Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Farm Forcast: COLD!!!! & the day in pictures.

Good evening! I've only got a few minutes here, so I've got to make this fast! Busy day, and unfortunately all of it was spent outside, except for the last 3 hours I've spent indoors making soap, lip balm, and body butter......soooo yummy!
And now, going to figure out how we are going to fit in supper, and Douglas' basketball game!
Tomorrow Norm and I are going to a farm auction.
Sunday! Meeting Libby, a sweet friend ( on my Bluegrass etsy street team-whom I must call my "teacher" cause she has helped me out soo much when I first started making soap) face-to-face for the first time! YEA! I cant wait! I'm hyped!
Kids are gone this weekend, and it looks like its going to be another busy day tomorrow!
Nite all, sleep well and warm.
"Regret for wasted time is more wasted time."-Mason Cooley


  1. You sound so busy, I'm way behind. Wondering how Norm is healing. I got your emails and I promise I will answer them this evening, I didn't want to try to answer them while I was sick and not thinking clearly. I wanted to thank you for your prayers too :)

  2. Hey Rachel, gosh it does look cold there, does the ice get cold enough to skate on?

  3. It was super duper great to meet you in person! You are such a joy to talk to. i cant wait till I can move down there closer to you all then maybe we can hang out more often! I will be calling you all the time for farm advice! LOL
    Hope you had a great evening with all this snow..or are you getting snow down there? I bet Doug is psyched! Oh wait no school tomorrow anyways...he will be praying it hangs around till tuesday LOL

  4. Hi Sharon! Yes I've been so busy its wearing me down quite a bit! norm is healing very well and way ahead of what they expected...but he is pretty strong with years of hard work so his muscles have healed fast. No need to thank me! Thats what friends are for! And we all know the power of Gods healing hands!
    Hi there Amy...usually it doesnt get cold enough for the lakes and ponds to freeze over enough to skate on....I'm not sure how thick the ice is..probably about 2 or 3 inches, but if this cold keeps up, who knows!!!
    Libby! I had a great time! Call us anytime for farm advice! yep we got snow! And YES he is praying that the snow they are talking about this evening comes in! LOL he is a mess!
    Maylee is a real doll...your a lucky momma! I hope we can get together again soon!

  5. Cold here too! Friday was the coldest day in 5 years - the high was 12 F.

    I just nominated you for Lemonade-you can see the posting on my blog.

  6. Oh wow! Thanks CTG! I'm really flattered! I'll be by to pick it up...probably be tomorrow its past my bedtime and my eyes are crossed from working on the puter for so long! LOL

  7. Hello there Rae!
    I am trying to catch up on you...have to come back man works till 11 pm...think that'll give me time to talk to you and read?!!!
    Thanks for comin' by allhorsestuff....see you tonight sweet!


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