Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Comment Answers to barn possibilities posting yesterday...

What a view this morning! That picture is unaltered in any way and totally georgous!
This is the picture I took about 30 seconds before the 1st picture I posted!
You can see the sunrise in the garage door windows! Too Cool!
Anyway with that said....that was the only bright spot to the weather warmed up a little this afternoon, but tonight its going to be VERY chilly! Wind Chill getting to negative 10 below 0! brrrrrrr TOO cold for me!
Okay so on with the farm report for today:
I was too sick to do anything until sometime after noon, so Norm had Josh help feed. He can drive the tractor but needs someone to get the gates and wade through the mud.
He also put up some hot wire across the street where we are keeping the 5 bulls for the winter. He placed some feeding troughs near the gate entering the field, but placed some hot wire so they wont muck up around the gate and keep them out of reach of us when we feed.
Neil and Doug helped him with that, and then of course they had to cut some wood.
We got a nice surprise today! Our friends Don and Susan came over with a pick up load of wood for us! What a pleasant surprise! I wish I was feeling better and could have gone out to say hi and thanks! But I was running a mad fever in the morning and getting out of the recliner would have taken more effort than I had at that time!
So thats it for today....seems like so little, but Norm has just come in here at 6:44 so he has been working hard. Fencing takes does cutting wood for this cold spell we are having this week.
Did I mention its just too dang cold outside?????
Okay...onto yesterday post about the barn.
I'm going to answer your comments here:
The barn is very old, it actually has real corner STONES....pretty cool, and very solid.
It was built on what we call the Jennings place....our farm has been added to over the many years buy purchasing surrounding farms...Jennings, we just keep the names so we know where the other is talking about! LOL 1000 acres is hard to give directions to without some sort of order! LOL
So the second picture you can see in the background a pile of wood and metal roofing...that was the old farm house. Everywhere around here was accessed by dirt roads and horse drawn wagons until times finally caught up with us here. Norm's Pap drove his horse drawn wagon for many years!
With the dirt country roads, it made more sense and was easier I guess.
To get there I have 2 options.
1st - I drive over to the other side of the farm where Norms mom lives, the shop building and tractors are kept there also. I can get there from there by tractor, 4-wheeler, or 4 wheel drive truck....except in the spring...the area I'd have to cross to get there is flooded. Nolin Lake rises in the spring and drains all the way to our property until early summer. (Nolin Lake is about an hour from us!)
Winter...mud and snow.
Can a road be built there....probably not without a bridge...or it would only be passable in summer, fall and winter.
2nd- I can again drive the 4-wheeler from the house here to it.
Both ways would take me about 10 - 15 minutes since I cant just drive straight to it. Even though the barn is within sight, if not for some trees.
problems I need to solve, besides how to get their easily
is transporting the goat milk quickly to a fridge.
Of course more risk of the milk getting dirt or dust in it due to the way I will have to get there.
It was originally used as a horse/farm animal barn.
Norms family used it as a tobacco barn.
Access is the main all are right about that!
And Elaine your right about if I get a sick animal or birthing fast access for a Vet, myself...I'd prob end up staying the night in the barn if that happened...I had thought of that problem as well.
The barn is perfect...if it was accessable.
Now I have to brainstorm about how to make it accessable. I just dont know if its possible.
I hope there is SOME way I can fix it up and make it accessable.
The space...perfect....we'll see.
Now I'm off to read about everyone's day today!


  1. Wow Rach, your sunsets are dreamy!
    I laughed when I saw your new look...farmy! I have aniothe blog freind that has the JD look as well.
    I just looked right and spied "Kill a Deer" on the to do you are a hoot!I love that list..what a Totally neat idea. Mind if I ask you about some sometimes? Randomly so if I don't read about them first?

  2. Hi KK! Ya liked my nerdy look???? LOL
    Yeah, I plan to kill my first deer this year if I can stand to kill something so beautiful! That one will be a hard one for me!
    Ask me ANYTHING I'm an open book! Hey since I made this blog back to public...I'll send you an invite to my personal blog.....I wish I could be there to work with you on your lessons with the horses! I have a walking horse that needs some lessons, course she cant do jumping but I need to send her back to 1st grade, she is a D-I-V-A! LOL She thinks she is my boss.


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