Thursday, January 08, 2009

Thursdays Farm Report

Good Evening! I hope this post finds you all well and getting the New Year off to a good start!
Yesterday we picked up the beef from the slaughter house. I dont have the info on all the calves and how much beef there was and how much the cost was for each of them. Norm gave the individual tickets to the people who we reserved them for.
I do know that the cost to dress a calf was $25.00 - pretty low really!
The slaughter house was not what I expected. I expected to see a large facility all white with several men in white coats welding large butcher knives! LOL
It was a small building that looked like a first thought was.."uuugggghhh - where in the H$&* are we???" and "He expects me to eat meat butchered here???"
However when I went inside, it was a very clean, neatly organized facility. Nothing like the first impression I got! Norm told me that there are many that arent clean like this one, which is why we drive the hour or more to have them slaughter our beef.
So I was okay with that.
We had the trailer loaded, and I mean LOADED, with many coolers, tubs, and even laundry baskets to bring the meat back!
Norm was pot op day 7 yesterday - and felt good all day. He was clear headed, not much pain if any, and able to get around well. The best day he has had yet.
In fact he even fed yesterday evening in the tractor with Neil to get the gates for him!
So see Lisa...there is light at the end of your tunnel! ;-D
It snowed all day yesterday and was very windy.
Today was the same but without the snow! The wind has been bitterly cold, the kind that bites far into your bones and wont leave you unless your 12 inches from a roaring fire! My feet have not warmed up since I took Douglas to school this morning!
Even the horses were reluctant to get outside today. Levi didn't help matters, he was over exuberant and jumping up and running around, getting Jack a little worked up. They kept staying right in the doorway or turning around back to me with a look on their face as to say "Get that darned dog away from me, and please dont make me go out there in the cold!". But they both needed the exercise for a few hours.
I fed their first feeding today outside rather than indoors. I gave them their feed, beet pulp, mixed with some syrup, carrots, and raisins for a treat...both were VERY happy. I was pleased to see King and Jack share the same trough...this is the first time they have fed together. King is very patient with this little guy. Today when putting them out, Jack gave King an affectionate nibble with his lips! They seem to be bonding!
This evening, King was 1st in his stall, as usual. He has become accustom to his feeding when being put in and is never any trouble going to his stall now, his routine is fixed. Jack has had trouble finding out how to get back in! The little bugger goes into the side shed of the barn and watches me feed their buckets and get them hay and water into their stalls, he can see me clearly, though he cannot get to that part of the barn. We have been having to walk him from the side of the barn, all the way around and into the door and into his stall. This evening he figured it out- finally! He came running up and I had to block the door to stop him from running in full speed! He was pushy while I held him and made him stand and wait for me to put him in his stall like a good boy should do. He is still learning to lead well and his manners. He still has the mentality that I will protect him when he stands in my bubble...resting his head around my neck and on my shoulder! Fortunately he is too big to get under me, that would be a sight!
I've been cleaning the farm house, mopping floors and straightening room at a time this week.
I also have been reading my new books (I posted them in yesterdays post). The horse training book is already coming in super helpful for me! I now know what to start, and how to start Jacks training. I have learned SO much!
I began the Raising Dairy Goat book and I'm TOTALLY over whelmed! Gee there is a lot of info in that one little book...a whole chapter on how their stomach works and the rations of each of their needs for food! What???? I dont think I comprehended much of anything in that chapter at all! Except they love dandelions and they are good for them! LOL And oak leaves are toxic as well as Cherry (which we dont have due to the horses)
whew....have I got a lot to learn, I had no idea this much would be involved. Everyone who doesnt have goats assumes its putting up a pen and feeding once a day.....well at least that was the gist of what I knew, or thought I knew.
Douglas has his first Basket Ball game tomorrow!!!
Leah is coming home again this weekend, so she will be able to see his first game! Yea!
Good Luck Douglas!
Norm began PT today, they didn't do anything but measure his leg and put the GAME Ready on him....I waited an hour and half in the truck for that??? I really expected he had a big session! I got a chance to read so I didnt mind! He is achy today and hobbling around a little more than yesterday!
I'm in a funk....have been for over a month. I've gotten aggravated, had my feelings hurt a few times and in no mood to even talk to anyone today.
I've been no kind of company I'm sure.
Sometimes I just need my space.
Today was definitely one of those days!
LOL I'm hoping tomorrow will be better! Its supposed to be a high of 45 degrees and a little more sunny than today, so I'm going to work outside with BOTH horses and maybe even take Levi for a walk. That should improve my mood!
Hope all is well...Peggy I'm counting on Diva feeling my thoughts and having her kids on the date and time I chose! LOL You always seem to make your blog tons of fun to read...thanks!
Here are the latest grain and beef reports for our area:
Louisville, KY Thursday January 8, 2009 USDA-KY Dept of Ag Market NewsKentucky Daily Grain Elevators Opening Bids:Opening bids for January 9, 2009 by elevators/mills to farmers: US No. 2 US No. 2 US No. 1 US No. 2 Soft Yellow White Yellow Red Winter Corn Corn Soybeans Wheat Trend: dn 10 dn 10 stdy-up 4 stdy-dn 1 Louisville 4.01 10.00 5.02 Pennyrile 4.02 4.52 9.75-9.85 4.98 (Milling Quality) 5.07 Purchase 3.96 9.89 ---- Central Bluegrass 3.33-3.94 8.85-9.64 4.60-5.12 Cumberland Lake 3.46 8.95 ----Mammoth Cave 3.96-4.12 9.64-9.79 4.82-4.83 Lincoln Trail 4.00 9.55 US No. 2 US No. 2 Oats Feed Extra Heavy BarleyTrend: stdy stdy Mammoth Cave 2.50 3.50 ________________________________________________________________________Opening Contract Prices for New Crop Delivery: US No. 2 US No. 1 US No. 2 Soft Yellow Yellow Red Winter Corn Soybeans Wheat Louisville 3.99 9.24 5.38 Pennyrile 4.15-4.25 9.16-9.46 5.21-5.48 (Milling Quality) 5.56 Purchase 4.18 9.51 5.26 Central Bluegrass 4.00 9.27 5.37 Mammoth Cave 4.14-4.40 9.11-9.21 5.06-5.26 US. No 2 US. No 2 White Corn Feed BarleyPennyrile 4.85 Mammoth Cave 3.50 Source: USDA-Kentucky Dept of Ag Market News Louisville, Kentucky Email: Phone: 502-582-5287 lh/mr 3:25pm
Louisville, KY Tuesday January 6, 2009 USDA-KY Dept of Ag Market NewsMid-KY Livestock Market, Upton Auction (Cattle weighed at time of arrival) Receipts: 891 Compared to last sale: No comparison available due to the holidays. Feeder Steers: Medium and Large 1-2: 200-300 lbs 90.00-100.00; 400-500 lbs 101.00-110.25; 500-600 lbs 94.25-101.50; 600-700 lbs 87.00-92.25; 700-800 lbs 82.00-86.25.Holsteins: Large 3: 600-700 lbs 58.00.Feeder Bulls: Medium and Large 1: 500-600 lbs 101.00.Medium and Large 1-2: 300-400 lbs 100.00-113.75; 400-500 lbs 98.75-103.00; 500-600 lbs 82.50-86.75; 600-700 lbs 80.00-83.25; 700-800 lbs 76.50.Groups of 20 head or more: 20 head 401 lbs 103.00 mixed; 24 head 521 lbs 82.50 mixed; 20 head 566 lbs 86.75 blk; 20 head 626 lbs 83.25 mixed; 32 head 712 lbs 76.50 mixed.Medium and Large 2: 300-400 lbs 89.00; 400-500 lbs 84.25; 600-700 lbs 67.00-71.25.Feeder Heifers: Medium and Large 1-2: 200-300 lbs 86.00-95.00; 300-400 lbs 91.00-93.00; 400-500 90.50-92.00; 500-600 lbs 80.25-85.00; 600-700 lbs 73.00-81.75; 700-800 lbs 73.50. Groups of 20 head or more: 23 head 420 lbs 91.50 blk; 20 head 520 lbs 85.00 blk; 32 head 555 lbs 80.25 blk.Medium and Large 2: 500-600 lbs 68.00-75.00.Slaughter Cows: Percent Lean Weight Avg-Dress Hi-Dress Lo-DressBreaker 75-80 1300-1524 44.00-49.00 Boner 80-85 1079-1251 36.50-42.50 Lean 85-90 820-1100 29.50-34.50 Slaughter Bulls: Y.G. Weights Carcass Boning Percent Avg-Dress Hi-Dress1-2 1350-1915 78-80 51.50-54.50 2-3 1400-1700 74-76 49.50-50.50Stock Cows: Medium and Large 1-2: Cows 6-10 years old and 4-8 months bred 530.00-760.00 per head.Stock Cows and Calves: Medium 1-2: Cows 6-10 years old with 150 lbs calves at side 635.00-790.00 per pair.Stock Bulls: 700.00-740.00 per head.Calves: Baby Beef 55.00-150.00 per head. Weaned 150.00-215.00 per head.Source: Bobby Smith (Market Specialist) Kentucky Dept of Ag-USDA Market News, Louisville, KY Phone 502-582-5287 lh


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