Friday, January 30, 2009

To all my friends

I've been lucky to get my hands on one of the few computers for miles that is working!
We have experienced the worse ice storm in recorded history. Kentucky was hit the hardest and declared a state of emergency...and that was before it got really bad! However Elizabethtown (yes the one the movie was made in with the same name) and surrounding communities (which is us) have been declared a state of emergency...within a state of emergency.
Its pretty bad. In E-town alone (not including us) 607,000 + people are without power and water. In E-town a lone 800 "snapped" powerline poles, the count is not in on the lines itself.

On our a mile radious 12 powerlines snapped in two! All of our fences are down....limbs and whole trees have fallen and it looks like a war zone...litteraly. We stood out after the ice came and listened to the trees fall....sounded like a war in the background!
So far, no cattle has been lost, nor horses, they are all surviving well. Luckily no calves born in this mess.

I think that King and Jack have calmed down...they were really freaked out after the ice fact they were so freaked they made getting in their shelter a little dangerous. Having disoriented horses isnt a good thing I've found out.
But King had enough about him to litteraly walk me across the lot to his feed trough....I had to hold on to his mane, and he took little baby steps. What a horse! Thats all I can say, he took care of me.
But things are finally getting into some routine....feeding is taking forever, even the big 4 wheel drive tractor has been spinning wheels everywhere. But its getting done..what took us 2 - 3 hours is at least doubled.
But we have a generator, which gives us a light and tv and coffee pot!!! WOO HOO! And a nice hot wood stove! We are doing well much better than most in KY!!! Thankful for God and wonderful friends who have all pulled together...our community is the BEST!
So it'll be awhile before I get back keep us in your prayers!
Thanks all, cant wait to catch up with everyone soon!


  1. I was worried about you. Glad you are okay considering all that is going on. My husband is on his way to KY to help haul some loads out of there that they are having to run generators to load the tankers with. Their company is way behind in deliveries so William agreed to go up and try to help. At least he has his truck with heat, fridge, and means to cook so he should be fine. Except for the driving part. I hope the roads get cleared soon. Prayers going up for you and your area. Hugs my friend.

  2. I'm glad you are okay. Those wood burning stoves really are lifesavers. Our ice wasn't nearly so bad here but my kids haven't had school for an entire week due to the weather and loss of power everywhere. My husband is headed to Glendale soon as his uncle passed last night. I am hoping things get better down your way so his travel there will be alot safer. Take care. I'll pray for a heatwave for all of us.

  3. I'm glad you are OK. Thanks for checking in.

  4. Rae, I am sooo glad you and yours are doing well in the midst of this storm!!!! We got hit here in Ohio but not as bad as you. We have some down trees and a few downed power lines but nothing like the mess you are going through. I wish you all well and keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep warm and safe, big Hugs,

  5. Life certainly does offer challenges. Just glad to hear you are ok, managing and have the essentials to get through this.

  6. Thank goodness you and the family and the animals are okay!!! We had a storm two years ago and lost power for two days. But yours is wicked!!! Praying for you girl.

    Love and big big hugs

    PS The Icicle photos are incredible!!!

  7. Hang in there Rae, good to hear you and yours are doing ok. I have another friend in Ky, they have a generator too, but are now finding gas hard to find... Hope the weather breaks soon for you all.

  8. Oh, I am prayihng for you and yours! That sounds immensly dangerous!
    Your horse is a star and sometimes they really just do KNOW they have to be our guards and keep us!
    Thanks for letting us all know how you are. I am sorry for the loos of trees and how difficult it will be to clean up. Well, let us know when you waiting dear!

  9. Hey guys! i'm at Panera Bread where free wifi is offered, so the lap top and i came for a visit to town! Thanks so much for your concern and well wishes! A week now without power...they told us it could be another 2 - 3 weeks before we get it where I'm at. i'm in a small farming community outside of Etown, so we are last on the list! Oh well...the generator wood stove and grill are getting us through, however patience are being tested with ungratful family staying for the last week! GRRRRR Oh a time like this, you have to open your home even if they wont help clean their mess or help buy food!
    We are a week today with no power...I'm gonna try to post some pics fo the ice storm...its been bad and clean up will take forever! Its bad! Peggy cathy you guys shoulda rode down with your hubbies and stoppped by for a grilled home grown steak! :-) Talk to you all soon! I so miss everyone! Thanks Liz, kk, Jen mo, EVERYONE for your concern! Love you guys!


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