Sunday, January 25, 2009

The weekend

Sorry I havent been to visit everyone this weekend. Leah and Douglas were home, and I dont like to be tied up on the computer when its the weekends. So I'll be by tomorrow, I have lots of work to do on the computer so I'll have the chance to stop by!
I've had trouble with commenting, on my own blog even! So guys I'm not ignoring your comments I always read each one and try to comment back!
On those of you who picked up your deserve tons of awards for your great friendships! I wish we all could visit and have a cup of coffee ( *Kathleen*) ;-D
This weekend in a few words: Leah worked with Jack, he picks his two front feet up well now for cleaning! She has gotten to where he can be touched all over now without nervous jerks or jumping around! Great job!
The neighbor who's cow hurt Norm came Saturday to get her out....she almost didn't come into the lot with the others, but she finally did. She was seriously wanting to go after the two neighbors who came to get her (Cookie - his cow, and Dale, another neighbor who came to help Cookie)..but Norm was in the tractor driving her into the barn and keeping between her and Cookie and Dale. She wasnt happy, and they had to be very careful once she was in the slip up and they would have been looking at surgery too! But she finally got loaded and off the farm! YEA!
Friday we went out to eat with our friends and neighbors Michele and Donnie and their children, Neal and Michaela....had a good time.
Actually this weekend was a very lazy one, and we didnt do much of anything, a disappointment to the kids I know, but I wasnt up for much. So thats it for tomorrow


  1. HI sweets!
    Glad you had a good weekend and all! You have a new look here on topuslocks us out huh...last week it wouldn't open anyone blog for me at all for a night!
    Well hope your day is a goodie...on your farm it will be busy!

  2. Thats KK! I get that same trouble with blooger must go down more than they say! maybe user overload..who knows! hope you had a great day today!


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