Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dreaming of Summer...Blog STILL not updating!!!!AARRGGHH

I'm soooo frustrated with google blogger right now. I've been in the discussion rooms about how to fix something thats broken...The Blog Doctor has given me instructions that I have followed and still.....my updates are not showing up.....I dont know what else the "Blog Doctor" will suggest....maybe it'll get fixed....probably not...thats my luck.
We have put all the horses into the barns to get out of the nasty weather over the next few days. I'm not so much worried about the 4 over in another pasture....they are young and healthy and are more capable of handleing cold winds and even temps in the single digits...however..they dont have a shed to run in right now since we have the keeper heifers in the half of their lot that has the shed....so there is no protection from the cold wind, possible snow and rain or ice. But still...they are much younger and handle KY weather pretty good. But just in case, they are put up in the barn....its a good solid barn with no drafts so they are well protected...maybe will get bored...but out of the elements. King is another story all together due to his age, and of course little Jack is just a baby I dont know if he would withstand this cold front better or worse than the others, and since he is here at the house with King...he gets stalled up to. I'll allow those two to get out of their stalls and walk around in the barn a bit while I do some cleaning tomorrow so they hopefully wont be so bored and restless.
Norm and I fed cattle today, the keeper heifers and the 73 cows on the hill needed hay. The other bunches were all fine.
Funny thing...since we separated the Momma cows into two bunches...One pasture(Poodles-yes thats the name of that part of the farm) has 41 and the other (on the hill)had 71 for 2 or 3 months...now the hill has 73. Hmmm add water and multiply? LOL Guess there have been 2 hiding out. We always count cows all year to be sure there are no problems, a death, or illness. We count DAILY when its calving season....so how we missed those 2 are a mystery. Just like the little calf born a week before Christmas....how that immaculate birth happened we dont know. She had to have been bred the VERY last day the bulls were in which for us is odd since we had 2 bulls in that bunch that dont "miss". Oh well....at least we arent missing 2!
Tomorrow Norm has his Dr. check up...the first after his surgery. He is doing well, tomorrow making 2 weeks and he has been walking and working for a full week now! He doesnt have any pain...it just aches but he says more from the incisions than where they reconstructed his ACL that was snapped in two. I think he is doing exceptional. Lisa - I hope that your ACL repair will go just as well for you!!!!! ((((prayers are being said that that happens for you!!!))))
Well...not much to blog about....I'm feeling like $8@!, still have this fever thats lingered for over 2 months, its dreary so my mood isnt good to say the least, and I'm so freaking tired all the time its making me ill-tempered! Hopefully I'll get the whole blog thingy straightened out.
So gonna head out....
Red sky in the morning - Shepherds warning...


  1. durn. sounds like you got the winter doldrums. I hope they settle down soon and you get a bit of sunshine and warmer temps to lift those blues.
    I enjoyed catching up with all thats going on with your farm, too. Hopefully the bad weather will move on so the horses can get back out into the pastures again.

    I'm blown away that it's only been 2 weeks and Norm is able to walk and do farm chores. wow!

    Also surprised that the Dr. didn't set up his follow up appt until 2 week after surgery.

    I had my follow-up on Monday, 6 days after my surgery, and I was still very painful. The experience wore me out and when I got home, I had to take pain pills and go to sleep.

    I have orders to lay in bed at least 8 hrs a day using the Continual Passive Motion Machine. I told the Dr I finally had the setting up to 28 for Flexion and -02 for Extension and he wasn't impresse. Said I should be up to at least 30 the first week and 40 by the second week!
    I felt like such a slacker, but I'm still hurting.

    Walking (Crutching) is the worst. I can barely make it to the bathroom without being overwhelmed by pain.
    Dr. says my vascular system around my knee is still adjusting and will eventually work itself out. But it's slowing my recovery down because when I stand up, my leg feels like concrete is puring down into it. It's awful!

    And my foot and ankle have some kind of nevre damage, too. I can't feel them. It feels similar to the excruciating sensation of when your foot fall asleep, and then starts to wake up...all prickling and tingly. And it only subsides when I lie down, but my foot and toes and ankle remain numb no matter what I do.

    It hurts terrible to wear the brace because it makes my leg feel even heavier and pulled on, which just makes the poured concrete fee.ing and tingly numb foot worse.

    And I have my first PT appt this Thursday. And I'm almost out of pain pills. gah! I know it's going to so painful. I'm really worried. The only time I'm not in terrible pain is when I'm laying down strapped into my CPM machine.

    A friend from church came yesterday and washed my hair. What a relief. I hadn't washed my hair for over a week. I was able to sit in my laundry room and bend my head back into the wash tub, so it wasn't too bad either.

    I'm really glad that Norm is recovering so quickly and so well. What a relief for the both of you.
    I hope things get better here for me soon, too.


  2. Rachel catching up on your blog Love all the pictures with captions will the horses be at the new barn??? glad you are public again - Your new hair cut is great-

  3. Hi Kathleen! I had sent you the invite to my blog when I went private...did you not get it? I went back to public, my readers wernt able to see when I updated and just took off my personal stuff. I made a new blog for that...wanna read i'd be glad to have you!!!!! Thanks on the haircut...too bad it wasnt a flattering pic of me! Oh well! I want to have that barn for my horses and goats, but i just done know if it will work...kinda got me bummed!
    Lisa....I got your email...I'm getting ready to reply...I SERIOUSLY think you need a 2nd opinion and that cant hurt, your health isnt anything to take lightly!
    Hang in there!


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