Monday, January 12, 2009

A moment in history....all but forgotten with time...

We are really lucky to have some pieces of history here at Wilmoth Farms.
Much is forgotten over the years as the old timers have passed on and their memory no longer here to pry.
But there is still a little memory left by Norms dad Pap and passed down. Things we hear as children we dont think to absorb for our future recall. And as children when we hear the old timers talk about the good ol' days, we dont know to hold on to each story and store it a safe place in our hearts.
I know I wish I would have asked more questions of my grandparents about "the old country" Italy and hungry. Or of my grandmother who now is unable to communicate to me her life. I'm very sad that I didn't do those things, for now its lost in time.
The above pictures have the following story:

Yesterday Leah and I went to look at one of the barns thats not used much for anything, to see if we can give it a make over and use it for a horse and goat barn. Its big and roomy and has a lot of potential. But will need a lot of work...but also could be worth the sweat and tears!While we were assessing the barn, we stumbled across this little grave stone of a baby... just shy of 7 months old.
Evelyn Wilmoth. Daughter of S & Della Wilmoth.
Born Sept 28th, 1914
Died April 26, 1915
Stanley and Della Wilmoth were Norms great grandparents. They had Evenly who passed just shy of 7 months old. Back in the early 1900's there were no vaccines for chicken pox, influenza, measles, etc. How Evelyn died is a mystery, forgotten in time. This was the original headstone for her grave, and apparently very loved, you can see the little heart etched in the stone that is now in two pieces. It is believed that she was buried in the cemetery at the Methodist Church and her headstone was replaced with another. Evelyn was Norms grandfathers sister. There was a lot of tragedy in the early Wilmoths family. Paps brother died when he was 14 or 15 of cancer and was sent alone on a train to Louisville for care...little did they know that that would be the last time they would see, or hold their son close. He passed away alone, in a cold hospital. I'm sure that they couldnt afford to go with him, and saved all they could to send him, even if it was alone, for help and a cure for his cancer. I can't imagine not being with my child knowing that days with him would be short lived. But back then money was tight, and you did what you could. I'm sure that was they best they could do at that time.
I have decided that this little gravestone needs to be on the hill where Norm and I will be buried, even if her story is forgotten...her gravestone will still stand on family property. Restoring the stone will be fun....and remembering her little life is the least those of us can do who are still around the remember.
Norm told me another little tid bit of history.
A family - friend or family is unknown, passed through and lost a baby who was stillborn. The paddock where the calf heifers are kept used to be an orchard and they buried the baby there beneath the trees. Now its a lot with calves who stay until they are grown enough to be bred.....who and where? No one knows.....


  1. Great images !!!! I didn't know Buck was a stallion. He's lovely though and so is Georgia. I love the family cemetery shots as well and the naughty calf on top of the hay!!LOL!!! I'm feeding Sash basically the same as you but with boiled barley as well. I have to put it in the slow cooker every night. Looks like Doug got himself a nice Mallard drake too. Should taste yum too!!!

    Love to you too and the family

  2. What a blessing to be able to restore the headstone and have a little part of her still there on the farm. You are so right about our family stories. I wished I had listened more to my grandparents and great grandparents. Even my parents who are now gone. Thanks for sharing.. I loved it!

  3. wow that is really interesting! This is exactly why I like properties with history attached to them, theres so much to learn about the previous occupants.

  4. I agree with you both!!!! I thought it was really cool!!! I love pieces of history!

  5. Okay Liz....4th try to leave a comment about your comment!!!! Buck is only 3 - 31/2 years old...we gelded him but he had a month with georgia and he took his opportunity! LOL I think Georgia us ugly...she has a too long Tenn Walking face! Oh well we all cant be beauties! buck is a very gentle horse loving to please and beautiful confirmation...he could show and is a full rocky mt horse...great height at 13 - 14 HH, perfect for us shorties! LOL
    We are mounting Dougs Duck...but his friend Neil gave us the meat from his so I need some recipies!
    What benifits does the barley have? I may need to add that to Kings diet!


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