Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Ice Castle

They say your home is our castle....and ours is an ice castle.
The ice storm hit early in the morning, leaving in its wake a sheet of ice on everything an inch thick or more in some places. The silence outside is beautiful with the shimmer of ice on everything. However everything is frozen! Limbs are falling, and it will only get worse.
This is a Dill plant.
The storm has just begun, and the worse part is to come. More sleet,rain, and 3 - 6 inches of snow is expected on top of it all.
So I'm posting now in case the electricty goes out.
Its beautiful, got some interesting pictures, I'll be ready for my Sunday Stills Challenge - this weeks challenge is photographing from above, and below....this should be easy since we have the ice to make ordinary things totally awesome with the ice!
Of course school is out, and will be tomorrow I'm sure, and probably the rest of the week if its going to be as bad as they say, especially if the electricity goes out.
Thankfully we have a wood stove!
Norm made it out to feed, Donnie, Neil and Douglas all went with him, to get him to the truck, tractor and such so he doesnt fall and ruin the surgery! Norm and Donnie have gone to Etown to cut some steele so he can fix the silage wagon...it HAS to be done. Norm said where the roads are plowed its not too bad. They have 4 wheel drive so they should make it okay.
The boys have come back through the farm pastures on the 4 wheeler, they just pulled up.
Getting to the barn today was not easy, everything slopes...getting there and back took some careful planning with my foot steps, and took me awhile to just get there and back! Horses are traveling on the ice much better than I did, in fact I had to grab hold of Kings mane and have him as support to walk to feed. I'm going to bring their trough in the barn so it's easier for me to feed, and keep them out of the weather. I may even close them up in the barn for tonight and tomorrow. I cant take a chance on King falling, with his arthritis, it makes me nervous, even though he is probably more sure footed than I think he is.
Luckily no frozen chicken or rabbit, I'm glad they were in the barn...or else they would not have survived this storm.
I guess I should go now, hopefully I'll be able to post the rest of this week! If you dont hear from me, you know why! So I'll catch up on everyone later!
Be safe!


  1. Well what a perfect day to enjoy the woodstove and make a big pot of soup! Would you believe its 58F here today and suppose to be in the 60's tomorrow! Where the heck is my winter? It can't be over yet as I still have lots of firewood to burn and hot chocolate to drink. LOL Stay warm and be careful feeding!

  2. Ky Farm Life - I have never had any experience of an ice storm - it sounds terrifying. Do hope that you and all your animals are safe and sound. That dill plant looks so beautiful.
    I have such trouble putting a comment on your blog as I can't usually get the page to move. So glad I managed it today - I am thinking of you in that awful weather. Keep warm.

  3. Beautiful photos Rachel, as always. You are very talented.

  4. Wow! What weather. Stay warm and take care.

  5. Lovely icey pics Rae!
    I hope that the power has not gone from you..that stuff is very heavey on trees and lines!
    Tell me about the "Sunday Stills" challenge...I wrote to someone and they never told me where to find WHAT the challenge is(PHOTO) or where to send that I posted a picture.

  6. Wow, we don't get storms like that up here even! The icicles are so lovely though - they would look nice on cards.

  7. Hey guys! These were all taken before the worse part hit....yes it was, IS, bad....a week now without power!
    Gonna post today.....KK go here: http://kentuckycaptured.blogspot.com and I have the link in one of my posts for the stills challenge....just scroll through and youll find it...on Mondays he gives the challenge for the week, you have that time to take pictures and post your bests on Sundays...you just leave a comment on that weeks challenge, with a link to your blog! Its easy! When I get power we can talk more about it


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