Monday, January 19, 2009

Well if it wasnt a holiday, Douglas would have gotten his wish and had a snow day today!
It was awfully pretty this morning, but I'm over it! LOL
I have spent the day making soap for some orders that I've received, and then to my friend Mari's so that I can get some better pictures with her light box and much better camera.
I get home and we downloaded the pictures incorrectly and they aren't on my memory stick!
Aaarggghhhh why doesnt nothing seem to work right for me lately?
LOL So I'll be going back to Mari's tonight, I hope, to get my pics!
I've got tons of work to do on Artfire and Etsy.
Lisa has asked me about my plans this year with my horses, and I have been planning a post about my old man - I'm going out now to feed and hopefully get some nice pictures of him for my next post! So stay exciting post coming up...well for me its exciting! hope you will think so too!
Peace out!


  1. Hey Rachel!
    I'm so glad everyone else is getting the snow lol! I really don't want any at all. You have made me all anxious to read your post tomorrow about King.

    Stay Warm!

  2. Gee thanks Sharon! LOL I bet your wishing it away there in NC has brought it here in Ky! Shame on you! LOL
    Got your email! I'll email you back tomorrow, I'm very happy your feeling better!!!! I had gotten pretty worried! Glad you up and at it!


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