Tuesday, January 06, 2009

So far this morning on the farm...

Now off to get my hair done!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today calls for a drastic hair make-over!......stay tuned!


  1. Those pictures were fun, the weather matched the weather at my house.

    If it weren't for the talking cows I'd have sworn that was the field across the road from my house.

    But it couldn't be, because the cows in our neighbor's fields, don't talk. lmbo!

    I'm anxious to see the hair, I'll be back tomorrow ;)

    Then you can tell me what to do with my hair, I need a major makeover, overhaul, coveralls, mask lol!


  2. I laughed when I saw the last photo and you mentioned getting your hair done, I hope that's got the blowdryer LOL

  3. Oh, I meant to ask, how did your farm get its name?

  4. Hey there Sharon, Christine and Amy! Its pretty cold outside today again! Right now its 27 degrees but feels like it's in the teens. LOL Our cows talk alright! Happy cows dont only come from California! LOL I have to get someone to take a pic of my new hairdo! I'm the picture taker around here, so its like pulling teeth to get someone else to take a picture.
    I'm happy with my hair...I said to the girl...make me look good, younger, in style, and thin! She laughed at my last request!
    hey Christine! I LOVE my new grill! You can control the temp on it too.
    Amy i hope you had a good vacation!
    My Farm got its name from DHs last name...his family has been here on the same ground for a few hundred years! Pretty cool huh??!!


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