Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rain Rain go away!

Today Norm, Neil and Douglas have been chopping and gathering! - Wood that is! The weather is supposed to stay overcast and rain the rest of the day turning into snow.. and we were out of wood for the stove.Leah got her hair cut today...she had about 3 1/2 to 4 inches cut off her hair and into looks so pretty and she is very pleased! I had to talk to Sarah (the girl who cuts our hair) about my highlights, my red has washed out and I'm very disappointed. She said that reds, pinks, blues and purples do that and are hard to get right. Next time she will make it a lot more red, and she said I probably wont like it at first but after 2 or 3 days it should fade into what I want.
Thats it for daughter is home and gonna hang with her for a bit!


  1. I have highlights in my brown hair... its gray! LOL I give up on finding time to get a haircut muchless a coloring. Everytime I try to go somewhere I get distracted and forget. LOL But heck I have lots of cuties to distract me around here. You come anytime you want and love on all the baby goats you want. Have 3 more ready to kid any day now.

  2. I bet Leah hair is darling. Call sometime I miss seeing you. We have both been so busy with stuff. I saw Jack in the paddock he sure is a cutie. Is Jack an Indian name?????

  3. We've had rain for over a week straight. And I've dyed my hair red many times and it has to be really red at first to become something you want.

  4. LOL Peggy your so funny! My hair is really turning grey! It started after I had my hysterectomy 4 1/2 years ago! Got thinner too....really sucks! LOL I dont keep up with my hair either...too much to do these days to worry about that like I used too.
    I'll have to get a visit in one day to your Haven! Where are you anyway??
    Hey Mari - her hair turned out soooo good! It looks perfect, and she was very pleased with it. It falls just below her shoulders and is layered and lays perfect! I miss you too!!!!!!! I hope Dennis' mom is doing better.....we'll get together soon! Gin is hitting me up again for a blog.....oh woes me!
    Told her no, she walked off in a huff. Told her she needs to be able to do her ETSY site first.
    jack isnt an indian name, I had a stick horse named steamboat (who was a bay) and a black and white paint named jackabo! LOL silly names but I was only 2 or 3...and since B & W paints have always been my fav and I had Jackabo for so just seemed right! Jackabo it is!
    Hi there Christy!
    RAIN - yuck...I'm so sick of it already! I'd much rather it be snow, then it doesnt get so muddy and in turn can put some nutrients back into the ground!
    Yeah my hairdresser told me that too, she said reds are hard to take, and that she would make the highlights really red and it should wash out to what I want, but she said i'd hate it at first...who knows maybe I'll like the punk look! LOL


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