Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally - Some Sunshine! Fun Question for you all!

The moon was out big and bright this morning!
Thank God we got the wood stove working this year! What a life and money saver!
Okay not much to write about this here is a fun question...I know we all dream about!
What would you do with the money if you won the lottery????
First I would get us all together for a meet and greet at some fabulous lodge or ranch!
Put most of my money aside for kids college, and future...and to make more money!
Build my very own barn, with riding arena for my horses!
Pay off my debt...
Get me some new clothes!!! Boy do I need that, including some great boots that are insulated!
Not tell anyone I know around here including family...LOL they would probably be hitting me up constantly for cash! Geez I'm cruel arent I? Didn't say tho I wouldnt help them....they just wouldnt know where the money came from...all of a sudden our farm would be making lots of least thats what they would be told!
So what would you do????


  1. What I do????Buy a cyclone free tropical island..Nah I'd need way more than that. Pay off the mortgage,get a designer strait jacket for the insanity, buy a bigger farm and donate some it to a foundation that helps people in need and animals too. Heck just try to save the world perhaps?LOL!!! Dreams are absolutely priceless.

  2. Hi Kyfarm - well, sad to say I have never done the lottery, so can hardly say what I would do with the money. I am not really very interested in the stuff )yes I know that is probably because I have enough to get by) At the moment I have a dear friend dying - quite quickly - with asbestos-related lung cancer - she is fantastic and so upbeat that I feel ashamed to think of money. If pressed then I would probably go round the world (would call and see you of course!)

  3. I'll be Arnold to answer that...gotta remeber the name of my stable again...yea, I do play and pray and think about it all the time!

  4. hmm what would I do if I won money? Pay off my mortgage, travel around the world, give lots to charities like the SPCA and World Vision, I'm boring I'm afraid. btw I love that photo of your house :-)

  5. I loved reading what you with your lottery wins.
    And I hope they all come true for you, too.

    As for me I think I would invest a lot of it so me and hubby would never need to work and we could live comfy lives through retirement.
    I'd buy a couple hundred acres and build a small ranch and guest house and invite all my old friends and blogger friends to visit. I'd have a big cozy barn and lots of pastures for the animals to graze. Several horses to ride for when friends come to visit. And lots of trails for riding.

    Oh, and I'd like a hot tub, too and maybe a pool so I can stay in shape and relax my aching muscles.


  6. LOL I've enjoyed reading what you all would do with the money if you won! Yes Weaver...I agree with you too! I'm quite content with all we have, and thats comforting....espeically with illness, death, poverty I too feel guilty when i think like Liz I'd try to save the world too...cancer is one thing I'd donate money for to help find a cure...having been there myself, luckily surgery has saved me from chemo or radiation, loss of hair, and loss of life! I'm many arnt..its something I'd love to contribute too myself...
    Lisa...I forgot the pool myself....One thing I forgot that I'd love too to open a therapy riding farm...where terminally ill children, abused, or physically handicapped kids could come to learn to ride, and get the wonderful therapy that horses give us all! Thats probably my biggest dream!


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