain before the Vet packed it, or maybe should have been cleaned and packed sooner than we thought. It's always a learning experience.
He is walking somewhat better tonight, but I dont like how he leans on his hindquarters a lot. Both front feet were sore today, the other one without the abscess possibly bruised and sore from using it to support the front of his weight.
Will keep a close eye and take him to the Vet if this isnt cleared up in a couple days.
Okay now to the freezer for my treat!

Some bleeding heart is propsing a Cow Tax Bill...good greif

Farmers have always gotten the short end of the deal. Feeding is expensive, grain cost more than ever to sow and harvest, buying it from someone is outrageous. Vaccinations, Vet, supplies, hay, silage, it all adds up. I wont even go into dairy's! They have to have such sanitized conditions, they feed WAY more silage, hay and grain than beef cattle, hired hands, how about your own labor? The cattle market has slipped during this so-called recession (some of which I think would go away if its not talked about so much, people panic, stop buying...)
Now Legislation introduced this week to prevent a "cow tax" on farmers and ranchers. In a letter from the bill's sponsors AFBF ( American Farm bureau Federation) commended their bipartisan efforts and said the organization would work with them to ensure that the legislation gains broad support.
This is the low-down on this proposed bill :
EPA wants to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (GHG's) under the act. They want farmers to have permits, automatically resulting mandatory fees - just to have cattle.
The AFBF calculated that it could cost farmers and ranchers $175.oo per dairy cow, $87.50 per beef cow and $21.87 per hog. WHAT???!!!
I guess since cattle emit so much gas they are blaming them for the green house effect...well in fact that is what they say!!! The reaction from farmers and ranchers they say was immediate and has them all in a uproar. With the ongoing expense that farmers face each day just to raise cattle and the payback when sold is so small as it is, and now they want to face even more. The majority of farms dont make much profit, they live paycheck to paycheck like many other people in the world, but their paycheck is just a few times a year (if they crop too), only once if they only have cattle..they have to make the money last the entire year, most running on operating notes from their banks. And these days, lenders dont consider farming a "real job".
Wow, they want to sock it to em as hard as they can!
Unfair, not right.
Some bleeding hearts out there who want to save all the cattle as going to do harm to the cattle just like they have done the horse industry. We have an over abundance of horses that people cant feed or house and who are left to starve, set free to fend for themselves, and not many people who have the resources to rescue these precious animals.
Now with this bill the same would happen to cattle and hogs. Farmers wont be able to afford to farm...cows will be in the same predicament as the horses. I wonder if these bleeding hears have the space to house, and feed, and pay for Vet bills, these cattle. I doubt so, I imagine that they have a little 1 acre lot with their house taking up most of that space. Even if they had the room...all the cattle in the country multiplying like rabbits would then have them overrun, such as in India who regard the cows as sacred and now have so many cattle running the streets and everywhere they can get into that its a problem.
Thought I'd put a little of why I'm here on this farm and the love of life I have today. May be boring to you.....may be interesting....
Growing up I had a major love of horses,I would ride with my dearest friend Sarah. They did barrel racing, cutting and reining and showmanship. Two beautiful quarter horses..Chip and Jolass (joe' lass). Their basement was full of pictures, ribbons and trophy's.
One of my most fondest memories growing up!
Sarah, and Chip put that fire in my heart for riding and horses.
I also had always dreamed of having a farm, complete with horses, chickens, goats, llamas, sheep, whatever critter I could get my hands on! Nope cows were not on my list, they scared the heck out of me then and for many years, well until I met Norm and learned about cows. My aunt had tried for a long time to get Norm and I together. Being young and dumb, which lasted many years, I figured my aunt knew nothing about what I liked in a boy! LOL (was I ever wrong!) Long story short- I had many failed relationships that sidetracked me from my dreams. I have many regrets, wrong turns in my journey, but also a lot of good memories and experiences too. I have love and lost that out of immaturity, pride, and a severely hurt heart. (not being a martyr or a whiner just honest)
I've known Norm for a while now before we got together and again I thought I knew best, and put him aside. (SORRY for my stupidity Norm!) Anyhoo...I met Norm later in life, he helped me out in a hard time, and we began as friends that quickly built into having my best friend. Our relationship eventually blossomed and here we are today. I've lived on the farm now just shy of 2 years, and I knew NOTHING about farming AT ALL. However my enthusiastic love of animals made me so eager to learn all I can, kept me hanging on every word! I'm no dummy - made good grades in school, went to magnet and traditional schools for the smart kids (but ended up graduating from the school at the bottom of the pile due to my parents break up and moving.) I'm pretty smart when it comes to animals..learning all I could along the way growing up. (nope not bragging) I just had a passion for them. I rehabilitated a few wild wild and injured birds, and stray cats and dogs later in life. I felt so much satisfaction in able to help something that could not help itself.
Back to the farm. Hanging on every word has benefited me a lot, but I have SO much more to learn! I'm just in farming -kindergarten, only living on the farm just shy of 2 years. . Norm however has been doing this his entire life, first riding a tractor with his Pap at a few months old, and at the age of 10 running and cropping with a tractor. he had always helped out with the cattle.
The things I have written about are the very things I have learned in in my life. Sometimes I have to ask him about a subject when it comes to farming that I've talked about to fill in the gaps of what I've learned. I'm truly blessed to be on the right track, with the one I should have always been with, doing what I love, and being right with God, letting him guide me and direct me being by my side the whole time. So many years I've not listened to God, traveled on my own. But I do see that those major errors in life have made my faith stronger, my life richer now because I appreciate what I have with Norm and my life. They were a wake up call to me. I'm very proud of where I've come and the bad choices I've learned from. No sense in dwelling on the past - I'm forgiven, I am a Christian, I do walk with God and without saying I do now listen and pray for direction and protection. But along the way I have lost trust with my decisions and stupid choices, I've burned bridges and closed doors, with some in my life.
But as they say - What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
I used to worry myself sick over the embarrassment and what people think of me. But I have finally figured out that the me today, is different than the me of the past...my past did make me who I am...but it does not define me...and those who pretend to know me and judge me on my past do not matter or worry me anymore. I have stared new and I do every day when I wake up. Love me or Hate me..which ever is fine with me. I know where I am today. God knows where I am too...he is the ONLY one I have to answer too, not you who judge. The bible talks about the plank in your eye when judging someone....malicious intent to tear down and destroy someone....judgement...wicked ways to those who do so. It covers Self Righteousness....I'm not going to quote scripture I'm not a bible pusher...but if you want I'll lay them out. The bible also talks about forgiveness...a true and humble Christian knows this...and lives this daily...they strive to be Christ like during they're journey. We all have sinned, we all have skeletons in our closet's, we all are ashamed of things we have done, we all fall from grace. I was active and dedicated to the church growing up - my life was built around Christian people and learning. I have always had a strong foundation. My father was a deacon in the church (boy is that a long story - that useless man definitely fell from grace and continues to do so to this day, we'll go into that another time, but again its helped mold me..but I've tried to forgive. I'm not there yet, but I do pray that one day I will be. My step father is a Christian preacher. How could I have gone wrong with anything in my life with that upbringing? Well as I said we all fall from grace. I'm human after all. I know people who have been where I have, and not had a christian upbringing, who today are not humble, they are judging, self righteous, and like to think they are better than me....what do they think makes them so different? Those attempts are lower than I choose to go. Poke me, prod me, antagonise me, judge me..I really don't care one bit...it is amusing that they continue to follow my every step...envy? Ahhh who cares. Its true that childhood saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. A person is determined by their actions and not words.
I've had a lot of bumps in the road as you now see (for those who don't know me as well) , its an uphill battle for those who don't walk with Christ. Cancer almost destroyed me emotionally and mentally. Set fear into my life like I'd never experienced. I was ashamed of my past.
But today I am closer every day to reaching the summit of that hill, my faith is stronger, and my confidence has returned. I'm not afraid to fight for what I have. Yet I feel no need to explain myself to those who judge me. Again I dont answer to you. I pray daily for forgiveness of the sins of the day, protection for my family that I love, Thanking for where I am, and have come from. Thanking him for the special love in my life whom I pray that we will grow old together sitting on the porch swing watching grandchildren enjoy the land I've come to love. My roots have finally been planted....and again I have that strong foundation back into my life.
So thats who I am - in a nut shell. I dont pretend to know everything there is about life, farming, etc....I have so many exciting things to learn every day. Wonderful experiences ahead of me. The stability I've longed for.
I am me....nothing else, a woman who has made a long journey and has learned a lot along the way. I am stronger, more faithful, and secure...I am happy and for once in my life, I have found contentment, commitment, and a lasting true love.
Take it for what it is...continue to dwell on the past and let it waste your own time by worrying about me, policing me...however I prefer quality friendships, those who love me, help keep me on the straight and narrow, and are humble in their daily lives...my friends here I surround myself with who are good people, those here in cyber world are examples of that beautiful quality I choose to have in my life!
Thats me. No more no less. Just going along like anyone else in life, nothing special or extra ordinary. I am who I am.
"You can talk about anything if you go about it the right way, which is never malicious." - Rodney Carrington

Friday, March 13, 2009

Views of the farm...and more LONG READ

Our girls from one herd (71 cows)

On to the next herd....
36 girls here

Awww too cute I love this next picture!
67 calves so far! Today we found a cow with a "tag" showing us that she has calved, however her bag is huge, teats haven't been sucked and no baby in sight....we looked but never found the baby. Its such a large area, and they often calve in the woods, and with all the limbs down from the Ice Storm we had last month it's much harder to find where the momma has laid her calf down at...
I'm really tired of problems with our animals.
When I went to feed today King was limping something terrible again....*sigh*....we cleaned hooves, and placed him in the dry, straw bedded, barn for the night. Josh comes tomorrow at 7:30 am to trim his hooves and take a look at him, then it will be off to the Vet. Luckily it looks like he can be trailered tomorrow. If not, we'll have to call Dr. Mike on out again. I'm so disappointed, for one I want my boy to be feeling good and happy, for two I wanted to try riding if he was up to it.
This week has been a rough one. When I get off my sleep pattern I take awhile to get back on track. I take some meds that make me sleep and when I don't, its still in my system, so a deviation from routine is really hard. Besides being emotionally drained makes it even harder. I've had a hard time getting up and going back to sleep at night the last 2 days.
The stud muffin (aka Douglas) wrote Carlie (the girl he likes) a note and gave it to her:
I really like you.
Do you like me? (her answer was YES)
Douglas...insert phone number
(Calie left:)
Calie...insert phone number
I'm surprised he didn't have a check yes and no box! ;-)
Norm went to lease 3 bulls today (Angus), they will be delivered May 1st....to be added with the 3 we already have. I sure hope they are gentle.
I got some information and an order form for Chickens today. Now I have to decide on what to order! Now to decide what kinds to get.
Here is what they got:
NEW HAMPSHIRE'S - A profitable bird that is not quite so large. They lay for 12 months excellent livability during the growing and laying season; 245 eggs per hen per year.
RHODE ISLAND REDS- the preference for country-style eggs. Produces brown eggs (more profitable) 1 -being in most places, brown eggs bring a premium of tow to ten cents a dozen over white eggs. 2- the salvage of a heavy hen after she is through laying increases the total new profit per bird.
GOLDEN SEX-LINKS (COMETS)- Their best selling brown egg layers. Mature hens weight 5 1/2 lbs. 245-255 eggs per hen per year. Shell is a rich brown with excellent interior quality. Pullets hatch out a beautiful golden brown color but the cockerel chicks are a creamy white. They dress out clean with no dark pinfeathers to detract from the appearance of the dressed bird.
WHITE LEGHORNS- Fast maturing, early laying. Excellent producers over long periods of time. require less feeds per dozen than the larger breeds. Shells are strong smooth and white. interior quality is unsurpassed. 98% free from blood spots means that the eggs are solid with pride and confidence. Producing 254 eggs per hen per year.
BUFF ORPINGTONS- Big beautiful gentle birds are a long favorite..brown eggs.
GOLDEN LACED WYANDOTTES- Similar to the Silver Wyandottes except coloring. Golden bay laced with greenish-black.
BLACK SEX-LINKS- dual purpose farm flock type breed. Mostly black when hatched, pullets mature into excellent layers of large brown eggs. Black with some red color on neck and breast. Cockerels resemble Barred Rocks.
ARAUCANAS- rare breed known as the Easter Egg Chicken. Not a large bird but in much demand for beautiful eggs..they actually do lay tinted eggs in the most surprising colors! - hmmmm I'll have to get these for the fun!
BLACK AUSTRALORPS- beautiful shiny black bird with greenish tint. Hens mature at 5 - 6 months and weigh approx 6 - 8 pounds, makes a nice fryer.
CORNISH CROSS- rapid-growing and efficient broiler. may expect a few black flecks in their white plumage. Brown Eggs.
BARRED PLYMOUTH ROCKS- Average lay 250 eggs per hen per year. Weighing 6 1/2 pounds at maturity. Big brown eggs of superb quality, those who raise declare they make the most delicious Sunday dinners over any other breed.
WHITE PLYMOUTH ROCKS- fast maturing, heavy bodied pullets, top production of large, brown premium grade eggs, when laying season over enjoy quality meat at low cost.
You can tell spring is closing in!
The March Lilly's have begun to bloom!
Soon I'll have a carpet of yellow covering my wild flower garden back in the woods.

Well, that's all I can think about for now to write about...OHHH thought of something else..I'll save that for tomorrow, this is long enough already!