Thursday, January 22, 2009

This is my today...worming calves, making soap, and cleaning house.

This morning we ran the calves that are to be sold in a couple weeks through the chute for worming. All went well...pretty quiet, and uneventful. Which is really good considering Norms knee....Josh helped run them up to the chute, Norm wormed, and I worked the gate that comes down to keep the cattle in the chute. The worming meds get poured the legnth of their backs, and then they are let out back into their lot. One calf got an antibiotic shot, his poo is runny and bloody, a result of eating too much grain, and being too little. He went in with the other smaller calf that is in the stock barn where their feed is more measured. For the next two days they will only be given hay to dry up the little calf we just put in. The one calf that has a few screws loose, that before has gone after us..making me climb the walls...litterally! LOL was more calm than normal. In the picture above you can see her stance...neck stiff and straight, almost bowed like, ears pointed out, these are the signs of a very nervous cow...the kind that you need to watch closely. When a cow is that scared, they tend to try to go after you. Luckily this one was better than the past, with no problems except being the only calf in the chute who threw a big fit, then somehow got the side door open to the chute and running back over top of the meds and making a huge mess....with no where to go she turned and ran out....luckily not going for anyone. The rest behaved well. Oliver however knows no fear with humans, in fact loves the attention that they give (oooops my fault!) and he is just a big ol baby! He didn't go up to the chute easily rather turned around and Josh couldnt get him to move on through...he doesnt know to go away from people! LOL Yep my fault, I made him into a gentle and hooman loving calf! I'll be so sad when he goes.
Norm had PT yesterday and they worked him harder, his whole body was more sore, muscles that he hasnt used much since he got hurt. Today he is achy again and tired, but there is much to they say..."no rest for the wicked". Hee hee....kidding Norm.
I came home after working with the calves and started on making some soap for some orders that I have gotten yesterday, and now my kitchen and dining room smell like Oatmeal Milk and Honey, Dragons Blood, Soapy Clean, Love Spell, and Chai Tea and Yuzu......yummmmmm its better than burning candles!
Have a great day ya'll! I'll try to get over to your posts later tonight!


  1. What a busy day! Love all the pictures.

  2. Okay holy calves! That is a lot of work and staying outa the way! I can jsut see you going up a wall to get a way Rae! Har!
    Have a relaxing eve...

  3. my daughter was just drooling at your photos, I swear she should've been born on a farm lol

  4. Thanks Christy! Its busy but fun!
    LOL yes KK you would get a kick out of me climbing the barn walls, Norm needs to get a video of it some day and get it on Americas funniest home videos! LOL
    Sure wish you and your kiddos could visit! They would have a ball!


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