Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talkative Tuesday

Mainly because I can now leave comments on every ones blogs! Thanks to Linda @ Just Another Day On The Prairie from my Sunday Stills challenge! Your a doll Linda for helping me out like that! I've been able to get updated on EVERY ONES blogs today...got too busy to finish leaving comments but I was at least able to read today!
Peggy...I'm still just thrilled at reading about the last few days there at Hidden Haven!!!! You all really should check out her blog its really great! She even had a write up about her Haven and you can view that HERE, it's a really nice interview!
We've had a busy day here on the farm today. Norm has ordered a lot of rock to lay in the gateways entrances...hoping that this helps with the mud this winter from the tractor. And also to lay under and around the feed troughs so the cattle dont sink up to their armpits in mud, and we dont get any "stuck" calves in the mud like my little Annie was last year! (dont worry she lived!!!! She was my 1st success story!)
He and Neil, the young man who helps Norm out A LOT around here (and by the way is one awesome "young person"!!! We do love you like our own Neil and we BOTH appreciate you more than you know!)they fed and brought wood in, and Neil helped take some big boxes downstairs since Norm still has to be very careful on his knee.
I had a conference with Doug's teachers about his Soc studies grade and his Science grade....lets just say they wernt good....the year started out wonderful but the little bugger was hiding things from me and goofing off in class...no need to tell you how unhappy I am with him about that right now. He is grounded from hunting and his BB Gun until his grades come up...thats 9 weeks....for him eternity and a terrible "loss". I must say he has been on his best behavior lately! LOL
The rest of the day I have been making soap for several orders I got in, I'm so thankful that things have picked back up!!! I made the most awesome Body Butter today....wow am I proud of myself! I have a designer fragrance its Victoria Secrets Love Spell! Its my favorite, and I'm ordering more designer fragrances next month.
But the good news...I got my light box in today.....here is the info on how it works...A new light therapy modality, to leverage a recent breakthrough discovery of a third light receptor in the human eye. This retinal receptor is sensitive to light frequencies, It monitors or "reads" wavelengths, particularly of blue light, sending signals to the brains hypothalamus the area of the brain where we sleep, hormonal, and motive functions are regulated. As this receptor sends signals to the hypothalamus, it regulates our body clod, that cellular sensitivity that keeps us in tune with the earths natural time and seasonal cycles.....okay so basically the more in sync our body clock is with optimal natural cycles, called the Circadian rhythm, the better it will work to stimulate our overall well-being. We'll sleep well, want to eat at regular times, and experience emotional stability. If our clock is out of sync, which can happen from illness, night shift work, jet lag, or winter light deprivation, we can experience disturbing symptoms such as insomnia, and other problems that can range from daytime drowsiness to depression. This also has a Negative Ion therapy......the are ions that are found in the air naturally. Research shows negatively charged ions can lift your spirits. A recent scientific study on depression, mood, and Season Affective Disorder (SAD) found that 85% of patients studied experienced a significant improvement when they were exposed to the streams of high density ions...it can also help asthmatics and those with allergies because it eliminates tiny irrigative particles such as pollen, mold spores, and other irritants from the air.....
Scientific Journal and the medical community have all done extensive testing on light therapy and endorse such lights and negative Ion therapy....they have been around for a long time, but only in the last 4 or 5 years have they improved on the light therapy boxes that doctors are now insisting that patients with the above problems get them....however like I had stated before they are expensive...but go to Amazon.com if you want a lower price...say over half!!! Beware tho of those that give off the blue light, or with blue bulbs...the blue light I spoke about above is not BLUE to our eyes....and in order for the light therapy to be effective it must output 10,000 LUX and it must cover the width of BOTH eyes and slightly curved so that the outside of your eyes can take in the light....differences should be felt in 3 - 4 days. No its not a tanning machine! LOL
There are certain lengths you have this on in use depending on how you need to re-set your biological clock....low mood, jet lag, irregular sleep patters, falling asleep to early, sleeping too late ect......
I warned you in my title that it was a talkative Tuesday! LOL I know most of that is probably boring to most....maybe all of you...but I'll let ya'll know if it works or not!
has given me an award! Lisa I'll do a post tomorrow....I've been so busy today, and took some time out to write in here, now I must feed some critters and let the horses in the barn! Again..break ice for waterers!!!! SUMMER HURRY UP!!!!!!!!
Love all


  1. :) Hey Rachel!

    I've been reading Hidden Haven myself, isn't that a wonderful blog?

    I've been through all that school mess with my kids too, I finally pulled them out and now I home school them so instead of arguing with them a couple hours every day, I argue with them 24 hours a day lol!

    That light therapy box sounds like something we're all needing right now. I get a touch of winter blues myself.

    Talk to ya soon!

  2. I've given you an award... visit my blog for details.

  3. Hi Sharon! I love Peggy's blog...she is so funny and creative! Its so interesting to learn about the goats, since I'll soon be getting my own!!! I cant wait! The light therapy is something I am really hoping works! I'll let ya know! I got your email I just havent had any time to reply yet...will do that today!
    Hey Elaine!!! You gave me an award???? I just read your blog yesterday morning and I didnt see one! YEA!!! Thanks Ill get over there today after I take Doug to school! THANKS!
    Love you guys!

  4. Sounds very busy around your place. I need a lights out therapy. LOL a good nights sleep without having to go out several times to check on animals. I made Love Spell soaps a year or so ago and they sold very well. Don't know why I stopped. Right now Polo for men, Cool Water are my big sellers in designer fragrances. I am soooo behind in soap orders and making new scents...

  5. Rae...jsut here for a moment, forgot my baby gift for the next client at work! But will be back tonight...
    YES!!!I would love the invite to your new Private endevor Blog.
    I am about to change my blog and how many folks I have on the roll that don't come see me...but I get thier updates ...it sometimes distracts me from seeing the folks that come everyday.I want to spend the time with them on/ in mutual conversations!
    See you later tator!

  6. K-I'll send it to you now then!!!! Beware...sometimes I'm grumpy and not so smiley faced sally! LOL You have a good idea, thinking of making another blog roll myself, one of the ones who stop by and I read daily, and others that occationally come over to visit....maybe if I get time I'll do that tonight.


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