Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Babe - The horse love of my life....Pictures Found

Do you rememer my post about Babe, the horse that I had a special relationship with? I searched high and low and I finally found her pictures.....I have to admit, they brought tears to my eyes. I sure miss her, but I know where she lives, she has a wonderful owner...and I know she'll be back in my life one day. Times and circumstance gave me no option but to sell her...a hard decision and one that I regret, but I know I had to at the time. This next picture is one of my very favorite pictures of both my girls. The others are from an 8 hour clinic for 4-H that Leah and Babe participated in...she rode for 8 full hours and Babe never let her down. She also showed her at the county fair and won several ribbons all 1st, 2nd and only 1 3rd place. She is a special horse....the horse love of my life.


  1. She certainly is a very beautiful creature. But you had to do what was right at the time. The photos you have are lovely and a very precious memory.

    CJ xx

  2. Babe is beautiful! Her coat looks like black velvet especially in the last one. I'm sure she'll be back with you someday.

  3. What a beautiful girl! Hope your dream comes true!

  4. How nice that you found the pictures. Babe was a beauty!

  5. Oh Rae..the one Of Leah and Babe is very special indeed!
    I am so glad you got the good cry with finding these fianlly!

  6. Thanks guys....I think she is beautiful....I'm glad she is with an owner who takes good care of her...she'll be with me again someday! I'm so glad I found her was good to look at her again and remember how much fun we had with her!


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