Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday's Farm Report

Okay...I'm being brave and posting another picture of me....yuck! Everytime I see my picture I'm reminded of how much weight I've gained! My nose was never this fat before! Geez what happened???? Regardless I hope to post a picture this year showing weight loss - and a smaller nose! LOL
Today Norm has gotten back into the drivers seat a couple times now. I'm hoping that feeding will get back to normal with the two of us doing our own farm work! Its been 9 days post op, and he is doing well.
Today he and Josh moved hay back to where the majority of the cattle are. We will be getting by this year by the skin of our teeth on hay. Norm plans to begin feeding silage within the next week or so. The poor cattle need it. They are eating the hay up so fast its not funny.
As I announced earlier...we have confirmed that our mare Georgia is "with child"! From the dates she was with Buck before he got gelded we are estimating another 2 months to go. With this foal....I plan on doing imprinting which can only happen in the first 2 - 3 hours of life. It requires handleing him everywhere and doing all the things you expect him to do when he grows up. Holding his feet, tapping on and even going through the motions of cleaning his hooves, rubbing in and around the ears and nose, patting him, picking up feet, holding him down until submissive - its only until they stop struggling and it teachers him off the bat that humans are the dominate one. Imprinting is VERY important and makes a better horse thats more cooperative. Haltering and leading begins right away as well. Basically you do everything with the foal that you would do as he gets older. The only thing I worry about is his momma and how she will be with us handleing him. I dont like her...terrible to say, but she apparently had NO imprinting! LOL She is a very hard horse to handle...lots of fear and flight in her and she needs major ground work done by someone much more experienced than myself. But we'll see how it goes and its another exciting phase to update here on the farm! I'll post her picture when I get over there this weekend!
Tonight Leah comes home and Douglas has his first basketball game tonight at 8:45! Who in the world has basket ball games and practices late like this??? I hate this schedule!
Well time to run...I've got to go!


  1. Hey there girl. Sorry I haven't been over. Just so much happening. LOVE the photos. Your baby boy looks like he's having so much fun. Great about the mare being in foal bet you can't wait!!!!!!LOL. Farm work has got on top of me and I've been absolutely totalled. I HAD to visit your blog needed to. Love the photo of you too so cool. Great Norm is back in the driver's set but I reckon you did really well spinning out the hay for the stock. The girls say HI RAE!!!!!!!
    Will be back over gain later to catch up with more posts.

    Lots of love

  2. Beautiful pictures! I like your hairdo. It suits you.

  3. LIZ! I have missed you girl! I know what you mean about so much happening...same here! In fact I havent even looked at my shops in two or three weeks!
    I dont know if I'm happy or not about Georgia foaling...she isnt an easy horse to handle, she is very we dont know at this point if we will even keep her. We had tried to sell her last go - too hot! Tell the girls I said hello too!!!! Ihope they are enjoying their summer! Lucky you!
    Thanks Christy....I absolutly HATE close ups of nose looks so dang big ! lmbo! But no one was around and had to take it myself so it was only arms legnth away....but its better than the last pic Leah took of me with the dog! WAY better! LOL


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