Friday, January 09, 2009

Doug's 1st Basketball game of the season!

**Doug's friend Brock**

**Douglas "gettin in there!"**

**Team Huddle**
**Again-Doug getting another re-bound of many!**
**Bringin it down the court**
**Doug's 2nd basket he made tonight!!**
** Doug and his best friend Brock....sitting on the sidelines looking like 2 little old men!**
**He didn't want me to take the camera! But he should have known better!**
**Doug getting ready to make a re-bound**
Doug had a great game tonight, even if he didn't play until 8:45! (again- WHO schedules kids games that late????) Me, Leah and our neighbor and friend Neil came to watch him play! Norm wasnt up to standing the full hour this soon after surgery. I'm so happy the two (Neil and Leah came tonight and were able to watch his first game!)
He made two baskets!
Did some gymnastics after getting knocked down...he has a really nice flip! I gave him a 9 out of 10 points! LOL
He also can dance well....he had the ball and was going to make a shot but he got blocked and in order to keep the ball, he ended up doing a nice pirouette, a little turn, all the while a basketball was dancing on his finger tips...he didn't loose the ball!
Doug is a very good player. He is the best on his team as far as using teamwork, setting team mates up for baskets, and dribbling. He was asked to bring the ball down the court each time, and given the biggest boy to guard!
He did a really good job..even if the score was 36 to 28....the other team won...Oh well! There is always next week to make up for that!
Oh, and here is what Douglas does to my poor cat!


  1. cool photos! Is basketball a sport that's only played in the winter over there or is it a year round sport?

  2. He will value those photos when he makes a national team!!! Sorry I do not visit you often - I love reading your blog but have such difficulty moving the text up and down that sometimes I give up after a while. Be assured i love following your exploits. Best wishes.

  3. Hi Amy, they only play in the winter, but its an all year round sport as well. The college and professional and even school games are all in the winter...but many pay it throughout the year.
    Glad you came by Weaver!!! Its nice to see you again! I know my blog is loaded...sorry it takes you so long! Come back again! I can never leave comments on yours, or many others.....oh well, google will get it all figured out one day!


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