Thursday, January 15, 2009

How To Think Like A Horse....

Which is what I'm learning by my new book of the same title! I've been eyeing it for a couple months and have skimmed through the pages while at Tractor Supply....I finally broke down and purchased the book today!
So far......I LOVE IT! A "new" approach focusing on the "old" cowboy ways....basically along the lines of how horse whispering is done and how and why their methods are successful.
Just in the first chapter...I've learned soo much....
So I'm pleased!
I'm so excited! I've gotten 3 soap orders this week...things had slowed down after Christmas! I havent even had time to "make over" my shop like I had planned this week.
So again- I'm pleased!
Saturday I'm meeting a fellow Bluegrass Etsy Street Team member who lives in Louisville. Libby and I are gonna grab a great lunch at Panera Bread...she's never been there and she'll be in for a treat! Plus I get a little treat by getting to meet her daughter Maylee! She is such a beautiful little girl! I'll have to think of a treat to take her! Must win over the munchkins with treats you know! LOL
So did ya'll hear about the plane crash today? I'm sure you have its all over the news! US Airways and a flock of Geese...they dont mix well, made an emergency landing in the only place he could lay the plane down and that was the Hudson River....good quick thinking on the pilot's part saved EVERYONE! Thank God for Miracles!
Poor Norm has been busy and out in this terribly cold weather all day. He had to take his mom to town for grocery stops...5 places....then feeding, several people have called about the farm trucks we have for sale and the old trailer that we pulled off the lot for Josh to put his in. The trailer isnt worth ANYTHING - nasty and old, but with money can be made livable....I'd never live there, but you would be surprised at people! Just like with a yard sale, why is it the things that you were gonna throw away but in after thought said "heck I'll lay it out there and just see if someone wants my totally trashed out item that is useless..if anything I can throw it away with the other junk thats NOT coming back in the house"...THEY ALL SELL AND SELL FIRST!!!! Why the heck is that??????
Some trash can never be made into another persons treasures no matter what you try! LOL
Doug helped with feeding which involved getting all the gates open and shut for him, and today required pushing a hay bale after it was spun and the small tight bunch wouldnt come off the thingy that turns...Norm will laugh when he reads this cause I should know what thats called! LOL Oh well - laugh on Norm!
Its my job to make you smile!
I had a doctor apt...I've been told..NO carbs at all, EXERCISE no matter what, and get a light box.......hmmmmmm where am I gonna come up with the funds for that box? I've been looking on line for the last 3 months and I couldnt find any cheaper than $300.00...however today i decided to check on Amazon and found a better one for $125.00 I'm praying that we can swing it......
I do need it, very badly actually.
The weather is too cold to do anything with my critters and this dampens my mood. I know that you must be confident and happy and excited in a good way when dealing with horses and I make my first trip out to the barns with a good attitude keeping that in mind no matter how I feel. I'm met with the same loving and exuberant attitudes from my horses. It's giving me more confidence with them each day. My little Pepper never ceases to make me smile, I never knew I'd love a chicken SO much..but she is a joy! Little Carrot greets me happily too waiting for her treats she knows I'll bring her. So with the weather today, bitterly cold, coldest its been in 8 years I'm stuck inside. Stalls need to be and rabbit cage need to be cleaned, barn needs to be cleaned, dog needs some loving, hooves need picking and mud cleared from those magnificent bodies of my dear horse friends....Right now its 9 degrees, low tonight to 0 degrees..wind chill.... like negative 12 I cant be out long in this. I'm still running a fever so the cold seems to bite even more. I'm really worried about my dear chicken and rabbit, hoping they will brave the weather okay....they are snug in the barn cages surrounded by thick hay, hopefully insulating them from the cold. I even thought of putting them together in the same cage to help them warm up with more body heat...but I dont believe Pepper will tolerate the rabbit being so close...she is a Diva....I'll be out to check on them before bed and thats all I can do. The basement is way too hot for either of them with the wood stove...and Norm wont let me bring them in...though I'm gonna ask him again. He did let me have a baby starling i tried to nurse back to we'll see. The answer will be no I'm sure. But worth trying.
Okay....time for me to snuggle under a blanket with my new book....tomorrow is soap making! And Dougs Basketball game.
Night all - stay warm.
*BTW thats me and Oliver back in March! I miss my little calf being a little calf!


  1. Trash becomes another's treasure Rae.LOL! Cute little Oliver I hate them growing up too. River though my first one will always be my baby even if she is big now and goes Moo in my ear. Be great if someone buys the things you have for sale. I think the thingy you mean is called a spooler but even I could be barking up the wrong tree. Stay warm and snuggle tight. Bummer about having to lay off the carbs. Get better girl!!!!!

    Love Liz

  2. What is a light box and why do you need one? That photo is precious! Your new book sounds great. What are your goals/plans for your horses this year?

    Sheesh, Norm is so busy running around and working and so soon after his surgery. I hope he doesn't overdo it, though and do something to set himself back. That's what happened to someone I met recently. He felt great so soon after surgery and went back to doing everything he did before, too soon, and now he has to go through another surgery for further repairs. :(
    Take it easy Norm!!
    You don't have to be Superman :)

    I love that you make your own soap. That is something I've always wanted to learn how to do.
    If I get my mini-mancha bred soon, I'll have goats milk this summer to drink and try making soap with. How long have you been making your own soap?
    I hope you'll a post about how you got into it and what made you decide to do it, too.
    Your soaps are just beautiful and very crafty.

    Take care of yourself, keep warm and cozy and enjooy your book :)


  3. Hey Liz! Norm calls it a spinner! LOL same thing...he kinda looked at me like I was dunce for not knowing that! LOL Oh well! So far 2 of the 3 items have sold! YEA! I was in the calf lot a few times with Norm getting the automatic waterers unfrozen..and guess who was first and in the middle of everything and begging for an ear scratching?...yes..Oliver, Annie was second in line, still a little shy as always, but knew who her mommy was! Warms my heart! I love my critters!
    Lisa..the light box is a SAD therapy light box...Seasonal Affected Disorder....I deal with major depression and this time of year i about cant fight it. The doctor promises this will help. The books have been so great! I've learned so much! I'm going to do a post about what it has helped me with today! You'll want to read it! My goals are many for the horses...I'll just include that in my post too, so be sure to read tonight!
    Norm has a problem obeying doctors orders...but he is being more careful than I thought he would! It's so easy to mess up this type of surgery!
    I've been making my own soap coming up on a year now! I LOVE IT, so much fun and calming! I'll do a post on that too! Let me know if you have any questions about making it when you do....I'll help if I can! You'll really have a good time making your own soap, and bathing products...very rewarding! So come back tonight and I'll answer all your questions!
    love ya both


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