Thursday, April 30, 2009

New baby has arrived on the farm

I really wasn't wanting another calf to feed this year. But along came this guy. He was born yesterday and was about 24 - 36 hours old when we brought him home. He was missing today and Norm had to go find him. He was new when he saw him yesterday late afternoon and was walking with mom toward the woods. The problem is - he was a twin. The amazing thing is his size! He is about 100 pounds (average is 50 - 60 pounds) twins are generally smaller!, a bull calf, and is the size of a 2 1/2 - 3 week old! The cutest thing and I mean cute and you can see it in the picture above is his under bite! It will show better in the other pictures here. I have a good feeling about this calf..his temperament. He took to me right away, apparently he didn't know momma very well. And hadn't sucked much, cause he wasnt really sure what he was doing.
How cute is that face!!!!
He drank almost a full bottle, very hungry, a little hollow in his gut but boy did this guy have so much energy when we went to get him! He fought us the entire way! I was thinking he would be a handful, and he may still be. But he tamed right up once he was in the barn. The whites of his eyes quickly went away and after 1/2 a bottle he was looking to me for it each time to finish it off. He will be an easy one to care for. He is a little gurgly and he is getting a shot of LA200 for pnemonia. I dont believe he is very sick, he has too much energy!
He has little bulldog jawls!
I havent decided just yet what to name him, I thought at first about Reject or Rebel, since he fought so hard with us at first. Then I thought maybe a boxers name. Hmmm will have to think on this. I have felt bad all day, not been sleeping since 41 hours ago and havent been eating well all week. And today I am really weak and even dizzy and shaky. I was really sick when Norm called to tell me the calf wasnt with his momma and his twin, and the Momma in me just couldnt sit here in the house when a baby was missing, alone where the coyotes could get him, cold in the rain, hungry, vulnerable, and without a momma! I just couldnt stand it and changed my mind in our conversation as he was out tramping in the woods and told him I'd meet him at the gate to help. I think its my calling in life. I am hoping to get to bed here in a minute. But I had to share this cutie patootie's picture first. I also posted in an earlier post today about the very first horse I've ever met and introduced me to the love of horses. I even posted a picture of me when I was just 3 years old! Talk about a blast from the past!
Good night sweet calf with the bulldog face! Momma loves you already!


  1. What a cutie! Love the color and big soft eyes. Cattle always have such big eyes, I love it.
    You could name him Rocky...after that famous "boxer." :)

  2. I have a weakness for calves this color. I gravitate to them before all others. i can see them before any in a field and I fall in love. He is beautiful. Feel better and get rested.

  3. He is a doll and stole my hear already! Diesnt take long for me to fall in love with the baby's!
    Hi Cathy...this is my first white calf I've ever bottle fed! weird huh with so many we have here! I like our bronze/brown cows the best, and the creamy white like this one. But I have only gotten all blacks and one brown to raise! weird!
    I feel somewhat better this morning! Thanks!

  4. awww he's lovely, rebel sounds like a great name

  5. Oh, he is precious! It would be hard to resist that guy.

  6. Awww bless the little fella. He is just sooo cute. Glad we don't have Coyotes here to eat our calves. Not good. Glad he's got you as a momma.LOL

    Love and hugs

  7. Oh he is so cute with that overbite Rae!
    Nice photo's too!
    You feeling' better? Hope so!
    He is a cute begger!

  8. I am returning the favor of you visiting my blog and I have to say I really like yours. I have three horses and I wasn't able to get into horses until I was 35 and that was 9years ago and I am still doing it. I have chickens cats a Black Lab(Jake) and a red australian shepard, angus calf, and we usually raise turkeys and pigs just for us and 2 other people. We are just doing it as a hobbie.

  9. Thanks guys! This calf is a hearty eater! He is eating double what ours normally do! LOL
    Hi Lisa!Glad you came to visit! Hobby or income - who cares its tons of fun isnt it!!!!! I keep trying to add to the farm, but my farmer keeps putting his foot down! Said we dont need a zoo...whatever!


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