Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A barn possible for Goat and horse use....need some opinions here my peeps!

My post are updating!!!!! YEA! Fixed FINALLY!
Okay take a look at these barn pictures...need some for real opinions:

This 1st picture is the back side of the barn

Okay, here is the deal....this barn is located on the property...not so easy to get to without a 4-wheeler, 4-wheel drive in the summer only, and surrounded by cattle, the way there in Spring is flooded mostly, have to go into corn field to get there-can be done tho. Or you can go through the pastures (a few hundred acres or more maybe) on 4-wheeler to get there. SOOOO its not convienent at all.
BUT it is large, and roomy, not used really except for the few pieces you see in there, which can be located elsewhere....so it is perfect, with lots of work, for the horses and goats......
What are your opinions on this idea....how would you turn it around into something I can use??
This MAY be my winter/spring project....just dont know if its worth taking on or not.


  1. That's a tough one. It is a nice looking space but being so hard to get to may make it not worth it.

  2. Rach - this looks like it could be a great project. It seems a shame to waste such an awsome space.How long does it take to get there under the normal conditions you'd most be using it in?

  3. The barn looks great, but I'd be concerned about access, what if something happened or an animal was sick and needed someone to sit up with them.... access would be my primary concern.

  4. That is such a cool barn that holds such promise.
    Why in the world was built in the middle of nowhere so far from the house with difficult access?
    What was it used for before?

    Can a road be dug out that would allow easier access?


  5. Hi there!
    I need to go read the last post again..but my first impression for horses was..maybe too low ceiling. After seeing my horse hit her head several times on what I thought was a high ceiling space(as she reared up) I am rethinnking it...and msut think of them as children and what could happen might.
    And the somewhat unaccessable thing gets me too.
    It is cool...not water proof though..looks rather see through air wise. How is the roof?

  6. I answered your questions on my blog, did a whole post...except for yours KK...
    The right stalls are too low for horses and they would have to step up...not good for them but is for goats..the left side is high enough...The ceilings in the barn are very high in that area, except where that feed trough is...but that area would be fenced off just for the goats....It needs ALOT of work as far as the walls, but plywood can take care of that. Roof is in good shape.....but yes the accessable thing is something I may not be able to over come...which is really a shame! Such great space, but unuseable.....Maybe Norm can figure out something about getting to it...too bad I cant just move the big ol' thing!

  7. It's definitely got lots of potential, what you going to use it for?


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